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August 11, 2019

Hi “Trashers” If we forget guns, bows are the most iconic weapons for ranged attacks Still today look at Hawkeye in Avengers or Oliver Queen in Arrow Over the years the books, movies and video games created a whole mythology around bows And we’re going to destroy this point by point!!! Like what we did the last time for swords beside let’s watch this video if you didn’t Get comfortable and prepare yourself Everything you know about bows are lies! Agility isn’t the most important In most of video games, bows are presented like weapons that require agility and generally in fiction archers are thin and not very strong Except elves We think “warrior brutal” “mage bright” and “archers agile” In rp games, it is most of the time required to upgrade the perk “agility” to use better bows however it doesn’t make sense A more powerfull bow is just a bow that requires more strength to pull on the rope and inevitably shoot arrows faster to make more damages So it’s the strength perk that should be increased In facts for an archer soldier the strength is much more important than the dexterity Pulling the rope of a war bow requires at least to exert the same strength required to throw a weigh of 50 kilos Depending on bows it can go up to 80 If you haven’t muscular arms you can’t do it or at least you’ll never be able to shoot several arrows quickly Moreover when you see archers aiming during a moment, it is ridiculous too In reality, waiting like this make you quickly tired you start to shake and it is highly difficult to hit your target It makes this moment of the “Battle of Helm’s Deep” one of the most realistic of all “The Lord of the Rings” Besides I know that bows that requires less strengh exist but these are used for hunt and training not against others humans and certainly not in pitched battles According to the damages inflected by bows in films and video games, these are war bows Besides, set archers without protections is a fault They were soldiers, they had at least “bison gloves”, often chainmails and sometimes armors The flocks of arrows are overestimed In every big medieval battles at Holliwood we see at the start of the battle lines of archers shooting their arrows in the sky to hit their ennemies at a maximal range However if you think about it, it’s a very bad strategy in terms of efficiency If you shoot like this your arrows loose their maximal speed which can reach 200 km/h and moreover these arrows arrive by the top Not a good plan when you face against people with helmets Yes, even if it was uncomman to see people with complete armors because their prices Everyone wore at least one helmet Often with chainmails An arrow can pierce a chainmail but it can’t if it loose too much power Anyway, it’s difficult to find historical sources which prove these clouds of arrows were a real practice Illustrations that show archers shooting upwards are often during seats when they must shoot above walls of castles Otherwise they are showed shooting horrizontaly and near their ennemies At the place where their arrows have a maximal impact and have more chance to pierce chainmails or pass through weak points of knights armors In a battle arrows aren’t infinite, it wasn’t wise to utilize them if you weren’t sure to make damages on your target However in Europe we have stories of some little flocks of arrows to put pressure on ennemies and make them move forward Here there is a point If flocks have been used towards history it was first to the psychological aspect A factor we often forget in West but in East the moral of soldiers were very important in battles Seing thousand of arrows which arrive on your face, even if you know that it isn’t very dangerous, it’s scary Mostly if you’re a novice on battlefields (talk about The Battle of Thermopylae) Bows are not melee weapons Because Hawkeye and especially Green Arrow people think we can use bows like melee weapons because when we think about bows, it is just an improved stick. So we can use it like a stick right? No. In a bow most of the weigh is inside the middle unlike a stick No matter the way you hold it, you can’t be comfortable to handle it The shape of the bow will also block yourself and you would hit yourself when attacking Moreover this curved shape decrease your reach compared to a stick Don’t forget that a bow is make to be flexible and lightweight which diminue even more the potential damages With little protections you are totally safe Further the biggest issue IS THE ROPE It is so annoying Finally it’s not easy to block with it, it hasn’t a hilt your hands aren’t safe Anyway a bow can’t resist for long against a mace or a sword “Use a metal bow, little cunt” Yeah, go back play In the real world bows made of metal like those on skyrim aren’t credible A rigid bow can’t work It is logical This is the concept of the bow to bend You can attach pulleys to a metal bow to palliate to this but weapons like these, even if it is cool, doesn’t exist outside the heroic fantasy Contrariwise you can use arrows like dagger It can surprisingly make the job moreover war arrows are much more impressive than what we think Anyway archers had all the time a secondary weapon: mace, sword, dagger… It’s an another cliché “the weak archer in a melee combat” Let’s just use a secondary weapon because it does not even economize time to use a bow like a melee weapon Unsheathe a weapon take 2 seconds, just go back when you’re doing it to be safe The real power of arrows In films and shows it is “one shot, one dead” In the reality you can’t be stone-dead because you took one arrow It will not be nice to see, there will have blood but there are good probabilities you’ll survive It would be hit a vital organ to kill you instantly and we’ve already stated that the heads of soldiers were most of the time protected Nevertheless we have story of people who thought to be safe, raised their faceguard and took an arrow in the head It must tingle Anyway, the most frequent death related to an arrow is bleeding to death when you have been hit by several arrows or because infections of wounds You must know that a bullet from a firearm is designed to burst in your body to tear internal tissues However an arrow just goes straight ahead it is “clean” However the no lethal part isn’t an issue because on a battlefield a wounded soldier can quickly become a dead soldier We all know too well that a simple arrow in the knee can break a life Let’s clear something else: an arrow can’t pierce an armor! Like for swords full armors were really, really resistant arrows do not pass You can find on youtube some “test” which would prove arrows can pass towards but don’t be naive, most of the time these test are realized on low cost armors Fire arrows We’re not gonna lie: these arrows are badass. However if we think about it, it’s not this mad First you need a big inflammable part at the end of your arrow if this surface is too litle, the arrow will simply go out when you will shoot and you will look stupide You also need to reinforce the entire arrow if you don’t want it breaking when you’ll shoot because of the extra weight Finally with these heavy arrows you loose a lot in range and penetration the two first reasons to use a bow Anyway, imagine if your arrow hit your ennemy, he will not instantly burning without doing anything His first reaction will be to remove the arrow which have less penetrate in his body compared to a normal arrow and with the heat his wound is maybe already cauterized Furthermore you need to know that a little pourcentage of fire arrows start really a real fire when hitting a flammable surface 2%, it isn’t amazing However there is 2 situations where fire arrows are usefull: in a siege to try to make a fire in a city or in naval fights, you know the reason Now like usually let’s talk about 3 others minors interesting points Bows doesn’t make the iconic sound when you use it Sorry, this sound… doesn’t exist It’s an invention In the reallity a bow make almost no sound We see everytime archers keeping their rope on the bow In reality when moving or at rest you need to remove the rope if you don’t want to make your bow useless after a short period of time Moreover, like swords, quiver in the back: it’s a no It existed but most of the time, quivel were at the belt moreover archers didn’t hesitate to take several arrows in the hand to shoot more quickly We even know cases where archers put their arrows in the ground to be free in their movements The quivel in the back have a lot of disadvantages It’s hard to take quickly an arrow Move abruptly and everything can fall on the ground and it gets stuck in a lot of things Wo, it was a big topic I tried to make the best synthesis but there is too many things to talk about I preferred to focus on the Europe There had already so many things to say I hope you liked this If you’re interested about bows, I recommand 3 channels to you First “lindybeige” if you like medieval bows, NuSensei if you’re interested about modern archery he made a very good video on the utility of all the things on olympic bows It changed my vision of this sport Finally if you just want to be impressed, look at the famous Lars Anderson, the best archer in the world he made sick shots like cut in half an arrow coming on him with an another arrow Write in the comments what subject you will think I should make the next “lies” video I thought to hand-to-hand combat but if you have others ideas, don’t hesitate Bye guys Next time we will talk about boss cya!

