7 Awesome Video Game Remakes – [TGB Lists It]
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7 Awesome Video Game Remakes – [TGB Lists It]

September 22, 2019

video game remakes are always looked at
from two sides of a coin some see the remaking of games as an excellent
example of showing the younger generation how great older games were by
slapping on a shiny new coat of paint or updating the control systems helping the
games play more fluidly as well as giving us that sweet sweet nostalgic
trip down memory lane others on the other hand see them as a quick cash grab
by publishers trying to pull a nostalgic heartstrings of gamer’s whose childhood is
from a bygone era those people are idiots good people of the internet my
name’s Nathan and today we’re gonna take a look at seven awesome video game
remakes during the 90’s Crash Bandicoot was “THE” games console mascot Naughty
Dog’s wacky PlayStation exclusive out shon the majority of other options
available with their polygonal 3d graphics bright colors crazy characters
and tight platforming levels as time went on crash was sold to Activision
went through a bunch of awful changes and after a six-year hiatus it looked as
if crash was destined for the game character graveyard fast forward a bit
and rumblings of a crash remake became a reality Crash Bandicoot insane trilogy
was announced not a reboot not a remaster but a full-blown remake of the
original three games Vicarious Visions remake took the base of each game and
rebuilt it from the ground up characters enemies scenery
sound effects lighting music everything it all had a good old spit polish and
they also added in some quality of life changes as well as two new levels and
coco as a playable character the nostalgia waved over me as I gazed at
crash in glorious HD I was blown away by the facial animations of crash exactly
as I remember it when I was a child the water looked amazing the lighting and
shadow were just spot-on and the little details on the rocks and trees like moss
and boulders just wow turns out though it’s a freaking hard game much harder
than I remember but I still have spent many hours
playing it apart from the janky feel to the first
game couldn’t say a bad word about this remake I will openly say that I have
never fully played Resident Evil 2 it didn’t like the camera angles or the
movements or the inventory screens or the terrible voice acting but mostly
because I didn’t like the scary zombies I played about an hour of Resident Evil
2 as a kid I cried a bit I didn’t sleep for a week and that was the extent of my
exposure to the series until recently in January 2019 we saw the Resident Evil 2
remake released nope I’ve still not played it but I have watched people play
it and by god it blew my little mind goodbye blocks of drab colours that
passed as characters hello pixel perfect Leon Kennedy you
sexy sexy man the tank controls and wonky corner
camera angles were swapped out for a much more player friendly
over-the-shoulder camera and third-person shooter style gameplay
similar to Resident Evil 4 the game included some new features that again
provide quality of life changes as well as differences in difficulty modes
fluid movement better aiming amazing graphics and obviously much better voice
acting accompany the intense horror feel the game carries all while still
reflecting the original oh and the zombie physics are freaking great here’s
another and again it’s another platformer top tip there’s going to be a few
of these odd world new and tasty the 2014 remake of Abe’s Oddysee when I was
young I spent a lot of time struggling to save my mudoken brethren from
rupture farms and thinking back it wasn’t really a game made for a kid a starved
enslaved race working in a meat factory with blood guts bombs and creepy robot
dogs Oh an evil corporate cigar smoking octopus things yeah… anyway new and tasty
was a complete rebuild of the original game with tons of added material the
Mudoken’s that need to be saved have increased to 299 up from the original
and 99 this made the game feel a lot fuller and it also includes some super
secret areas with very hard puzzles as well as
a lot more random generation for enemies and mines gameplay-wise
they’ve now added a difficulty setting and if you’ve ever played the original
you know that it’s a freaking hard game the new difficulty setting means that
hard mode is the same as the original normal mode it also has some online
leaderboards so you can try and be the fastest speed runner in the meatery
although this is a few years old now it’s still a hoot to play with these
great new changes but if you want to buy a physical copy you’ll have to shell out
some of the big bucks as it was only on a limited run this next game is one of
my all-time favorites and it’s also easily one of the best game series ever
made it is of course Metal Gear Solid the original mgs was a PlayStation
exclusive it carries many fond memories for me as a child during my time
exploring Shadow Moses Island I struggled with the stealth the action
the holding in a pee every time that long cutscenes played out pretty much
the whole game was just hard work but it was also compelling I couldn’t get
enough and over the years I’ve now completed it more times than I can
remember being such a great game it was always going to get a remake in some
form and it came in the package of Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes for the
Nintendo GameCube “BOOOO” this rebuild took all the amazing action and set pieces
from the original and bump them up to look and feel like mgs2 some people
didn’t like the whole wacky feel and ridiculously animated characters others
