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August 26, 2019

I can, I can come down within the next half an hour. Right, I’ve just come off the phone with some people who are going to hopefully help me get my car fixed. I’m not going to go to MINI directly because
they’ll probably rip me off which is quite ironic, isn’t it, since I bought the car from
them? I’m going to teach you a life lesson here
so you know, you know when you’ve got a spot on your face or something’s happened and you
can’t control it, right and everybody else is just going to laugh at you, right. You can either sit there and take the abuse
that everybody else is going to give you, right, or you can laugh with them. You have one of two options – you single yourself
out and be laughed at or you laugh at yourself with everybody else. If you’ve ever seen someone with a spot on
their face and they tell you that they’ve given their spot a name, that’s what I’m talking
about. ANIMAL: What are you talking about? ALEX: So, everybody, on this fine summer day,
meet Gerald, my little stub of a wing mirror. ALEX: Dented all of that there. MAN: Yeah. ALEX: Scuffed all of that there. ALEX: OK, so the man’s been out. He’s had a look at the damage on the car,
he’s taken down some details, he’s going to give me a quote over the next few days as
to how much it’s going to cost to repair it. Now, now we play the waiting game. When life forces you to have problems, it
forces you to learn which forces you to grow. So guys, I actually had something different
planned for today’s video. So far this morning, I’ve edited some photos
for a client – I’m going to show those to you guys at the end of the vlog because it’s
not really that interesting, but I know that some of you are interested in my client work
so I’ll show those at the end of the vlog – did that this morning. Taken the car to a qualified body repair shop
and they’re going to quote up for me and tell me how much it’s going to cost to put a new
wing mirror on and everything…The builder’s coming tonight
to the office to do some other stuff and I did have something else planned for this vlog but… Jacob is going around my room looking for
LEDs, aren’t you? JACOB: Mmhmm. ALEX: He’s come to me and he’s absolutely
itching for us to start making his little set up look really cool with some LEDs. So, Jacob, you think that these are LED lights? JACOB: Yes. ALEX: OK – they’re not LED lights. But I’ll give you a clue, there are some LEDs
in this room. There’s a few pairs of LEDs. I want you to go and find them. JACOB: I can’t win until I find these LEDs
and put them around my… ALEX: Oooh. You’re not having my LEDs. I’ll get you some more. But what I think we’re going to do is pimp
out my little bro’s set up – his little gaming set up. JACOB: How much are LED lights? ALEX: How much are LED lights? They’re actually really cheap, I think, for
what they do. I think they’re really cool. JACOB: £20. ALEX: I think you can get a set of LEDs on
eBay for, like, £8 I think. Jacob – I’ll give you a clue. I’m going to lie on the floor just here. Just lie next to me on the floor next to me and
you will see them. JACOB: Ohhhhhhh – there they are. ALEX: They’re the LED strips, under there. If you’re wanting us to do this this evening
Jacob, I think I might have a set of LEDs at the office that I can go and get and then
later on this evening, we can do your set up, yeah? JACOB: OK, yeah, that sounds amazing. ALEX: Yeah? OK, right, knuckle touch. We’ll do it later. What I’ll do is I’ll go to the office and
get us some LEDs and we’ll start this thing this evening. Brilliant mate, sounds good to me. Alright then dude – I’ll see you soon. Cheers mate. Bye bye, bye bye.Builders are hard at work up
there – we’re just putting the roof up, making sure the lights are in place. I’ve been told that hopefully next week we
can start, we can start plastering. Right, let’s go and make my brother smile. Come on then, come past me here. JACOB: Oh, I know – you’ve brought the LED
lights haven’t you? ALEX: Right, so you’re going to tidy, you
want to tidy your Lego up, yeah? JACOB: Yeah. ALEX: Right, you tidy the Lego up quick and
then we’ll see, we’ll see if the LEDs work, OK? Deal. ALEX: Are you getting some shots of me cleaning
up? You are getting shots of me cleaning up. You should be cleaning up. I’m trying to help you out here. Right, what do you think we should, what do
you think we should do with all of this then Jacob? Shall we try and, like, box it all up and
try and put it to the side? JACOB: Yeah. ALEX: Yeah. Right then bro, now we’ve cleared all the
main space up, yeah. Stop playing around! We’re meant to be doing serious things, aren’t
