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8 Pro Mountain Bike Maintenance Hacks | MTB Maintenance

November 7, 2019

– A toothbrush, some baby wipes, a t-shirt. What do these all have in common? Well, they’re great for when you’re in the workshop and in this video, we’ve got some amazing mechanic’s hacks for every, single person at home. So, stay tuned. Okay, number one. It’s the baby wipes. Now, for all you people who are commenting right now and saying that my bike is a little bit dirty, which it is, it’s been ridden. But it doesn’t need quite a hose down. The dirt is dried on and this is when these baby wipes come into play. Now, they’re so easy to use. And what I’ve found, is that they clean up everything like a charm. You can get into all those tricky places. Around the bottle cage, for example. Right down into the hubs and clean out all and behind the chainstay. Where the dirt can really stick to. And sometimes you can
really miss it with a brush. So, I’m gonna give my
bike a quick wipe down. Alright, so there we go. Bike is looking a little bit cleaner now and it’s so easy just to do it. Don’t forget that you can actually do this in the car park. These are actually great
for cleaning mucky hands. Hand, helmet, equipment, et cetera, all polishes up really well with these. So, if you’ve never done it before, check it out. Now, pretty much everyone at home has got a t-shirt that they were given to for Christmas that they
probably don’t want. It’s one size too big, it fits a little bit awkwardly. Well, this is actually perfect just to cut up and then you can use it as a rag to clean your bike. Wipe it down. Use a bit of water and Fairy Liquid. It’s a great hack when
you’re washing you bike. Done it many a times. Or you can just clean the chain with it. Next up, there’s a bit of a creak coming from my front wheel and I’m assuming that
it’s coming from the axle. So, I’m gonna take the axle out, give it a clean, using my rag, and then I’m going to show
you how to re-grease it, with a little hack. Okay, so I’ve got my toothbrush. This one is an old one, it’s been used. It’s past it’s best so
what I’m going to do is just dip that into my grease. And then it really allows me just to, super evenly, apply the grease along the axle. So it’s actually covering the whole thing. And I go to slide it in, it shouldn’t actually just get that big bong that you get at the end of it. Where the dirt then sticks to the grease. So there you go. Look at my axle. Nicely done. Excellent, super easy, look at that. No gunge, boosh. Okay, this next hack, well it’s three-in-one. I’m gonna use a spoke and
show you three different ways that you can make this into a hack that’s gonna help you. Okay, number one, I’m gonna cut off the
J-bend part of the spoke and we’re gonna sharpen it to give you a little peg so you can
check those threads over. You can do whatever you want with it. Jam it in places and just get dirt out. Here we go. Let’s cut it. Right, so you’ve cut your spoke. You’re just gonna get a file. We’re gonna sharpen it up a little bit. Give it a bit of a point so you can just get into those threads and get the dirt out. And just like that, I’ve got my sharpened spoke. So, I’m just take it on
to the jockey wheels. There’s been a bit of dirt and grime’s been built up. The chain might not sit
in them quite so well. So with my sharpened spoke, we’re just gonna get rid of all that. And the chain is gonna be running smooth. And then my next hack for it, which I’m not gonna do, is if you’ve got internal cable ring. And you can just use one of these. And even bend it, twist
it, ever so slightly to give it a bit of a hook. And then you can fish out that tricky internal cable ring system. So next up, the use of that spoke, we’re gonna cut the J-bend off, again. And this time it’s actually going to be to hold your chains together when you put the quick link in. So you’re gonna need a bit that’s about, gonna say, an inch and a half. So we’ll cut it down to that. And then we’re gonna bend each end with a slight L shape. So they can hook the chain. Gonna do that now, using a pair of pliers. Okay, so that’s the short of shape you’re look for. It’s that easy to bend
