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5 Bow Hunting Tips | Archery Lessons

August 14, 2019

Hunting with a bow creates a whole different
concept than hunting with a gun. Those are the only two kinds of hunting that I know
of. Hunting with a gun is going out into the woods, seeing an animal, and using your gun
to shoot it. It gives you a longer range of shooting because a gun has more of a longer
range. You use other things on a gun that you can’t use on a bow like telescopic lenses
and things like that. Bow hunting brings you a little bit closer
to the animal. It’s relatively accepted that, in bow hunting, the average kill distance
is about fifteen to twenty yards. Fifteen to twenty yards with a gun is exceptionally
close. So, with a bow the concept is to get in close. You’re doing the hunting. You’re
not waiting for the animal to come to you so much, but you’re setting yourself up in
a position that, when you do see an animal, you are number one, close enough to it, and
number two, you are relatively sure of what you’re going to do with the bow. There is no doubt involved with bow hunting.
You have to be positive that you know what you’re doing. Because you only get one shot.
That’s it. With bow hunting you have to learn the animal. You have to learn, almost know,
what the animal is thinking. You have to learn their habits in order to get in close. And
I’m going to keep using that expression, because with a bow you don’t have the ability to shoot
long shots. Then, of course, there’s a lot of practice
that’s involved in bow hunting that you really don’t need a lot of with a gun. So we’re making
it a comparison between the two types of hunting. You’ve got to practice with a bow to a point
at which you can hit an eighteen inch pie plate every single time you shoot at any distance.
If you can’t hit an eighteen inch pie plate then you shouldn’t be shooting at that distance.
You should be closer. A gun has a lot of knockdown power. You can
shoot an animal almost anywhere on the body and knock it down with a gun because that’s
what a bullet is made for. But with an arrow it’s not the knock down power it’s the cutting
power. A lot of times when you shoot an animal with a bow the arrow actually goes through
the animal and the animal doesn’t even know that it’s been hit. So, basically you have
to know what the animal’s reaction is going to be. You have to know what the animal is
going to do before you take the shot as well as after you take the shot.

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  1. At a training when the guy says, "ok let's see if you are really as good as you say you are" "Try and hit the smallest target over here". Dumbass turns around shoots him in the chest and says: "am I good enough"? XD

  2. Do you know the difference between a Gun and a Rifle!…. Obviously not!
    Listening to all your dribble …. Really You know F&*K all about hunting!!
    Cant you see that chik just wants to pull her bow back then wack you with it.

  3. The animals I've hunted recently & quite literally tore holes in the poor beast, with .308 or .338 or .300 win. would disagree. & It can be done with a bow as well.. check out this example of knockdown power.. with a bow


  4. If I shoot a deer in the hindquarters with a .308, it's bad shot, and the deer may indeed die at some point, but probably hours later, after bleeding slowly to death, after running miles away. You need to make a clean shot when hunting to kill an animal quickly (and humanely), unless you're using, say, an anti tank rifle.

  5. very rarely will I have an animal live more than 20mins, I do not trophy hunt so I dont mind getting close for the kill shot. the last thing i want is or an animal to suffer needlessly. So I never make a first shot unless I know I will the "The Brisket" shot as my grandfather referred to it as. & have never shot game with anything larger than the .338 . placement is everything.

  6. no learn to listen, he said a lot of times the arrow goes straight through the animal and the animal doesn't know its been hit. If you have ever hunted you would know this as they just stand around like morons cause they don't know they were hit.

  7. I also hunt with a spear, a slingshot, an atlatl, and even occasionally with a nice throwing rock. Well, there you go Al, now you've heard of six types of hunting.

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