9 Common Mistakes Gaming Channels make on YouTube
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9 Common Mistakes Gaming Channels make on YouTube

August 28, 2019

Hey guys, my name
is Tim Schmoyer. And it’s Wednesday,
which means it’s time to give you guys
some YouTube tips. A lot of you guys
are gamers and you’ve been asking me for tips
specifically designed for your gaming channels. And so I reached out
to a gamer that I know. His name is Alex,
from “The Northern Alex” CA YouTube channel. He has over 20,000 YouTube
subscribers on his gaming channel and he’s growing at
thousands of new subscribers every month. And he’s going to
share with you some of the top mistakes he sees new
video gamers making on YouTube. The number one
question that I get asked is, OK, what is the
most important thing that you can tell me? And one of the most
important things, I think, for a gaming
channel is, in the beginning especially, try to create the
best content you can come up with within your means. So what I mean by
that is you want to make sure that you create
as high quality as possible but without going out and
spending $5,000 on a new gaming system. At the very least make sure that
your system can record 720p, because that is HD. You definitely want to
stay within HD these days. Another thing is if you want
to spend money, spend money on a microphone. And you want to be sure that
you have good audio quality. I think that’s one of the
most important things. Another thing that
I learned is– or that I see a lot now
that I’m growing– people tend to spam the channel. And all that does– really
guys, don’t do that. Because all it does is
it creates a lot of hate. The established channels,
they have their fans. So if you go in there
spamming, then all you catch is a lot of hate. So don’t do that. What you can do is be present
in the forms of the games that you like. Kind of establish your brand
within the forums first, and then from there
on up be the nice guy. Be the guy that is
knowledgeable and help people. Treat others the way
you want to be treated. I know it sounds like
a pretty basic idea, but you have no idea
how important it is. And another thing that’s
very, very important is be the guy that answers
as many comments as possible. I make a habit out of it
that every morning when I turn my computer
on, or every evening, depending on when
my work day starts, I spent about an hour
just answering questions. And even if the
questions are repetitive try to be friendly about
it or just ignore it. Now I know that sounds
like a pretty basic idea, but don’t play a game
that you don’t like, because people will
pick up on that. Unless you want
to be the guy that wants to rant and rave about
it, then by all means do that. But if you just want
to have gameplay then play a game that you like,
because it’s so much easier for you to play and to
commentate on a game that you like. And this is direct
to the next point. Now for a gaming channel it
is really, really important that you build a community. You want to have
fans that come back. You want to have the guy
that just comes through to really feel welcome
and to want to stay. And this is basically
with your content. And this is also how you
address your audience. You want to make sure that you
really establish your channel, that there’s
something about you. For me, it’s the northern pack. And my guys, this is kind of
the theme that we run with. And really, you’ve
got to have that, too. It’s a core audience. And you really,
really, really– you need that because
you build up on that. Those guys are the ones
that spreading the word and that make sure that
your message gets spread and your brand gets spread. That is very important. Another important
thing is channel art, even if it’s not the
greatest channel art. Just don’t go with
the normal YouTube standard thing,
because that shows I don’t care about my channel. Your YouTube channel is a shop. Your videos is the wears that
you lay out in the window, and you want to make sure that
those look as good as possible. So you really, really
want to work on that. Try to sound as professional
as possible when you deal with other channels
and with the publishers and developers. Because I started that very,
very early in my YouTube, quote unquote, “career” that
I approached developers, approached publishers. And the reason that they were
actually listening to me, even though I was a smaller channel
than many, many other people is, I approached them in
a very professional way. Because in the end of the day
those guys are business owners and they don’t want to
affiliate with just anybody. So try to sound
professional, try to be professional in emails. And that gets you a long way. I mean, it’s really all about
how you approach your, quote unquote, “business partners.” I know myself and a
lot of other YouTube gamers out there
would love to hear from you in the comments
below about what advice do you have for
new YouTube gamers who are just getting started. What common mistakes
you see them making and what advice and strategies
do you have as you get started as a gaming
channel on YouTube. If that is you and you want to
improve your channel make sure you go down there
and read the comments that other gamers
are leaving for you. I know you will
find a lot of really helpful, valuable information
from them down there. And if this is your first
time here at Video Creators, I would love to
have you subscribe. Every week we give you guys
YouTube tips like this. Tomorrow we’ll do
some YouTube Q&A like we do every
Thursday, every Tuesday. We talk about all
the updates happening in the online video news
industry and the updates happening here on YouTube,
and talk about what it means for us as creators. And I do all this
because I really believe that a lot of you
guys, all you gamers included, you have messages
that need to spread and the world needs to hear. And I love helping you
grow your audiences and your YouTube channels
so that the people who need to hear your message
and hear what you have to say can simply and easily find you,
become a part of your channel’s community, and hopefully
have their lives be changed as a result. So
thank you for letting me be a small part in that. Subscribe and I’ll see
you guys again tomorrow. Bye.

