5 Tips for Accurate Shooting | Archery Lessons
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5 Tips for Accurate Shooting | Archery Lessons

August 18, 2019

The answer is very simple. It’s simply practice. There’s no substitute for practice. You’ll find that there’s no way that you can
cheat in archery. Practice, practice practice. The whole secret of archery is being consistent. The word accuracy does not apply to the bow,
it applies to the person. The person shooting the bow becomes accurate. A bow is always accurate. It has no variation. A person has variation. In order to become accurate, you have to practice. Consistency is the answer. To start off with your archery experience,
do not by any means, move too far away from the target. The further you move away from the target,
the less apt you are to hit the target. Start close. Five yards would be a good starting distance
from the target. As you improve, as your accuracy improves,
then you can move back gradually. Even five yards at a time would be a limit
to move back until at each distance, you achieve the accuracy that you want. Eventually you’ll move back to the distance
that you want to shoot. In archery, you can actually move back to
100 yards from the target. That is a legitimate Olympic distance that
you would be required to shoot at if you were going into that type of shooting. Start from five yards. Always be consistent.

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  1. i actually watch these videos to learn tecniques at archery and yes i am an.. "archer" and brazillian so yeah… if you don't like, ignore. the end.

  2. bows are not always accurate, especially if you run it over in the driveway and it gets bent up and shaped like a horse shoe

  3. Only 3 tips given and they were practice, get consistent, start from 5 yards away from the target and gradually move back. Not very helpful.

  4. Ack, aiming like that scares me, someone is going to lose an eye! and when did the olympics become 100 yards? Isn't it 70 METERS?

  5. This is the 3rd video from you that I've watched…. and still I know nothing more about Archery than before I watched the first one. What you did was put out videos of you mumbling the same things over and over again ….and you didn't actually get into ANY of the actual mechanics of Archery that I was looking for….i.e. how to hold the string, proper release, putting the arrow on the knock, how to actually aim… I could go on, but you get the point.

  6. if the only thing you can do is practice that means you are supposed to learn by trial and error so this vid shouldnt exist because everyone is different so tips dont apply to really anyone

  7. Good at shooting, beautiful and patient. She is great so far. Or was I describing his under-carraige? ;)

  8. The girl thinking is like what am i standing here for… oh yh, so no one listens and look at my hair and eyes.

  9. Any tips for how to deal with nerves at a tournament? I shot a 292 out of 300 at my last tournament, and I am hoping to be able to handle my nerves better. That way I would shake less and be able to focus more on every one of my shots.

  10. I would have loved to hear something from her lips seeing as how she is the one actually doing the shooting! I learned absolutely zero from this video

  11. Bought for my 11-year-old daughter. She loves it.>>>ur2.pl/936     Ready to shoot right out of the package, but we reduced the draw by backing off on the limb bolts 1 turn, equal to a reduction of about 1.5 lbs draw weight (instructions provided in owner's manual). Made a big difference. Nice package with bow, quiver, 5 aluminum arrows, and arm guard. Allen wrench for adjusting draw also included in package. Highly recommend this kit for young shooters.

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