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  1. 14.40 Jake shouldn’t have got The point because Shirts aren’t mostly green only his shirt is green not every shirt is mostly green. A shirt can be any colour


  3. When it was just Ty, Jordan, and Audrey, Jordan could just have gotten the stains card because she had a sharpie in the past round

  4. The first round dad said tye couldn’t use something your already wearing but the second round Jordan did that ?

  5. τγ ιѕ υиƒαιя ι τнιиκ τнєγ ѕнουℓ∂и'τ ℓєτ τιє ѕτєαℓ нєя ϲαя∂

  6. hey In salt lake city there is a resturant called red bango i dont know if its sill open but they have the best pizza and wings ILY 😄 🙂

  7. In the 7 second video Audrey has the same phone case as I do now and I thought it was funny because she set down her phone and I see and case that looks like mine and it is

  8. Hey I love ya vids so much but can you maybe not out the music in with it bc its hard for me to hear what you guys are saying I’m not trying to be rude

  9. Your being unfair my dad folds socks let Audrey have a chance and just because ty ty has a broken arm doesn’t mean that he needs a five second head start so i object on this video

  10. One time I dislocated my elbow the beginning of January 2018 the 2nd 2:00A.M-3:00A.M my mom was soooo mad at me lol it was with my older sister and we had this bunk bed with a rail and her back and my elbow was together and then she pushed me off and crack last thing know I’m crying and at the hospital 🏥

  11. i don’t think Jake should’ve won that other one bc David used paper for writing and you said no reusing items that were or weren’t used but okay

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