we? Right, so we’re putting all your games over
there and over there – all the Lego’s over there, right. So, now what we need to do, is tidy up the
main unit, yeah? What I thought would be really cool is if
we got some of your favourite models that you’ve made and displayed them on here too. Yeah? So, if you move all of the controllers over
there, then – OK, where we’re going to be sat playing – and then, we can work on doing
this. Right, so, we’re all tidy. What do you think we should do with the consoles
– the Wii and the Xbox? Should we put the TV in the middle and then
have the Xbox and the Wii to one side and then all of your models on the other side? We could even… You’ve got more than one model though. So, we could put some models on here and then
some models that side, yeah? What about that now, Jacob, with the TV in the middle and the Xbox and the Wii that side, yeah? JACOB: Yeah. ALEX: Right then, if you choose your favourite
models, we can put them on that side. ALEX: Right, ready? 3, 2, 1… That, yeah that – that’s your controller,
that’s for the power, this controls the LED strips and then that – what is that? JACOB: The LED… ALEX: The LED strips. Good lad. Right, Jacob, we’ve run into one major problem
– we don’t have a plug socket to plug them in. Oh no – what do we do? Do you think, do you think that maybe Alex
knows what to do? JACOB: Yes, probably. ALEX: Right, are you ready for the big switch
on then? JACOB: Yep. ALEX: Right, OK. Right, so – turn on the Xbox and turn on the
TV and then I’ll… You can turn on the LEDs as well. Right, and then we’ll turn off the lights. Jacob, here’s your controller. Are you ready? You do the honours. 3, 2, 1… Ohhhh, wow! Is that cool or is that cool, Jacob? JACOB: Yeah. ALEX: Oh, you’re changing colour – this guy
knows what he’s doing. Ehhhhh – he knows what he’s doing. Change the colour, change the colour. Change the colour. Ehhhhh! Have we made a good start? JACOB: Yes. ALEX: Right, what could we do for the next
episode? Could we maybe put your controller on the
wall? What are you going to say? Hang them somehwere? What did you, what did you want to do? JACOB: Like, hang them on this side of the
wall. ALEX: That’s what I thought. So, I could put them on the wall up there,
couldn’t we? But for now, knuckle touch. Boom. Look at this – look at your models over there,
the console… How cool is this? JACOB: Awesome. ALEX: What are you doing now? Brushing your teeth? JACOB: Yes. ALEX: I’m going to turn that boy into a set
up advocate! Like, to make something like this, you have
to have a proper passion for it. You have to have a passion for things to look
pleasing. Hence why I spent three hours putting these
lights in and I wanted an iconic figure, like this skull. And everything to be cable managed. There’s definitely some drive involved in
all of that and I really want him to feel the same way and I want to start him doing
it from a young age. And I’m sure he’s super, super happy with
it. Right, I need to nip back to the office to
see what the builder’s done in the last 3 hours, whilst I’ve been doing that with my
brother. Ready? 3, 2, 1… I’ll see you there. Oh my goodness – I think this is for me. Gladiator computers. Winning matters. What is this big box? We shall find out tomorrow. Sweet. We’re in. I’ve just let the builders out. Let me show you this. Oh wow! It’s like a proper dimmer switch too. So, when you’re sat here gaming, you can have
the lights on like, really low, like that, and then you can put it up nice and bright. But, just imagine – these spot lights on really
low and then two LED strips under each side… Oh my goodness! Wait a minute. Let me show you guys how to install a plug
socket. I want a plug socket on the roof. So, first off, you need a back box. This is a back box. Secondly, you need a big, big knife. Something like this and next, you need a plug
socket with two USB ports in it because, it’s cool. So, these plug sockets are going to sit in
the roof up here. And the reason that the plug sockets are up
there is because they’re going to be powering the two soft box lights that are going to
be here for the TechFlow set and the USB ports on the plug socket will plug in to the camera for
if it’s dying. I’ve thought this whole thing through. So, what you need to do is you smash out the
middle of the back box, we take our socket out of the box, you draw around the back box,
you then take your very sharp knife and start cutting and then you put the back box in the
hole, you then wire all of your cables in to the back… I’m super intrigued as to what’s, as to what’s
inside that thing. Let’s open it tomorrow because I’m knackered.

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