6 Worrying Trends That Will RUIN Gaming In 2019
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6 Worrying Trends That Will RUIN Gaming In 2019

September 5, 2019

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  1. that would make preorder……nahhh i wouldnt buy the game at all…its like if you want to have sex , you need to get married first…lol

  2. reasons why mobile games suck:
    1. They are hard to control.
    2. My phone can't run them due to the fact that it is too old.
    3. My phone can't even have it if it was available to it due to it having so little memory.
    4. If my phone had the memory too it would still be 2 fps.
    5. I have 2013 phone maybe I should get a new one.

  3. well, i wouldnt mind playing an old game from my childhood but with improved graphs, maybe with new stuff; i would , however, if they charge me for the price of an all brand new product

  4. I might be going down with the possibly sinking ship that is Overwatch, but I'd rather go down with that than give in to any battle royale game, and that has become a plague on the gaming community where you have to have a battle royale mode to be successful

  5. The only time I ever open the EPIC GAMES launcher anymore is when there is a free game. Though that could be said about any launcher that isn't Steam. I don't even play them, just add it to my account and exit the launcher. The only launcher I keep running consistently is Steam. I rarely ever redeem any game keys that aren't connected to Steam and I try to avoid games that require me using another launcher. Like Uplay, Blizzard, Origin, etc.

  6. … first PlayStation
    Then Xbox
    I LITERALLY can not play over Half my games due to “monthly subscription fee”

  7. Can everyone stop screaming about the collapse of the gaming industry? It's not going to happen. That's like saying movies are soon to be a thing of the past.

  8. If anyone reads this and this is your first ATG video, watch more ATG, ATG is amazing, been watching the triumphant trio since they started these guys need more support and more viewers. Love ya Chris, Jamie, and can’t wait for Jonsey’s return you guys make me laugh and keep me entertained whenever I’m bored never stop never stopping

  9. for preorders, order the game, buy it, DO NOT OPEN IT, wait a few days and check out reviews, if it sux, you can return the game for a full refund.

  10. Don't worry, I've been in the game along time and I know how to dodge these disastrous gaming plans. Furthermore, If, and " IF " indeed, gaming industry fuc* it all up and there was nothing honest and decent to buy, I'll be happy to move on the whole gaming thing, because I got into gaming because of the passion and love of the developers for their games, and if they forgot that love, then I'll forget about it too and stop even thinking about the part of life that is " GAMES ".

    Every game series that fuc*ed us over, ( Note: I never fall for those lying bastards, that's the people's reactions), I fully ignored and left behind :
    1- COD, ( from advanced warfare and up).
    2- Far Cry, ( from FC5 and up).
    3- Battlefield, ( still hoping for a redemption, after BFV).
    4-MGS, ( I love it, but after Konami took over the series, Hell No, that series is over with MGSV).
    5-Assassin's creed, (from Origin and up).
    6- Destiny, (LoL, never fell for it anyway).
    7- Any Online ONLY games, ( Overwatch, titanfall, For Honor, …etc), but Free online games are OK by me, though I don't play them, ( fortnite, Warframe, League of legends, …etc).

    Believe me, there are more, but that what came to my mind just now…

    OMG, I just realized that they really fuc*ed it up, lots of big title companies have destroyed their own games.

    I might an old-fashioned gamer, but I'm sticking to my single player games and the games from the developers who are clearly showing passion and love for their games. Not the " Fuc* you, give me Money " Developers 😐 .

  11. Kinda disagree with the remake one. I know you don’t want to play games you’ve already played but some people have never seen or heard of them or the console is too old to buy so remastering them makes them easier to play. I would’ve never experienced LA Noire without the remastered version.

  12. I haven't pre-ordered any games since I fell into that trap with Mass Effect 3 and Halo 4 back in 2012. All those pre-orders gave me was a few useless pieces of plastic junk and access to a game mode that in all honesty wasn't all that engaging, the only decent thing I got out of it all was a bonus gun in ME3, but even then the M-55 Argus was pretty much useless, heck the default M-8 Avenger was more effective.

  13. My god you are assuming every single nitpicky little thing that possibly could ever happen with something that happened even once. And really you are spending less money on a snes classic than an actual snes and it’s games. It is not manipulative

  14. I like that some game developers are remaking old gen games of the old gen consoles because those games you can no longer buy. Remakes of old gen games that I loved playing as a kid is what I'm looking forward to.

  15. Fools Australia has great wi fi what you think we just go out and resale crocks for fun gaming is a huge thing in Australia

  16. I’m pissed because I’ve literally gotten like 3 game from PS Plus because I already own the ones they offer. I’ve always said that if you own the game you should get a little discount code or something.

  17. As a Chinese gamer, I must make this clear:
    We didn't ask for the censorship. Everyone Chinese gamer HATES those censorship just like you guys do.

  18. Am i the only one who noticed that there are 2 number 5? https://youtu.be/Yxcdnm5BjeU?t=525 and https://youtu.be/Yxcdnm5BjeU?t=645

  19. Hey, please don't say "Chinese people don't like." It's the stupid mother fucking Chinese government and its bureaucrats that don't like these things. I love skulls!