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  1. Great video, I'm just now starting my world of Warcraft channel. I'm more focused on improving my editing and stuff for now. These tips will definitely come in handy when I'm ready to be found haha.
    -many thanks

  2. I don't have many subs, but I know one good tip is custom thumbnails it helps give your channel some zing to it.
    I literally haven't been uploading here lately much but with in two videos already I have almost a hundred views between gain a couple of subs and got good watch time. reminder: they have only been up for a few days.

  3. Im going to start i Have some logitech headset with mic a ps4 pro (when i get 700$ im going to replace it for pc) and im thinking about buying a gaming chair

  4. Helpful tips, man! I appreciate you bringing a Gaming YouTuber into the video. I’ve found that being friendly in the comments section of other youtubers who cover the same games can be quite beneficial

  5. Thanks bro for those words of wisdom. I actually just started my gaming channel. And I did try the spam and didn’t work so anyone here don’t try the spamming it really doesn’t work. Thank you once again for all those advices 🤙🏼👍🏼

  6. My problem is, playing a game in itself isn’t original. There’s a YouTube video or playlist for almost every game ever made. Search it, you’ll find it. It’s how you change the gameplay, I.e. commentary, mods or challenges. I can’t do it myself, but hopefully I can someday. P.S., don’t rely on YouTube for money unless you have millions of subscribers. Many smaller creators don’t make enough to pay the bills by themselves, the ones that do normally have 2 or so million subs or higher.

  7. Just started a brand new channel, if anyone wants to support me it would be appreciated!!! Need all the feedback I can get, thanks!

  8. I would appreciate if you guys could give me feedback on my channel. So I can grow as a gamer youtuber.

  9. This is good advice once ur rolling… but how do u start from the botton? I started this channel just a couple of weeks ago about League of Legends gameplay but it is hard at the beggining, to get attention!

  10. Great advice! I've just started out. Abit of trial and error but I'm slowly getting there! Much appreciated 👍

  11. What microphone would you suggest because I already have one. But it frustratingly picks up every little sound.

  12. Hey guy's I need your help . I'm starting to do a gaming channel . On youtube now I just uploaded . The last of us just one video . I want to know if anyone in here goes gameplay on youtube . Or knows what to do I want to know . What do you tag in and do I have to go to advance settings . ? And click on gaming I really want to know guy's . Thanks so much for reading .

  13. I am almost working on my channel for 1 year. There is a lot you need to learn. Learn how to edit. How to make a tumbnail. Getting to know the community. Just hit the 100 subs. My nich is indie games and .io games. Still need to learn a lot but this video helps a lot.

  14. So much great advice here, as i'm new to making my Youtube gaming channel , this will help me so much

  15. I'm trying to do these tips however building a community/core audience is the hardest part in my opinion. Once you get that established growing is easier.

  16. It's ironic how he says you should buy a good microphone, yet he uses a really crappy one when recording this one…

  17. i have only been doing this for a few months … but if there is something i can tell u is that 1. Your first Video will suck no matter howmuch time passion and love u put into your first video your first video will suck if u compare it to lets say a video u will post 3-4 month later i see alot of people in certain communities that want to grow like the big ones to fast and get demotivated to quick because of it eventho their idea or project was nice !

