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  1. My mom had an AMC wagon. 4.0 with 4 wheel drive and a 5 speed. Tilt with a quadraphonic radio am/ FM cassette. Lol. Never stuck it in the snow. I was 16 and had a Camaro. When the snow was on, I took the wagon. Got 2 gals in the back. Plenty of room.

  2. i’m glad people do shows like this.theres always some model of car”by any make”i haven’t seen or heard of before.

  3. amazing collections, but these videos make my OCD go crazy. i want to see them atleast lined up nice and indoors would be great. Atleast the "rare" ones.

  4. My heart literally skipped when I saw the blue chevy convertible. My dad had the exact same car. It was a beast. Great memories.

  5. You would think the guy with the rare AMC Eagle with the diesel engine would be taking better care of the car or at least put it in a garage.

  6. It is depressing watching cars lot rot it is blasphemy, sell them to people that will restore them and enjoy them hoarding vehicles should be illegal. You know what will happen the guy will die and his kids will sell them all for scrap.

  7. Watching this show and all the nice card just rusting away in dirty old barns make me sick I have to go and throw up after watching this show I love watching this I am a car but my self and have had many of the same ones in the past wish I had them all back but at the time had no where to store them keep up the finds love the video

  8. Two known to exist…This one………….and another one. Now that there is the in depth insight you don't hear on your normal car show.

  9. Not to be a drag but that first yard is another example that just because something is rare doesn’t mean it’s pretty, or well engineered, or valuable.

  10. Do you pay extra tax on buildings in the US? Why leave cars out to rot away? Most of these cars will be parts cars if not already. Folks either have money to burn or just like being surrounded by expensive classics they will never touch. Appreciate that’s how these guys roll, grand kids should be well happy!

  11. Another waste. At least lets some other people take a few home once in a while. We've seen to many examples of a yard like this that twenty years later is a pile of rust. I'm not a SJW or anything, it's his stuff, your just a mean old fool man. Maybe give one to local High School once a year and let them restore it. Think about how many lives you could change for the positive! whatever…

  12. I like the basis of the show…but to just hoard cars and not do anything with them …makes no sense….Dad and I restored Classics ( until cancer got dad) we made daily drivers.

  13. The fact that this guy has like 40 restored classics makes me want to give up looking for a classic project car when this guy has 700 cars at hand and is just hogging them

  14. Honestly having all these cars sort of gives up the fun of having one nice old sentimental classic to take in a Sunday drive instead of having 40 restored cars that mean nothing too you

  15. Poor old guys, their wives and kids going to call it useless junk it, scrap it, or sell it for useless pennies. Glad I've never had the bad luck of either.

  16. Well there were a few I never seen before. I'm 72 and have seen a lot in my day. I liked the t bird too. I heard 7 liter engine and went brain dead as they were my favorite fords. That man is on borrowed time and when he passes then these cars destination is anyone's guess. Does he have family…. guessing not cause most of us car nuts didn't collect a wife who would stick with us.. sad is the word here cause you made a friend for today but tomorrow he may be gone and everything said today won't hold water. You of all people should know that age has a way of catching us. Tell me what you think sir

  17. Know a good place to find a 63 or 64 fairlane wanted my uncles when he past away but his friend would not let me have it. I would take a galaxy also in decent shape for kinda cheap not to rich. I’m in the Pacific Northwest

  18. Knew a guy who ran his Opel GT head-on into a car that ran a light and they had to pry the car off of him, but he only broke a few bones and survived.

  19. i wonder if sasquatch sometimes sleeps in one of the cars,lol,couple months ago a person in town had a amc eagle coupe 4WD

  20. Another way to pinpoint the Nash Ambassador at 3:55 as a 1950 is it has the large, squared rear window and no tail fins. The '49 had a small oval rear window and no tail fins. The '51 had the large window and tail fins.

  21. People always jump on guys for hording cars and letting them sit. Well they have saved them from the crusher all these years. Most have a problem letting them go but you dont see anybody offering crazy money for them as they sit. If they were cheap they would have been wrapped around a tree long ago by some kid and moved on to another.