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  1. excellente vidéo comme pour les épées. Par contre je suis mdr quand je lis les commentaires de certains fans n'arrivent pas à en démordre malgré vos références historiques et des vidéos qui montrent qu'une épée de transperce pas une armure ou qu'un katana se brise en coupant un bambou. Les mythes ont la vie dur.

  2. Les anglais durant la guerre de 100 ans ne possédaient pas de grands arcs lançant des flèches capable de transpercer des armures ?

  3. 8:51 …ne pas faire de blague sur ma bite…ne pas faire de blague sur ma bite…ne pas faire de blague sur ma… COMME MA BITE… et meeerde…

  4. Alors petit détail, les forces d'Arc varient entre 5 et 150 kilos.
    Pour le reste, rien à redire, c'est niquel.
    Pour l'anecdote, flèche empoisonné et somnifères étaient à la limite de la légende ( on parle de 1 ou 2 cas pour des assassinats et c'était pas efficace, vu que le sang sortait du corps et que en général la flèche traversait de part en parts le corps

  5. bah en fait, les arc en métal existent comme ceux en plastique. Oui c'est du plastique spécial mais ça existe

  6. Bonjour ! ! ! ! ! Les arcs en acier existent bel et bien ! ! ! ! Je possède un arc Suédois "' Seefab " en acier . Sa puissance est de 33 livres . L'avantage des arcs en acier est qu'ils conservent la même puissance , contrairement aux arcs en bois ; même composite , perdent à la longue de leur puisssance . On ne s'invente pas archer . . . Le tir à l'arc demande un entrainement particulièrement poussé , pour avoir des résultats . (Ex archer au long bow de la ronde de l'Atlantique de la Fédération Fançaise de tir à l'arc .)

