6 Steps When Choosing Arrows For The Hunting Season
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6 Steps When Choosing Arrows For The Hunting Season

August 16, 2019

it’s Reo Wild here from Sportsman’s
Warehouse with a hunting season coming up and it getting real close I want to
give you six quick tips on how to choose a great arrow because I think that’s one
of the parts of a bow hunter setup that is way overlooked we spend tons of money
on cars and vehicles and and campers and everything else to go hunting and on our
tags that I think this is one of the most important parts number one always
know your state regulations whether you can use an expandable broadhead or a
fixed blade that’s a big part of getting yourself started on choosing that arrow
I like to start from the front of the arrow because it affects how the whole
arrow is built leads us to number two choosing the right broad head some
people like an expander some like a fixed blade know how heavy or how big a
cutting diameter you want that’ll affect how it flies how it penetrates lots of
different aspects on choosing the right broad head then you get to the insert
which to me is a big part you can some guys like a little more weight up front
you can do that with a broad head but a lot of guys will go to a little
different broad head and a little heavier insert to make them have more
front of Center which will make the arrow fly a little better in the wind it
just steers it better so that is one big part of that number four is if you
understand how an arrow works when the boat pushes it flexes so the more weight
you have up here the more it makes it flex ardor so find a great size and
spine is number four you want to use something like the Easton chart is a
great starting point but you want to make sure you have enough spine in your
hour to carry whatever point you got out front because you have to steer this
broad head in a good direction five is your fletchings now that you’ve got this
out front whatever it is expand or fixed-blade
your insert however much you’ve got a good arrow you got to have enough to
control it it’s like the wings on an airplane if you don’t have enough out
there it’s not gonna control it enough and it’s just gonna not be as lethal or
as good a combination and last but not least one of the most important parts I
think is your nock how it fits on your string is super important the throw it
inside here needs to fit on your serving really well if it’s too tight it’ll
affect how it comes off it will be a little hang up a little bit sometimes
and make your arrows not fly as good or if it’s too loose it can turn right here
and it’ll start to broad head or the fletchings in a different position every
time which will affect in your accuracy and
how lethal your setup is once you get these six points down you’ve come up
with a lethal combination and you should have good success good luck and have a
great season

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