5 Game Dewasa Android yang Bikin “Gregetan”
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5 Game Dewasa Android yang Bikin “Gregetan”

September 7, 2019

Your brain must be thinking dirty thoughts now That’s nothing compared to the recommendation of 5 Adult Games, Jalan Tikus Version! But before, allow me to replace Mbak JT who’s going to college abroad Okay, let’s start! The name of the first game is Jones: Jomblo is Happiness Are you ‘jomblo’ (single)? Don’t be sad! Show everyone that even though you’re ‘jomblo’ you can still be happy! By playing this simulation game, you will live the life of a high school student You can manage your own finance Social life, health, and maaaaaybe you can also get a partner here Every decision you make will have an impact on your destiny in this game So be careful in making a decision If you want to play this game, you can download in PlayStore by paying Rp 9000,-! The second one is called Kick The Buddy Are you stressed out or pissed off? Well, this game is what you need to vent out your anger In this game, there is a toy character that you can hit Shoot, blow up, do everything your psychopathic little brain imagines It’s a bit cruel Which is why this game is categorized as an adult game But, remember, this is only a game Don’t vent out your anger this way in real life! The third game is HAGO Surely you know this game, right? HAGO is not your average game app Because other than laying games You can socialize by battling and chatting online with other gamers In HAGO, you will always be paired up with gamers of the opposite sex So other than playing games, who knows you can also meet The One here? Other than being a combination of game app and social app Another advantage of this game is the high number of games you can play! Next up is PUBG Mobile This game that’s been installed more than 100 million times is a battle royale-type game that’s super popular everywhere The concept of this game is similar to Hunger Games You’re sent to an island to survive and kill one another The last person standing will be the winner To survive, you have to find weapons to kill your enemies But for those of you who are still underage, don’t even think about downloading it. Because this game is high on the violence content. The fifth is Mobile Legends The fifth is Mobile Legends Well, guys, Mobile Legends is a game that requires you to spend money so you can buy skin That’s why this game is an adult game, because you have to buy skin at a price that’s relatively expensive Besides that, this game has characters that are supposedly not good to show to underage children Those characters are, among others, Laila, Kagura, Natalia and the likes But that’s all based on the skin that’s used So those are recommended adult games from Jalan Tikus Did you think it was going to be dirty?! Try not to think about dirty things, guys Especially for those of you who are still underage Okay, I’m taking my leave now! See you in the next JalanTikus video Bye!

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  1. Huss huss…… Minggir bocah….. Udah Denger sendiri kan Mobile legend Game dewasa HUSSS HUSSS….. Pergilah gak usah merusak Bintang orang push rank !

  2. Gw maen pubg mobile
    RANK:klo gk diamond1 klo gk crown5 soalnya gw masih diamond 1 mau push rank ke crown
    Korban terbanyak:24
    NICK: upil'naruto (kecil semua)

  3. Free fire juga game dewasa susah di tamatin lagi balum ambil senjata udah Di keroyok musuh lalu gw pernah main lalu gw sendiri doangk! Kalah di keroyok musuh!

  4. Bodoh amat saya tetap main semua game ini haaaaaaa saya gak peduli di kasih tau pokoknya saya tetap maiinin haaaaaaaaaa

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