7 Gamers 1 CPU is back! But does it ACTUALLY work!?
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7 Gamers 1 CPU is back! But does it ACTUALLY work!?

September 16, 2019

The seven gamers, one CPU system is back from C.E.S. 2016. Where Kingston, the proud sponsors of the original video – which you can check out here – had it on display at their booth, and of course I have wasted no time creating… the Linus Media Group land center where the seven gamers, one CPU machine, will be powering seven high powered gaming stations for the pleasure of the employees here at Linus Media Group. So let’s see if anyone wants to play some games, shall we? [upbeat music plays] Whether you run a small business – or a billion dollar enterprise – Rackspace has your dedicated storage environments covered. Start a conversation with them at the link in the video description. Hey! It’s Jonny the Network Guy! Come on in, let’s play some video games. John: Oh my god, yes! Let’s do it. All right! John. Crisis 3? John: Let’s do it ! Host: Who wants to play video games? Tarun: I do! I didn’t ask you, Taron, but okay sure. Uh, it’s okay, honey. You don’t have to. [background talk] Oh, Luke! [do] you have time to play video games? [oh]? wow um Okay, vaughn you’re in.(Backround) Wow Yep, you’re in let’s go. Hey colton got some time to play video games? Yeah, you’re fired cuz you [should] be busy, but actually no, we’re gonna go play games now Okay, come on. What are you guys waiting for let’s go. I’ll show you to your stations This is our new and improved boardroom. [no] one will ever be bored in [here] again Okay, so guys I do not jump down the hole yet Please so this is it this is officially [the] first time the seven gamers one cPU rig has actually had Seven gamers sitting at it. And I think the most notable thing about it Probably is the fact that you guys are each Looking at an FPS number in the top corner something in the neighborhood of 80 to 90 frames per second So some quick napkin math would tell us that that is somewhere between 600 to 700 frames per second running at medium settings high details in Crysis 3 at 34 40 by 1440 resolution It is actually working But of course staring at a wall is not the ultimate benchmark, so I’d like you guys to all gather around I’m going to show you How we benchmark crysis 3 at – tech tips and we are all going [to] try and do the benchmark together? (somebody at a chair) i already fell down a hole. (Linus)Yes, that’s why I [told] you not to fall down the hole Tarin Yes, I will help you in fact. Let’s go do it on teheran station since he has to go back [to] [the] starting point anything.( someone els)Im jumping really really high is that normal? Yes its crisis. You’re wearing a…. Oh for crying out loud, colton. Oh no No, no, it doesn’t okay. Everyone come watch the benchmark run, okay? Don’t stare into the hole just look at it. Then you’re going to press the apostrophe key boom that’ll start the benchmark and Your FPS numbers will go away drop. Do not jump down the hole if you jump down the hole you will die This is unique stuff nope Nope, because you will need bullets for when there are actual enemies Terran that is how games work then you hold shift to leap across and Then you just kind of stand here and like shoot of stuff, and it’s done Everyone got that everyone ready to execute it perfectly on the first try easy peasy [alright] Okay, ready, and three two one benchmark. So left at the first fork there Can you go right? I don’t see [before] this one I Hit it and I did that needs you Okay, open up file [explorer’] we need file explorer me explorers own amusement. I mean file explorer go to the C drive then perhaps Are you?(somebody who is not Linus worthy) How do you use a computer Benchmarks then open up the [Crysis] 3 Min max average Ha rekt competition John You should see your gPU core clock. What was it running at while we were gaming? a hundred gigahertz Thousand a thousand one thousand Gigahertz put those in and it’s still running [it] a thousand Thousand Megahertz so zero throttling and what’s your gPU temperature while we were running the game [forty] [seven] [forty] [four]? What are you five – Forty five? Very nice, so our water cooling is holding up just fine with everyone in the mid to high 40 degrees on the video card Very very cool. So now let’s fire the game back up, and you guys can just kind of Mess around in game, and we’re gonna have a look at what our power consumption is like running seven legitimate high-end games Versus just some synthetic benchmarks like we did last time. Oh, what a dick It’s not a multiplayer game Can you guys be slightly? More on Earth, so power consumption is anywhere from around 1400 watts from the wall [to] up to 1600 Watts from the Wall pretty bananas (crazy linus makeing no sence) So this is interesting with every VM. Running. We’re hitting every cPU [core] pretty much