8 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist !
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8 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist !

August 24, 2019

welcome to TTI welcome to the world of
science today we are looking some amazing gadgets which can make you just
like a superhero so sit back relax and enjoy the video number one we all love
spider-man webs to go anywhere and make your own opponents stick with it
and it can be so much fun but now you can make it yourself
for just under a few dollars or you can buy amazing spider-man mega blasters
this one is really fun to play with also for making real webs there’s this
webcast gun which you dolt spider decorations all of these web shooters
are really cool number two when someone said the word
sci-fi one of the first thing anybody thinks of is Tony Stark and the Iron Man
shoe with all of his cool gadgets one of his most powerful gadgets is the Iron
Man glove which is able to produce powerful lasers to beat his opponent
this Iron Man glove is able to shoot lasers which can do a lot the lasers can
shoot out balloons that can burn almost anything and it can even burn toys and
matches it can also light up cigarette but it is a dumb idea to light any
cigarettes at all because smoking is bad and is the cause of painful cancers here
Grant Imahara a super engineer made a real powerful version of an Iron Man
blaster which is really powerful here’s some other cool tech from YouTube
scientists tak Smith and its friend Jairus made iron man gloves with rocket
launchers which is not only beautiful and design but also functional to number-3 every now and then we look at
birds and dream of flying even though we have other flying machines but in
reality is suggest not the same here iron man inspired Richard browning who
develops real flying shoes but it had some balancing issues so we modified it
to hand boot which is easy to balance by body coordination and shrinks with a lot
of practice number four Shiley practically everyone
loves bike they’re fun to ride but imagine if you could fly your bike in
the sky that dream may not be as impossible as he first thought by using
the scorpion 3 from the russian company the hover sir
which is the coolest flying bike around and so much more stable and smooth and
flying thanks to its precise software processing and calculations it’s easy to
fly and easy to control with this bike you can enjoy smooth stable and
incredibly fun flying the version you see here is only a prototype good news
is that the commercial version will only be better and safer it can move with the
speed of 50 kilometers an hour with the rider having weight up to 120 kilograms
number 5 does anyone remember how Green Goblin
was able to get around with his advanced high-tech flying board now using the
Kitty Hawk flyer the best way to do just that the kitty hawk flying project has
been backed by Google founder Larry Page and was revealed in his prototype
version flying over a lake this is ultimately the best way to enjoy nature
no need to worry about parking ever again because you can park this board
anywhere even on water this Green Goblin flying board has a jet engine and also
eight van propellers to lift it up it maintains a futuristic Tesla like
display and they can fly up to speeds of 40 miles an hour Green Goblin surely
can’t be happy that someone copied his idea and made it even better number six as we know in the DC Universe
there are really cool planes which have futuristic features such as landing
vertically and reaching top speed in seconds this is the new concept of
personal air transportation still in its prototype phase known as the lilium this
plane is designed specifically to take off and land vertically it beats any
other aircraft because of its high efficiency the plane’s jet engines are
completely environmentally friendly by leaving no pollution no noise and
running on electricity this thing is a beast of incredible speeds by reaching
up to 300 kilometers an hour this superhero plane is a great example of
advanced engineering with great aerodynamics and life-saving technology
associated with it in case of emergency if any engine is damaged all the other
engines will be shielded and the rider will remain safe number 7 it can be
safely said that ant man is the king of controlling ant I mean he has an entire
ant army it sounds crazy but you can make your own ant army with another cool
creation from the company Festo they make robotic ants which act and behaves
exactly like real live ones they can work in groups to complete any task
these 3d printed ants are designed with six mechanical legs and have porcelain
conductors capable of conducting efficiently performing various
activities with a minimum energy expenditure there’s even tiny cameras on
the ants heads which track objects and allows you to see from their point of
view number management as we know different machines combined from the
Megazord robot and Power Rangers episodes which are controlled by Rangers
inside well I’m glad to say that the same giant robot now exists it is called
a method one row by it is made by the Korean company Korean future
technologies with incredible design it seems to be from the movie matrix
revolutions and the Transformers it is fully capable of articulated movements
which can impress anybody for sure this bot is four meters tall and weighs
1.5 tons which makes it the powerful machine that it is the method one robot
can really make you feel like a real-life Power Ranger pretty cool so
guys what did you think thanks for watching which technology did you find
the most impressive let me know in the comments please give a big thumbs up if
you love this tech world if you are new here then feel free to subscribe I will
catch you in another episode

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  2. wow I just stumbled across this while looking at the new gadgets coming out this year and not yet available.
    This is by far my favorite channel everyone I've watched so far I've watched till the last second.
    yet any other tech videos I have a very hard time getting to the end as I have to progress the video at various parts which takes a lot away from my initial interest.
    Other videos spend way to much time on a single explanation of a product of new science.
    Well done I'm genuinely blown away and fascinated I'm watching some of these videos for the very first time and I cannot believe I have not seen this technology some of that I have some of that I haven't but most of it is new it is all fascinating thank you so much for just an awesome Channel

  3. The Method one mech is proven to be a hoax. Captain Disillusion made a video about this.

    guess i'm pretty late 😀

  4. Number 6 made me made because

    Him: talks about DC universe
    Shows:X men

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