7 Easter Eggs That Can Never Be Found Again (Feat. The Easter Egg Hunter)
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7 Easter Eggs That Can Never Be Found Again (Feat. The Easter Egg Hunter)

February 24, 2020

Sometimes an easter egg is found in a
game that due to reasons beyond our control… …can never be found again. This is why today I’m diving into 7 Easter Eggs That Can No Longer Be Found… brought to you by Swagbucks.. And joining me today is the Easter Egg Hunter who
helped me come up with the idea of this video… Thanks again James! [James] No problem Odd, I
can’t wait to get started with you on this exciting episode… [Odd] Splatoon 2. Previously on my video
Most Shocking Easter Eggs In Kids Games I detailed terrifying hidden audio that could be heard in the background of any of the boss rooms
in the game… that would only creep up if you sat around the room for more than
ten minutes… which were so mysterious even the game’s director when asked
about it in a interview said he had no idea what the sounds were or why they
were even included in the game. Well, tying the mystery even further to newer,
stranger connections, I’ve heard additional reports from viewers such as
Alex and mochikitty who submitted me similar discoveries from Splatoon 2 that
unfortunately can no longer be found… That’s because these discoveries were
captured by a handful of people during Splatfest – a special series of events
that only appeared in Splatoon 2 from July 2017 to July 2019. For instance, if
players stood in front of these statues on the map Museum D’Alfonsio and
waited till the last 30 seconds of the match they occasionally could hear this
totally random little girl giggling… [ghostly girl laugh] Spooky… Youtuber JApple97 happened to
catch that, again, only during Splatfest, on the map Inkblot Art Academy, this
telephone booth would begin to ring only on extremely rare occasion, and if they
stood next to the booth they could hear this highly unsettling audio… [strange garbled noise] [phone line hangs up] Well, given the obscurity and extremely
rare occurrence of the audio, on top of the fact that we’re never gonna be able
to find these easter eggs ever again… I kind of doubt these discoveries are
something the game director still has any clue about.. Once again… Very weird. [ghostly girl laugh] [James] Cadence of Hyrule. Cadence of Hyrule is a really cool crossover title released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch blending the rhythm-based series
Crypt of Necrodancer with the world of Legend of Zelda. And not long after release, players
such as Blaines and LevelCodex found if they threw this rock in just the
right spot on Gerudo Village, jumped south over the rock and then walked along this
wall, they’d find themselves in this unexpectedly, cozy secret area. Upon
entering the house the player can talk to this character, who immediately states “I AM ERROR.” A reference to Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link as a random villager in the town
of Ruto simply stated the same message… “I AM ERROR.” Immediately after that reference the character introduces himself as Error
Houlihan, another reference that refers to another easter egg from
A Link to the Past This time referencing the secret Chris
Houlihan room, which was actually a secret failsafe room if the game failed
to load the right area when falling into a hole… and Chris actually being a player
who was awarded an appearance in A Link to The Past thanks to a contest held in
Nintendo Power. Turns out this room in Cadence of Hyrule
is exactly the same failsafe, as it only appears in the event of a player of
breaking out of bounds, especially difficult considering the game moves on a
grid, plus the fact if players go to try to find this easter egg now, they’ll find
it no longer works at all! As a patch was issued to the game that adds an extra
rock… right here… no longer allowing the player to access the Houlihan House ever
again, unless anyone finds a way before the developer patches it out. Oh yeah, and Error Houlihan lastly adds that he wants to build a chandelier… of hot dogs… This time referencing… [awkward laugh] Oh, actually me and Odd have no idea what that’s referencing. [Odd] Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. In 2016, youtuber BrokenOpus discovered during this scene in Uncharted 4, if they
entered into photo mode and moved the camera into just the right position, they
could see a headline that was actually directly lifted from The Onion which
says “World’s Largest Metaphor Hits Iceberg.” Well, it turns out this Easter
egg will never be found again, as as soon as it was found another patch was
quickly issued not long after, as when BrokenOpus went to observe the
newspaper easter egg again after the patch… …he found The Onion article was now
replaced with a new headline that said “Effects Artist Jailed For Using Copyrighted Material” …which I think that gives us a pretty good clue why we’re
never gonna find the original easter egg ever again… [James] Sonic Mania. When Sonic Mania first released, players found on Hydrocity Zone if they grabbed on to one of the hooks… …entered the Sonic 3 & Knuckles level
select code: Left, left, left Right, right, right, right,
Up, up, up …they would hear the iconic Sonic ring sound… [ring sound] Then at any point from
then on in the game, whenever you used one of the games boosters, no longer would
the normal booster sound be present as rather it would be replaced with this
little voice clip instead… EEeeeeeeyyeh!! Which is actually a sample lifted from youtuber
Dunkey’s video, Best of 2016… “EEeeeeeeyyeh!!” However, once players found this easter egg, it