  7. Bonjour bonjour, un petit truc me chiffonne dans tes explications… en effet certaines flèches étaient conçues pour traverser les armures et les casques des types d'en face (vu en direct une démonstration) et d'autres pour faire un max de dégâts dans le soldats qui se prend la flèche et qui veut la retirer. bonne continuation

  8. Tu dis que y’a que les elfes qui sont forts physiquement mais y’a aussi okai d’avengers le mec est musclé des bras

  9. Je sais pas ou pas ou il a trouvé ses infos mais la volée de flèches était un must dans les batailles. Les arcs longs ça vous dit rien? Cherchez des infos sur les arcs longs et leur utilisation. Cette vidéo est bourrées de conneries.

  10. Juste une chose : on ne dit pas Cotte de mailles car la Cotte c'est un vêtement, on dit armure de mailles.

  11. J'en ai long temps est tout se que ta dis est vrais est si tu en a fait mes tes inprésions en commentaire

  12. J'ai trop pensé à cette vidéo. ? la semaine prochaine, il y a eut le film d'assassin et il y a un qui c'est battus en frappant avec un arc.

  13. 6:26 j'ai mis du temps (genre quelque jours après avoir débuter Skyrim) pour comprendre cette phrase

  14. Les flèche enflammé peuvent servir pour effrayé l'enemi avant un bataille en faisant deux où trois volée pour éfraier

  15. Pour les flèches enflammé ont utilisé le feu grégeois avant qu'on ne perde la recette
    PS: Pour ce qui ne le savent pas le feu grégeois est un feu qu'on ne peut pas éteindre en tout cas il faut le laisser énormément de temps dans l'eau pour l'éteindre

  16. Quand tu parle de tenir un arc longtemps il casserait si c'est un arc médiévale donc en bois PS j'en fais du tir a l'arc ?

  17. A une époque les flèches pouvaient transpercer les armures, j'explique :Au début il y avait les cottes de mailles, les archers ont donc utilisés des flèches plus fines pour passer à traversEnsuite, pour parer à ça, les chevaliers ont commencer à porter des armures plates, mais les archers ont utilisés des flèches plus grosses et des arcs plus puissants pour les transpercerDonc les chevaliers ont portés des armures bombées, et là les flèches ne pouvaient passer à traversVoila, je voulait juste apporter quelque précisions sinon vous faites de super vidéo je vous adore ^^

  18. 6:52 les fleches de botw sont différentes. ah oui mais tu peux mettre une fleche normale dans le feu quand elle est sur ton arc pour la metter en feu ?

  19. il a quelque détaille au mis sur la vidéo, sais vrais que oui les fléche peux pas traverser une armure complété sais pour que l’arbalète a étais inventer mais il faux dire qu'au début du moyen age les armure complété n'exiter pas vraiment il avais que les que les cote de maille sachant serte sa protege mais pas assez car la maille sais juste des anneau mis bout a bout et il avais différente type de point de fleche. si vous voulais je peux vous donner plus de renseignement

  20. On peut empoisonner ses flèches, la cible ne va pas fait long feu. Car ça marche.

    Les flèches empoisonnés ont été utilisés dans certaines tribus en Amérique centrale. (Qui veut des grenouilles) utilisés pour chasser (bon c'est des sarbacanes mais bon)

    D'ailleur c'est légal d'utiliser un arc à la chasse en France. Mais pas l'arbalète sinon c'est relié au braconnage. Au passage L' arbalète est un peu trop OP car c'est très silencieux et puissant.
    Mais l'arc, c'est vrai que c'est aussi très silencieux, mais tu doit le bander, et c'est moins puissant.

  21. Les arc fait de métaux sans poulies ou autre truc c’est possible l’acier trempé tempéré et flexible et utilisables

  22. L’agi pour les jeux c’est juste pour donner l’utilité a chaque caractéristique et ainsi ne pas rendre la force trop cheat

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