  18. I did a vlog on the Vegas shooting and take you on the grounds where it happened. It was locked up so I had to jump fence. Def looking for subs if you like my content, thanks.

  19. As someone who follows a lot of gaming channels, I have a few pieces of advice:
    -Make a script, practice and memorize it. Guys like Markiplier might be able to just be themselves on camera playing a game and do great, but they're the exception rather than the rule. Rambling nonsense filled with uh's and dead air is not entertaining. Also, enunciate and speak clearly.
    -Don't chase a trend or popular game/topic just because it's the thing to do. If you're legit interested in something new, that's great, but don't cover it just to gain popularity. There's no passion in that.
    -Try to avoid low hanging fruit for topics/entries if doing a countdown style video. If I have to see ET in a worst games ever list or or Navi in an annoying characters roster, I'm gonna lose my mind. It's not clever and there's nothing more to be said about it.
    -Base your videos around your own experiences. Don't talk about a game if you've never played it or bend to a popular opinion if you don't actually share it. Be yourself.

  20. Never do it for the money !! I love gaming with my wife and making video is my hobby. Be passionate in whatever you wanna do in life, easiest way to success!

  21. Oh, so the guy is basically saying " be patient, be kind, engage with your potential audience, and be patient" WELL….who has time to work for results?? What's the cheat code man? THEY WANT THE SUCCESS CHEAT CODE!

  22. The Amazing Tips!!
    I'm YouTuber of my New Gaming Channel.

    I got following 2 Question !! Can you help me ?

    1. What if you release more then 4 or 5 games videos in same channel is that mean you get banned from each games company because everything mixed up ?

    2. For each game we need to start individual gaming channel for each game ?

    Plz do answer me…Your this video helps me a lot.

  23. This advice is great! Im a tiny channel of 21 subscribers and im trying to get 100 subscribers before december I would really appreciate some help

  24. Yeah I feel a lot of these are pretty good tips (a few kind of obvious) But just like some of these comments point out there is just a ton of competition now a days (more so sense XB1 and PS4 came out) I wish I had internet access sooner in life (kind of a country bumpkin) so I could have tried when there where a little less people (though I'm not sure if it would have made much of a difference) but yeah there just seems to be a lot of repeat and same stuff you see everywhere. (I know I don't have much room to talk, I have a lot of overwatch on my channel like many others do) But what I see a lot now a days is a challenge to be unique, especially sense everyone jumps on the same game bandwagon, as well as just a lot of negativity you always see "why you shouldn't buy" or this and that about games, and I feel for me personally I don't play certain games soon enough to be relevant and the certain videos I want to make I can't do quite yet until I get better tools (still think some of it will be outdated tho) Regardless though I still plan on making videos and I hope one day I can find my niche and go somewhere with it but either way I plan on making videos because I love playing video games and I like to make videos. good luck to all the other small channels trying to make something out of what they love, may the force be with you.

  25. This video helps me out a lot! I am a small channel, I started becoming serious with my channel for almost a year now and I am working on adding a few things like channel art, having a camera for my streams, and continuing to find my personality while creating videos.
    All of these points make sense, especially being yourself! This genre is very dense with content, but there is no one like you. There are millions of people watching YouTube on a daily basis and there will be people who will watch your content. Also, I like that he pointed out to make content without breaking your bank account. I don't have the budget for $2000 computer, but I do take advantage of my PS4 to create content.
    I also love when he said play games that you have fun playing. Again, I don't have the budget to get Day 1 releases of the hottest games, but I love playing old games that I play. Yeah not a lot of people want to see that, but I am happy that I am creating my personal video of these games.
    I pray for growth to my channel and my fellow gamer channels. Don't give up and keep creating unique, fun channels! Remember, there is NO ONE like you, so your channel content is always unique and original! Don't fish for viewers, let them come to you!

  26. Lol I just started my YT channel. Hopefully I will be as successful as those person before me those legends and veterans.
    1. Channel logo✔
    2. Channel art✔
    3. Channel description✔
    4. Subscribers❌😂

  27. these are very good tips. im a small gaming channel with about 300 subs and and i'm definitely going to heed the tips and advice in this video. thanks you!