using just a pair of pliers. I’m now going to hook that onto the chain and we’re gonna join it back up. Okay, so what makes it really easy for us is when you pull that down, you can hook the chain together. You can almost, actually, just let go of the chain itself. It’s gonna sit in that position and then you can just work and put that powerlink in. Or if you’ve got a shimano chain and you need to add the pin in, exactly the same thing. It just give you that bit more of space. You’ve almost got an extra set of hands. And then just hold on to the
max so it doesn’t spring back. Remove your pin and there it is. It’s joined back together. Super easy. – Okay, next up is a suspension hack and this is an easy on to do at home. All you’re gonna need is
a tiny little zip tie. You don’t want anything sharp. And the first thing you’re gonna do is make sure that you give
that seal a good clean. ‘Cause when you do this, you don’t want to get any dirt in behind. And then, just with your fingernail, nothing else, just ever so slightly peel back that seal. Slip the zip tie down and you might sometimes hear a little bit of air escape. Especially, if you’ve been travelling or riding some really long descents. It can just build up and it’s not gonna give you that really sensitivity at the start of the travel
that you’re looking for. Okay, now this next
one is more of a bodge. It’s not so much of a hack
but can get you out of gaol if you start to round out that bolt. What I’m talking about is if you use a torque’s
key like this one here. It’s a T-25, this bolt would normally take a four mil Allen key, but it almost fits perfectly. Now, I wouldn’t want to
actually ramp this up but if I have started to
round of some of the edges where I want to get that Allen key in, I can actually find that
it might just sit in. And it would just give
me that little bit of push just to almost undo it. Likewise, if you have
forgotten your Allen key then you could think about using a set of torque key to tighten things up. But you don’t want to
go too extreme with it. Cause you don’t want to
damage any of those heads. Okay, now one of the hardest things when it comes to mechanicing is actually getting your disc rotors
aligned correctly. This clever little hack, well I found it from a
friend on World Cup racing and a specific tool for it, but you don’t need that. All you need is two little bits of card, which we’re gonna show you how to make. And you’re gonna put
these in between the disc and the pad itself. Okay, so the first thing
you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna loosen off the calliper. And then those two pieces of card that I cut up and made earlier, they’re just gonna go in between the disc rotor and the disc pads. So, we’re gonna slot them in there. It can be a little bit of
a fiddle to get in there. There we go, number two is also in. So, now all I need to do is tighten those five mil bolts back up. And I should have my
calliper correctly spaced. So let’s get those cards out. One out. Two out. Just be careful of your fingers. Give it a spin and let’s find out. Boom! Perfectly aligned. Okay, now this next
hack is a total pro one. And it’s not one that I necessarily gonna recommend that you
jump out to the garage and do instantly after
watching this video. But it’s all about
trimming your tyres down. So, you could be looking
for a little bit more rolling resistance or
you could be looking for a sharper braking edge. If you’ve got an old tyre then this is a perfect time to experiment. All you’re gonna need is a really sharp set of side cutters. And what you can do from there is just experiment with different patterns. Find out what works for you. And, hey, you’re gonna feel like a pro. So, hopefully there’s some hacks in there that you’re gonna find really useful for yourself, as a home mechanic. And if you want to watch
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  1. How many spokes does gmbn ruin in a month? A shit ton! Using a spoke for cleaning dereileur pulley but not a toothbrush, nooo we¸re gonna use that for the greasing! Amateurs!