unfortunately wasn’t in the game for very long, as a patch was released
shortly after the discovery of the egg that quickly removed it from the game,
meaning the egg can no longer ever be found again… “EEeeeeeeyyeh!!” Why the Dunkey easter egg was
removed remains a mystery, though the large speculation was the egg was
implemented without Sega’s approval and maybe they weren’t too happy about
Dunkey’s Sonic 06 video.. [Dunkey] “Can jump off a building to building but he can’t [bleep]ing swim!” “Have you ever heard of Superman 64?
Yeah… same team here.” [Odd] City of Heroes. Thanks to ssharp77 who shared this one with me in the comments of my
Areas Never Meant to Be Found Part I video, as ssharp recalled a mystery he always wondered
about in the now-defunct online game City of Heroes. Sharp recalled on the map
Peregrine Island, if you were to swim way out of the right side of the map and
jumped into just the right spot in the invisible wall out in the ocean, you’d find
a gap in the wall where could you get yourself far out of bounds, finally coming to a
flat earther’s dream by falling off the edge of the ocean! Swimming out even
further, you could eventually find a pair of large boxes suspended high in the air
and by typing the failsafe command “/stuck” which teleports you to the nearest
door in case you got, well… stuck… You would suddenly teleport inside of the
boxes and find yourself in a room that appeared to be the mainframe of the
matrix, a huge contrast to any of the environments in the game.
The unfortunate thing is not much was ever understood about this location as
players were instantly banned for simply entering it, highly reminiscent of the
Fallout 76 developer room, but this time with much less answers! And the only way
the footage you see now was even captured with because it was caught in
literally the game’s last moments before the server went down and vanished
forever… meaning no one ever got to see what the room’s deeper secrets really
were… or why the developers were so intent on making it so that no one could
ever get into the room, before the game was unplugged from the matrix and ended
up completely lost somewhere in cyberspace forever… Runescape. Thanks to hallways for their
incredible research submitted through my website oddheader.com. Hallways explained in
the nearly 20 year-old, largest-running massively multiplayer online game,
Runescape, there used to be a long-running rumor about a mysterious
area that appeared on the world map for only a few hours… never to be seen again… Well, Hallways finally tried to get to the bottom of the mystery himself after
all these years and downloaded an old copy of the game to finally get the
answers for himself… after going through the files and getting everything up and running Hallways sure enough found that indeed
for about a day and a half in July 2006 a strange mass of land indeed appeared
in Runescape for only a brief sliver of time. Hallways further research found the
area had actually been in the game since September 2004 and was swiftly deleted
after its brief debut on the map in 2006. And again, thanks to Hallways’ endless
curiosity, he even asked noted Runescape developer Mod Ash about its existence and even
Mod had no idea what the environment’s purpose was, leaving this as a truly
unsolvable discovery considering its origins are now only a distant memory that even
those behind the mystery can now barely recall… [James] Playstation Home. I actually came to Odd with this video idea because… I remembered a few easter eggs that could
no longer be found in Sony’s now offline, 3D social gaming platform,
PlayStation Home. Coincidentally, shortly after we agreed on this video idea,
Dedsec of the Project Destination Home (Preservation Project) reached out to Odd
at the same time through his discord server and claimed they had enough of
the game back online to show some of the game’s many lost easter eggs…
Unfortunately, many of these easter eggs are still no longer able to be found, as
the levels they were found in are still yet to go online, but until then all we
have are these images of this floating out of bounds shark wearing a fez from
the still offline map Aurora as well as a few other easter eggs
on other unavailable maps like Burn Zombie Burn… Perhaps that will all change
though, as the team is still working on getting the maps back up, so maybe these
easter eggs can actually be found in the game once again someday soon. Fortunately,
thanks to the amazing work of the Project Destination team, we can still
look at two awesome out of bounds easter eggs that can be finally found again,
solely thanks to their efforts on the now online map, Apartment, including this
strangely out-of-place mine from the game Warhawk… that would have once only
been seen with the use of a glitch and not even a far distance away from this
easter egg we can also find this hilarious secret message… [Odd] Again thanks to
dedsec and the Preservation Project for giving us these looks at these easter
eggs that otherwise could have never been seen again. Without you we’d lose an
important part of video game easter egg history… Go support team Project
Destination Home if you want to see these easter eggs ever found again… and
thank you again James for joining me on the channel today. Please support James
by subscribing to his channel and thank you for supporting this channel too as
we’re about to break 500,000 subs I just can’t even believe it… and thank you
again to Swagbucks for supporting this channel and making this video possible.
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down below… Submit to oddheader.com Or even send me a shout on Twitter or Reddit… [patrons] Stay tuned!