  20. The only shooter my mates play is fort nite and are not used to normal shooters there think it’s weird to be in first person and have 2 weapons

  21. Speak with your wallet 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's fucking hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣 not in America, land of the extra chromosome living pre ordering tards

  22. What about politically correct propaganda? More and more games putting a lot of gays into the game for no reason;

    because of feminists, ladies in games getting uglier or changed totally (Dragon Age 3, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider);

    because of sexism they adding women chars where they shouldn't be by logic (Battlefield V),

    because of racism they trying to sue the games with less or no black peoples on it (Kingdom Come).
    I am not racist or sexist or against any of them, but this illogical actions making me crazy, because peoples who fight with game developers for this issues even not playing games.

  23. making games for the chinese…in the rest of the world. if you're making games for the chinese, DO NOT LET THE REST OF US KNOW. or at the very least make a version the rest of us can accept. of course, anyone making a product the common man can accept these days is liable to get the developer burned at the NPC stake.

  24. Fuck commie China, not the amazing and awesome every day people of China, but the commie infested grind the world under it's corporate wheels China. Yeah those commie need death in a bad way.

  25. Me and my housemates been saying for 2 years if not more that peoples should stop accepting crap from those who makes the games and should finally stand up to them and say; "No! I will not buy that shit!" And actually do it!

  26. what do you mean "will ruin gaming" games have already been ruined. all of the main games these days are just shitty fucking cash grabs god even metro is getting bad reviews.

  27. with all these games going exclusive to certain platforms on PC, i'm just going pirate those games if I want them. I'm not downloading more launchers.

  28. Yeah but it's funny when people don't preorder the game or collectable and get pissed when the store they went through doesn't have anymore

  29. The worst part about this whole competition on the pc market is the fact that the only legitimately good launchers are got.com and Steam. The epic launcher and most others absolutely suck.

  30. The retro console products always puzzled me why they sell out so fast. #1, you can pick up a real classic system for fairly cheap if you want to. #2, if you really wanted to play the games, pretty much all the 16 bit and lower consoles/games are very well emulated for free if one was so inclined(32 bit and up is a little trickier).

    That said, Video game is at a point that people in their 30s thru 50s have plenty of disposable income to spend on reboots of characters they loved as a kid so I'm totally ok with reboots and such. There are enough new IPs being released that I'm not concerned.

  31. -Complains about dead franchises that devs forgotten;
    -Complains about remake games that basically revived their franchises;


  32. I would much rather pay for remakes and remasters that are done well than ANY game that floods itself with micro-transactions

  33. gaming industry : "overpricing their games with inclusion of a pricey season pass, p2w system and paid DLCs for new storyendingwhat-if-scenario"
    Gaming industry : "hmm i wonder why people pirating our games…"

  34. If a game is online multiplayer only I instantly have no desire to buy it.
    Frankly this trend is disgusting and degrading to gaming as an art form and we as Gamers should demand better.

  35. The AlltimeGaming team have just shot a new table top role-playing game! We think you should check it out!


  36. Fortnite doesn’t flood people who don’t buy the battpass with ads for buying it don’t make up shit and do your research!

  37. I disagree about the part on nostalgia. I think it is a shame that old games are not easily (and legally) playable. These remaster/remakes/mini consoles are an opportunity for younger gamers, who didn't have the opportunity to play these old games to play them

  38. Honestly, I don't mind companies catering to my nostalgia. I seriously want an up to date graphical remake of Sonic 1,2,3/Knuckles, and CD all packaged as a single game. I'd pay 60 bucks for something like that easy.

  39. I use to be a huge gamer, I'd spend 10 hours or more a day playing my library of 13 different systems and over 350 games. Also at one point one MW2 was poplar I was ranked 5th in the world across platforms. Half way through 2018 I stoped buying any new games altogether because the companies stoped caring and kept putting out crap. But there is hope and it comes in the form of small companies such as ninedots studio who just released a new game called Outward. The only way for the gaming industry to get better since they won't listen to the gamers, is for small companies to show them up and make something good like back in the day.

  40. About the battle pass part activision puts weapons in the bo4 contraband, however half of the supply stream weapons are shit

  41. You know in fortnite and in apex, some of your rewards from the battle pass are credits which you can use to buy the next seasons battle pass, so you could technicly buy once and have every other battle pass that comes out in the future without needing to spend more money. I much rather the battle pass system over lootboxes in games.

  42. "Nostalgia is a hell of a drug" "I mean, have you tried heroin?"
    I almost choked to death on my green tea XD

  43. I like the idea of remakes simply to introduce a new audience to a long-running series (or to use an excuse to replay games I would probably play again anyway except now I can get trophies for clout lol)

  44. Fortnite good it’s showing other games if they want players they have to lower down their price and so free to play games are awesome cause no ones left out

  45. 4:29 – I can hear the commercial ending now.
    Pre-order Call of Duty to get early access to weapons with triggers. And the bonus DLC: grenades that explode.

  46. If you can afford to pay monthly to stream games you can afford to save up and buy them out right. Stop being stupid.

  47. I preorder any game that I can't wait to play. It takes me back to the days when I bought games but had to wait three years to get a system.

  48. What about MnK-ing? I almost bought one and I’m just a single player offline type gamer but realizing the huge and unintended advantage it would give me to aim with a 10,000 dpi mouse over the forever challenging and partially awkward ps4 right joystick… I feel like it would just make games way way way way way way easier and less fun and challenging if I just headshot all console mobs pouncing toward me in these giant open world 70% speed type games we have now, especially if you consider skills that slow motion or boost damage or crit and headshot damage…. like whomping end game bosses back after they have been whomping you for weeks probably feels fking great but then you realize he will never beat you again and all challenge is gone… why keep playing ?

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