  22. Up here in Northern California and Shingletown lower Shingletown there's about 20 old cars or selling dirt cheap 1500 500 you need to go up there and check it out

  23. how sad, these people hold on to this stuff until it rust away and is worthless. cant tell you how many classic cars ive seen get hauled off to the scrap yard.

  24. What’s the point? This guy squirrels away all these cars for what? Guys like me would like to find something to love back to life and this guy will die with these gems rotting away. Unreasonable and frustrating

  25. Dang I'm having one hell of a time keeping 1 car for more then 5 yrs and these non Stop barn finds of classic car where the owners had them for 30 plus years is just Insane

  26. Out of 750 cars this is the only 2-door on the property, then they show a 56-58 Nash 2-door and a two tone AMC Hornet 2-door.

  27. Mr. Tom cotter do you know anyone that have or own a Pontiac pick-up trucks. Or if you can ask someone if gm made any Pontiac pick-up trucks.

  28. If people want to be HORDERS and keep Useless things? they should be required to renew their Regstrations and License Plates and Have to post a Bond with their towns City Call for a Permit and pay for Fired Dept Covereage and not require others to pay for it, like they do.."


  30. I have a private barn burner called a 49 Kaiser Virginian its one of the first 12 made out of 250 it belonged to carl Koch I would sell it,i have the skirts and rear windows good

  31. Amazing. When I watch these shows most younger buyers think these days will never come again and they missed the boat. I disagree. I own a 1949 Ford coupe, kustomized in a 1950s style. It suits me. I also had a '56 Mercury and a '50 Ford convertible, which I sold 10 years ago. They are worth about the same as they were when I sold them. Why? I'm 49. How many guys looking for a hobby car my age will look to a pre-1960s are? Not many… I strongly believe demographics and age play a huge part in what's popular and hence what brings big $$. I would not pay $70-100K for a late 1960s American muscle car today unless i loved the car. I would rather buy a say an MB 1990s 500SL or SEC or a 2009 CLS600 and an SL55 AMG, 2008 Jaguar XJR supercharged or a newer SRT Challenger with a 6 spd for the same money. In 15 years, when 40% of new cars are electric and the rest are 4 cyl turbos with hybrid motors, those 50-60 year old guys will gladly cruise in a V12 Mercedes, an old supercharged Jag sedan or run through the gears in a 392 HEMI. Every generation has opportunities, just maybe not as easy or cheap since wages are stagnant, housing is expensive and taxes are high these days. A lot of amazing cars were built 10-15 years ago that are largely underappreciated now.

  32. Cant get parts for a AMC Eagle ? Thats ridiculous considering the way AMC used the same parts among pretty much everything they produced. The Eagle and the CJ-7 used the same engines, emissions equipment, transmissions etc etc. Other then the t case , front diff and body parts almost everything the Eagle uses is found on another AMC vehicle

  33. These videos are interesting and people need to keep perspective. Dont become jealous because you dont own one and then use your "dream" as an excuse to criticize these guys.

  34. The Colorado mountain air keeps these cars from rusting and in nice condition! But all those cars just sitting in the woods!? He should sell a few! lol Non-car people just see a junkyard, the rest of us see history.

  35. I think you would really enjoy chatting with my great uncle and his collection of mostly Kaiser and fraiser … a few other models but most run and drive and are all original…

  36. That turbo eagle wagon looks like a Subaru Impreza.. or rather the Subaru looks like eagle. Looks like Subaru stole some design from amc

  37. Listen up, all you haters! All of us car guys have only one real enemy. That is the government. The hate and destruction by the government is OVERWHELMING. Shame and guilt should be heaped on the real enemy. Hopefully, we all do what we can to combat the government's crimes against cars. Terry Gale has done wonderful things in this area. He is dedicated. . . . . . . . . . . . But let's just suppose his efforts are not perfect. The thing is, the government has rolled over all of us with such ferocity that none of us could be sure of what to do to save cars, or how to save cars. Don't complain about Terry's efforts. Complain about the burning hate we endure from the government.

  38. I just saw thee ONE 1952, factory diesel, experimental, International pickup. In a barn with bird poop on it. Runs great! It took 33 years b4 it was done again.

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