5 Free otome games on Steam ?
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5 Free otome games on Steam ?

November 18, 2019

1. Tailor Tales… Play as an aspiring fashion designer with your own boutique and experience a heart pounding romance. 2. The Sibling Experiment… Even though their personalities vastly differ Jasmine and TJ share the same sentiment: their brother is insufferable. So when a cryptic ad pops up on their computer screens guaranteeing to switch their siblings with other people, Jasmine and TJ promptly sign up only to find themselves waking up in total different lives one day! 3. The Last Weekend… Young boys and girls in a lake hotel, miles from nowhere. Guys don’t mind getting a peep of girls in the shower or watch some sexy pictures of their girlfriends on the Internet. 4. Echoes of the Fey Episode 0… Imagine being the only survivor of an explosion that kills thousands of people. That is the fate of Sofya Rykov. And survival is just the beginning of her tale. 5. Red Spider… Yvet grew up as an orphan on the Mainland, was taken in by a crime syndicate when she was young and trained as an assassin. She killed many people but had her reasons for breaking out of that group. She escaped and is introduced to the leader of the Red Flower Society, an underworld mob that operate in Hong Kong.

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