  28. I'm a small channel and have only been putting out videos for a year but the one of the big things that I've learned is to PLAN. I try to plan a series as best I can before I start recording. Also play a game your enjoy and like 🙂

  29. My gaming channel is called Gilix, I’m currently at 74 subs but on old channels I have made it to 100 subs. I would say that channel art and thumbnail matter the most, people don’t want to some random pictures from the internet, I wouldn’t want to, you have to make it stand out and put a lot of effort into it.

  30. I started a channel about 2 weeks ago any advise on how i should promote my channel would be appreciated.I will be starting live streaming soon and hope to learn more as time goes on.

  31. I enjoy alot of games but is there a such thing as too much of a variety? Like ive seen people that stick with their niche and I see others that expand to a couple games and they have grown faster so is more than 3 games too much I can honestly say there are FIVE games I really enjoy

  32. I am from India, PubgMobile is all the rage now and no one wants to see single player games, infact most people dont even know other games exist. This has created a somewhat negative environment for a mature streamer like me. If i streamed PubgMobile via emulator i would have grown very fast by now. But i dont wanna do that. Its REALLY hard to grow in here just by being yourself. It sure is a long road i just hope i am on the right way……

  33. Can i be a gaming youtuber with a very low end pc?
    And can i be a gaming youtuber without a mic?i have one but my pc isn't recognizing it

  34. Growing my gaming channel this 2019 is hard as hell. Believe me its a struggle. My goal is to get 1k subscribers by the end of this year. I won't give up.

  35. Been on YouTube for 5 years. Gaming channel (obviously lol) the most common thing I notice is people trying to play the big and popular games and nothing else. To me a channel about games you should be showing people why YOU love it and why YOU play by means of how you act in game and how energetic/chipper/active you are in uncovering story/levels/areas

  36. I figured out a small piece of the X factor. It may be one small piece to helping. Basically we all know you want to have quality content and i mean 1080p if you can. At least. But
    I play a game called Mechwarrior Online and it has Alot of players but not as many as most games in fact it isn't too huge when you think about it. Anyways what I found out was that Since this game only has a couple hundred thousand players that there is only going to be so many YouTube Channels making content for it. This doesn't include People just recording gameplay. I mean a channel where they put time and effort into editing narrative etc… I have had my channel for years but I didn't start making quality content till 5 months ago. Because I was using a low end laptop with horrible fps. Really bad. So I bought a decent Dekstop and Gear. Good desktop good mic, keyboard, mouse. Really just the Desktop or laptop and Mic is key.

    So when I started making better quality content with my new setup my Quality went from crap to 1080p 60 HD. YouTube will automatically put your channel ahead of others with less quality.

    Then I realized that there were really only about 20 or so Real Dedicated YouTube channels towards the game i played and that's when it hit me. That's not Alot of channels to compete with. I learned how to tag my videos better. I titled them better. And everything started to pick up. I'm not popular but I'm well known within the game for my channel. And I'm making it to some of the top ppl in the game on YouTube.

  37. Please check out these small YouTube gaming channels! " XThree Gaming ", " Tennis Reaper Games " Very good quality and content.

  38. Can u help i will start new u tube channel so i need gaming company permision to start the game on our channel…….. yes or no

  39. I found that when it comes to Gaming News channels like mine, it's best to let people know what you are about. Making a series also can contribute to a lot of success. Jump on the latest trends and ALWAYS talk to other gamers in your community with respect even though you may not agree with their point of views.

    I find that honesty is the best policy and a lot of people in the gaming community respect that.

  40. Im starting my youtube channel a month ago, and got a dilemma . Should I only play 1 game? or Can i play as many game as I like on my channel? I need your feedback guys, thanks !

  41. Yo, Nice video I also do these kind of videos and i need feedback please can you guys check it out, being a sucsesfull youtuber is my dream.(:👍

  42. Older video, but still relevant with awesome advice. The guest in this video sounds German to me. I should try doing a video in German at some point. That sounds like a fun challenge!

  43. Hey great video, what about uploading video game Cutscenes and editing them into a movie?? I uploaded a few video game cutscene movies and I can put adds on them, will I get in trouble for putting adds on them?

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