did including myself movement had a lovely little update making snake easier
to control in difficult situations camera angles were fixed the
first-person shooting actually worked now and then there’s hanging over ledges which
when I go back to the original game is something that i sorely miss every time
these games are not meant to be taken seriously there are a wonderful creation
by one crazy dude they’re meant to be in your face ridiculous and slightly camp
Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes ticks all of these boxes apart from the one that
says available on all platforms damn it I’d love another remake of this for
current gen PlayStation like Crash Bandicoot our boy Spyro had an amazing
trilogy run at the start of his life and as time went on he was
then messed with multiple times ending in tragedy but also like our favorite
marsupial sorry Ty this prepubescent dragon had the dust blown off his
childhood home videos in the form of Spyro reignited a trilogy this remake as
like an same trilogy takes all the original three Spyro games
smashes them down to their bare ones and zeros and then rebuilds each individual
piece into a gorgeous cartoony masterpiece Spyro looks is old happy
self the worlds contain more cinematic environments each carrying their own
unique feel every dragon in the game has been given his own look and personality
which links into the world they inhabit a great little feature that makes the
game feel more alive the controls have been updated for ease of use and you
still have the option to use the old style
unfortunately the tedious minigame levels are still included as well as
that annoying cheetah hunter on the plus side Sergeant James Byrd still had his
guns loaded the only iffy thing with this remake was
the massive and I mean massive install this list wouldn’t be complete without
including this next beautiful game the Shadow of Colossus for PlayStation 4
this is a remake of the original ps2 game and not to be confused with the
remaster which released on the ps3 the game’s assets were completely remade
from the ground up and provide a stunning take on this massive monster
killer obviously improved graphics are accompanied by improvements to overall
performance and an updated controller system it’s true to the original retains
all of the original gameplay features and story so it feels like an exact copy
the fresh coat of paint and is even scaled up to 4k on the ps4 probe due to
this you can once again embark on this emotional journey of scouring cliffs
remote areas and gigantic ancient structures to find these beautiful calm
colossi and poke them full of holes then once you’re done you can cry over and
over in the knowledge that you’ve saved your girl friend but you’re a very very
bad guy the last game on our list is by far
my favorite and is only released earlier this summer Crash Team Racing was my
life as a kid the year it released I was gifted a copy of the game by my friend
and from the moment I received it I never took it out of the PlayStation it was
the ultimate co-op game all players linked to the multi-tap smashing out
race after race these are some of my fondest memories from the original
PlayStation era competing to be the first to beat nitrous oxides time trial
made kids rip out their hair every time they got so close to completing it only
to fail at the last few turns CTR nitro fueled brought all of those memories
back in one massive package totally rebuilt characters levels and the
inclusion of online gameplay grabbed my attention as soon as I heard about it
nitro fueled includes all of the levels and characters from the original Crash
Team Racing as well as content from the other – crash cart racers released in
the past additional characters can be unlocked by a purchase or in the new
Grand Prix events the drop in new content to keep the game feeling fresh
it plays exactly the same as the original although due to the improvement
in graphics it does feel a hell of a lot smoother and there’s also the option for
changing up some HUD features or the difficulty and there we go 7 awesome
video game remakes do you agree with my list are there any other remakes that
you would have put in the list yourself let’s have a chat about your own
thoughts in the comments I know I’d have put medi evil and the Final Fantasy 7
remake in too if this video was made a little later if you enjoyed this list
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  1. What is your favourite Video Game Remake?

    I enjoyed marking this, it brought back memories for games that I’d completely forgotten about (even ones not include). Thanks for watching!

  2. Nice! You should have considered AOE II in your list of remakes though. It's stood the test of time so well, they're remaking it again!

  3. I agreed with the list, except for the 3rd game because I haven't played it before. The Crash N-Sane Trilogy has been fun to watch people play through, and the Resident Evil 2 remake looked fantastic,

  4. I have still yet to get Crash Insane Triology, its def on my want list
    Loved, Loved RE2 remake. It was fantastic, I'll def have to play though it again for October
    Ooo I didn't know about Abes Oddesey remake
    Never got into Metal Gear or Spyro

  5. love your energy throughout the video man! i also really like the background you have setup in your facecam. makes the shot more interesting, good video overall!

  6. You kinda look like Donnie Wahlberg which is awesome cause he’s very nice looking. Don’t know why I’m telling you that. But I did.
    Excellent video

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