5 Turkey Hunting Tips | Archery Lessons
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5 Turkey Hunting Tips | Archery Lessons

August 15, 2019

For turkey hunting, considered small game
hunting, turkey hunting is a lot of fun. It’s an early season. You get out there and there is special equipment
that you use for turkey. They have special turkey heads on the arrows. One head is called a guillotine which is a
very wide broad head that when you shot it, it actually chops off the turkey’s head. Of course, you have to be a pretty good shot
to go after turkey because turkey aren’t only a very elusive bird but they are also a very
aware bird. They have terrific eyesight so you have to
know that you’re concealed from them in any way you can conceal yourself. Also, a big part of turkey hunting is calling
the turkey in. Again, another thing that you need to know
about any kind of bow hunting is getting the animal to come as close to you as possible. So there are all kinds of turkey calls on
the market. There are scrapes. There are chucks and clucks and all kind of
things you can use in order to bring that turkey in closer to you. When you take your shot, you’ve got to know
that you better have done your practice because when you take your shot at a very small target
like a turkey, you have to be very accurate. See, turkey is mostly feathers. The body of a turkey is in-cased within the
feathers so you have to know where to shoot and the size of a turkey is very small in
comparison that you have to hit the target on the button. The best way to kill a turkey of course is
to use the guillotine and chop the head off. That’s even a smaller target than the body
itself. So practice before you go hunting with a turkey
and practice your turkey calls. That’s just as important as your shooting

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