It looks like our cPU clock speed settles in around three gigahertz Which is actually still a fairly significant turbo up from the 2.6 gigahertz base clock More interesting facts another really cool [thing] if you want to pop over to your graphics card Tab here Is that when we originally ran this we were having some gPus show up as very low link speeds even gen? 1.1 speeds this time around every single one is pcie Gen3 [8] x which is definitely more than enough We actually reseated the graphics cards and got some better stability that way well, how else does anybody at whoa? I’ve got 200 frames per second everyone else has steam accounts. That’s why I said guys [log] in to your steam accounts.Oh, i dont remember my password right here, right who goes sniper when ist 3v3 m8? Wow, can I jump in and point out that at about 200 to 250 FPS each? We are literally pushing? over 1,400 frames per second and team Fortress 2 right now we could all be on oh – you’re right – you know I know you guys know. [oh] somebody hit me with an ax, actually it was a sword but okay [actually] [it] was a sword, but I mean you’re dead so it doesn’t really make much of a difference turned out to be Tarren, I TURNED OUT TO BE TARREN, I GOT KILLED BY TARREN linus u scrub You’re on fire. Someone’s on fire come on Bring your linus. Yeah, whatever you’re you’re you’re dead. You’re dead done already right? You’re done already. I didn’t want my damage I don’t even care. I don’t even have to be [Lay] down, no No, I tried to hold them. I’m sorry guys. What’s going on? So there you have it. We [have] Officially laid to rest [the] most common criticisms of the seven Gamers one [cPU] video First of all that we didn’t actually show Seven Gamers Gaming on it Which has now been officially done and second that we called it seven gamers One CpU which actually I’m going to continue to do in spite of the fact that there are indeed two cpus in the system so that was pretty fun guys a Huge shout out again to Kingston on Raid intel a sous Amd ek water blocks case labs. [oh] sure primo chill provided some tubing hope I don’t miss anyone Acer for providing all these monitors for making seven gamers one cPU possible in the first place and thank you to tunnel bear for sponsoring this episode of linus tech tips if you guys are looking [for] a way to browse the Web as though you are [browsing] from a different country and anonymize yourself online Tunnel Bear is the easy way to do it. They’ve got applications for windows Os 10 Android Ios they’ve even got a chrome extension And they take all the tomfoolery out of the entire VPN experience making it as simple as just Going yeah, yeah a little [bears] I want you to tunnel through the Usa this time so I can access all those cool us websites and services that I would otherwise be geo blocked from so all you got to do to get started is check out the tunnel bear link in the video description and The best thing about it Is that the first 500 meg’s a month is? three After that for just a few bucks a month you can check out an unlimited plan also available at the link in the video [description] If you’re having any trouble there friendly support Bears will be happy to help you so again [Tunnel] bear check it out So thanks for watching guys if you disliked this video I think you know what to do But if you liked it hit that like button get subscribed to linus tech tips or even consider supporting us [you] can buy a cool Shirt like this one at the link in the video description [you] [can] check out our community forum at the link in the video description or you can just shop on Amazon and use our affiliate code which helps us out a fair bit by following the instructions in the Video at the top right of your player if you’re done doing all those things and you’re wondering what to watch next Don’t miss what’s a video. We’ve done recently help Don’t Miss Luke’s video where he outlines the oculus rift Versus the HTC vive and runs through the benefits and drawbacks of each in relation [to] each other It’s a pretty darn good one also up there them too. I see you guys next time Okay, so you guys are welcome to get back to work [anytime] now. I think very strong Die all right?

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  1. Theres a dead pixel on the camera. Top left corner.

    I thought that was my TV but the dot jumped when the cameraman zoomed in.

    It's a white-ish dot!

  2. Please ply star citizen with 7 players on this rig and all jump in the same ship or something cool that will really push those VMs

  3. how did you set up all the Peripherals? I feel this part was overlooked and would like a video going through it with pitfalls and caveats

  4. Linus: We re-seated the graphics cards and got some better stability that way. Errrr…….. Someone never installed those cards right?…………

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