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  1. So apparently city of heroes is still playable on private servers with the original dev's blessing. Or so I've been told. I never liked the game myself, but figured it'd be good info to know, especially for anyone Easter egg hunting.

  2. #oddheader . #Unsolved . #EasterEgg .I got you one easter egg you never heard of. In Killzone Mercenary for PSVita, if you die in front of a Helgast Soldier and have him in sight in the death screen, he will taunt you and mock you as you die in the single player campaign. I never seen anyone talk or show this online. Also, great video on hidden easter eggs.

  3. I love this channel! So many gaming rabbit holes to explore and ponder. Btw, I remember a ps3 free to play game with a floating beagle as well as other weird stuff floating around big shyscarapers and stuff, I'll ask reddit r/tipofmyjoystick, if you know what I'm talking about, I'd love to see a good long video about it.

  4. Hey, Oddheader. You can still play Splatfests in Splatoon 2 albeit only in private matches. So in theory, the easter egg can be replicated if you and some friends have a copy of the game on the latest version.

  5. I know that in Splatoon 2 we can still access Splatfest themed levels through private matches. Does the creepy giggling not happen that way?

  6. I did a stream on Skylanders Superchargers and I dont know how I did it but I got out of bounds on the first level on the air part and I thought it was pretty interesting and I hit the speed boost for the land part and it soft locked the game

  7. Duke Nukem 3D had a similar secret messege as the last one in #1 (You really shouldn't be here). In the San Andreas Fault stage (the last one of the first episode) you go inside a magma filled cavern after an earthquake tears a hole in the side of a mountain. At the top of the entrance to the cavern (and set back on the opposite side) there is a shrink cannon that fires non-stop aiming at the entrance. If you fly over to the shrink cannon, you can see on the wall "You don't belong here" or "You shouldn't be here" or something similar.

    There's another hidden messege somewhere else in the game that you can only see when using the nightvision goggles that says "Dopefish lives" or "Dopefish rules", I forget which exactly.

  8. i remember people using that patch of land in runescape private servers to make custom towns and player owned houses, other than that i still have no clue what was originally intended of it

  9. I'll be truthful I kinda wish we had PlayStation home with vr on the PS4 or just VR chat I think that be great for the systems

  10. A correction for the Splatoon 2 Entry. After Splatfest ended, Nintendo added a Splatfest mode to private matches, so to my knowledge, the Easter eggs are still accessible.

  11. Man, it fucking sucks when they patch out cool glitches and easter eggs like that. The Cadence of Hyrule one was cool. Why patch it out?

  12. One of those Splatoon easter eggs is from Splatoon 1, not 2 like you said. It is the one with the laughing statue.

  13. I put all my consoles to airplane/offline mode so devs can't patch/update my games. so they can't remove hidden stuff.

  14. If my big brain is correct, that runescape land mass should be in the same place as another land mass in the game now, that being Zeah, and it looked about the same size. As of when Zeah was added, no idea.

  15. I always like when devs put a random sign in an area out of the map. Knowing of the existence of a location and not expecting people to get there is always better than "Oh we have no idea what this random area is."

  16. Actually, for the cadance of Hyrule one,
    Yes, they did patch that part out, but in some randomly generated sections if you're lucky, you can get to that same house, and even buy some special boots for 500 ruppes, and it lets you move as much as you want on the non fixed-beat mode without error

  17. The Matrix Room was designed as a waiting room for Issue 4: Arena. Players possibly would have waited inside for their pvp bout and had the room actually been completed and used, the tower of light in the centre would likely have been a clickable door, not unlike the ones found much later in the Architect Entertainment buildings. I cannot provide a source as I found this info some 15 or so years ago. Why they opted not to use the room; I can’t say. Why they left it in the game? Cause it looked cool =oP

  18. I've found all but the Zelda Easter egg I have the fully patched versions when an update is available I update whatever games get updated

  19. The first 2 and the 4th are still possible as you can use splatfest versions of maps in private matches, if you can get out of bounds in CoH you can still access I am error, and the Dunkey sound is still in the switch and I believe the steam version.

  20. "If players go to try and find this easter egg now, they'll find it no longer works at all as a patch was issued to the game that adds an extra rock right here no longer allowing players to access the Houlihan's house ever again."