  2. I live in southern california. most of the trails (after the huge climbs) have long rocky descents. I have a hard tail and have trouble going super quickly over the tocks. any tips

  3. Baby wipes, that's not very environmentally good is it scotty, perhaps you could do a video about disposing of your old brake fluid, degrease from your chain etc

  4. Have been siping & grooving tyres for years, never thought of it as a hack 😛 Maybe GMBN could investigate the art of tyre siping & do a video on it. Pretty sure there are a few pros & mechanics that would help out. They will know what works best in different conditions and how various compounds and patterns respond to being modified. Then make a video testing siped tyres. Each rider tests a stack of tyres on the same section of trail or track. Each pair of tyres siped with different depth, width and directions of sipes on centre and/or side knobles. I'm sure You will get some interesting and surprising results..

  5. Great vid, but how come the GCN chaps make two videos per day and you lot only seem to manage one. Hmm? Answer me that! ?

  6. in a 1st world country, this is called a hack, in a 3rd world country like mine this is called normal,… SMH

  7. I usually use a toothpick to take out muck and loads of grease from my drivetrain and chain. Works well since the grime sticks to the wood better.

  8. I don't get the small wire to close up both chain's end, just engage the lockout on the derailleur and no problem to fit the chain. That's what I do everytime??

  9. Very good hacks I always use a toothbrush on most parts and rounding off hex bolt heads I normally have to drill them out ??

  10. correct me if im wrong. i love hacking some things on my bike, cause it saves a lot of money and time. i am using an alcohol based wet wipes to clean my disc rotor. alcohol. evaporates a little bit faster i think. is it ok? or maybe i need to stop doing this?

  11. #askgmbn I'm in the market for a new bike, but I want to be able to ride and race dh enduro and xc, I know that I may not win all of these with one bike but I would like to hear what u think.

  12. Microfibre cloths are better than baby wipes. Just add a little Muc off cleaner and away you go. Infinitely more environmentally friendly and will save you money.
    I also use an old toothbrush to apply chain lube. I find it gets into all the nooks and crannies, and saves it from dripping all over the place.

  13. I've got a question for you, when I look at downhill bikes online, the rockshox boxxer forks are all coil spring. Why is that? All I know is that my old bike has a coil fork and it's terrible.

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  15. Ugh @ 6:15… don't touch the disc with your fingers, ESPECIALLY after you've been working on greasy bits of your bike. At least put some gloves on…

  16. gmbn when i do a stoppie, i hear a cracking sound! I've tried regressing headset and tightening it and its not helping! I'm really scared because its my santa cruz bronson carbon which i only just purchased which cost alot!!

  17. the tricks with the spokes as pick an as chain hook is very old, i use these for years. the chain hook as presented by scotty is too narrow for comfortable work. i take 10 inches ling piece (12,5 cm or 125mm) and i bend half of inch (1,2 cm or 12 mm) on each side. what i i have left is wide ecough chain hook so i can work free and with comfort with it. This is mainly trail side rapair trick, but it is good enough for workshop use.

  18. Some baby wipes leave a "moisturising" film after use which is fine for your skin but you probably wouldn't want it on braking surfaces.

  19. don't us baby wipes. super wasteful and they fall apart easily. use a bike wash​ and that shirt, duh. don't use the spoke for internal cable routing, you WILL scratch your frame. use a magnet, duh. don't use a torx for an Allan bolt. you'll further damage the bolt and the torx wrench.

    a whole lot of bodges in this video guys but I'll try to end on a positive note. uh…great attitude and it's always worth checking over your bike. good on ya boys

  20. The tip about using washing up liquid n water with a rag to clean ya bike a big no no, the salt content is unreal, so much is used to thicken it up, n I should know because i make the stuff. It would play havoc with bearing n chains etc if it wasn't washed off properly

  21. You could be looking for a little more rolling resistance? What??? A little LESS rolling resistance Scotty? 😀

  22. Even easier to align your brakes is to loosen the caliper bolts, squeeze the brake on and hold it on whilst you tighten the bolts back up. Was shown that by one of Atherton's mechanics and it never fails.

  23. Releasing trapped air with a zip tie: perfect! Makes a total difference. Thanks a lot GMBN!! 😀

  24. Like the cardboard in the brakes hack when centring the calliper, that will definitely save some stuffing around time in the garage.  The 'hack' you did in your brake bleed vid with the cable tie on the lever for 5 minutes (to remove air bubbles) really works.  Best my brakes have felt in a long time.

  25. Baby wipes are king but some leave a sugary film (sweet I heard you say) but this attracts dirt because it stays stick. I have been cleaning bikes to the max since I was very young, I have OCD so bike cleaning replaces some of the bad OCD' I used to have, so my top tip is pledge polish I have used this for over 37 years it's even carbon safe just keep away from your discs

  26. Stopped at baby wipes. Wipes are up there with plastic bottles in respect to the environment. Stop using them for everything people!

  27. could do with a more detailed explanation of the pad spacing tip using card, to expand I first state that its possibly my tektro calipers ain't suitable, thus my failure to grasp the tip as I'm wondering what you tightened before releasing the card?

  28. cards are okay for aligning brakes in a pinch but a feeler gauge is perfect. Buy a cheap one at any auto store and take out the two gauges that fit the best, use em just like the cards.

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