    It's a really good thing the switch is hackable enough to revert updates…

    edit: this might work for sonic mania as well (though I have absolutely no clue if it was in the original release version)

  21. Aw man city of heros/villains. The pve in that game was so fun and all the powers and classes. I would love to play them again

  22. Runescape is a great game but their protect system sux ass , and you get banned for no reason . I got banned for botting recently , I tought because of Runelite launcher (cuz it has smoother animation ingame, what og launcher doesnt provide , fuck knows why) but they stated : that you will not ban you for using it , but if your account gets hacked they will not be responsoble for it . Turns out they lied.

    But to get banned for exploring a secret room in the game and then not explain why you get banned for, is really a disgusting thing to do

  23. In the game Spore on the main menu if you made the galaxy spin fast for a minute or two the pics of the game devs would come flying out. Ever since Origin took over and you have to run it through them for updates/patches/packs the pics don’t appear anymore.

  24. I might be incorrect but in Splatoon 2 you and someone else can do a match at night just like The splatfests. So maybe if you do that you could hear the audio again?(Love your videos Btw)

  25. this is why online auto patches suck. companies feel these Easter eggs are unprofessional or something. even tho most of us love the suttle references and such. i miss the good old days

  26. You can still play City of Heroes and go to the Matrix Room, so it's not 'lost forever'.

    Google "homecoming servers".

  27. That laugh in front of the statue sounds familiar. I think ive heard it in a few easter eggs (that i cant remember but sounds familiar). Might be a royalty free sound effect.

  28. The reason everyone got banned for being in the matrix room was because that's where the devs kept their hentai stash

  29. I'm pretty sure nobody was ever banned for entering the so-called "Matrix" room in City of Heroes. Not sure where you got that from — I went there several times on the live servers. There was nothing really special about it — just a map that was never used. Per former dev Matt "Positron" Miller (CoH Loregasm 2013): "Matrix room was the original “staging area” for Arena fights. It was universally hated among the artists and designers, so it was sealed off never to be seen. Apparently we needed better seals."

    Also, you're aware that City of Heroes is back on bootleg private servers now, right?

  30. @6:18 Shhh, I have a little secret- It's called City Of Heroes Homecoming, you haven't heard it from me though. 😉 Keep it to yourself.

  31. How doesn't this man have a million subs yet?? I've subscribed after watching a few of his vids, so come on everyone, let's get oddheader to reach a million subs by subscribing if u ain't already!? Like this comment so it's seen by everyone! 😀😃😉😆☺😊😀👍👊

  32. In Hearthstone there was a secret cow level easter egg for few days in the special event celebrating 20 years of Diablo.

  33. Actually, it might be possible to still do the phone easter egg in Splat2 since you can now play Splatfest stages in Private Lobbies

  34. If anyone would like to explore City of Heroes/Villains, just lemme know. I can get outside/under any map in the game, and can also get in the “Matrix Room” still. It’s a very fun game to explore and there’s plenty of outside of the map fun to be had.

  35. Hey man just wanted to say you're absolutely my favorite Easter egg hunter youre hilarious and the way you right jokes in and deliver them has always made me laugh so much keep it up man

  36. World of Warcraft Link and the the quest to collect the triforce and rewarded with the Hylian shield and Master Sword and myabe Heros bow. Its one I've heard of but didn't do myself.

  37. In infamous second son if you flew out to the ocean far enough on the northern side of the map you'd find the nightclub map used in the mission after you chase fetch and could go inside it and explore it empty. But they removed that glitch later on in a patch so that's sort of like another Easter egg that can never be found too.

  38. These companies that remove these eggs after being found are so dumb. Once it's been found and documented there's no point removing it. For instance, with the Onion paper they were worried about using copyrighted material, but if the game had the paper in it and players have already found and documented it, you've already broken the law. As long as the Onion doesn't ask you to remove it just leave it in the game. I loathe corporations so much. All of them. Bernie2020

  39. There's a playstation home map that was set in a desert and you stomped on scorpions and earned credits. However if you ran into the desert there was a secret cave that had a 9 digit code in it. I use to lead eveyone on the map to this secret place however nobody ever figured out what this code did. It became such a huge mystery. Such a shame its impossible to find out anymore.

  40. This is why I hate the way gaming is going. Release a FINISHED physical game and be done with it. What's going to happen to these online-only download-only games in 10 years when the servers are down… just never playable again? For at least a few of these, if you have a physical cartridge/disk and put it in a brand new console while offline, wouldn't you be able to recreate the event?

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