5 Awesome Gaming Chairs Worth Your Consideration
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5 Awesome Gaming Chairs Worth Your Consideration

August 23, 2019

how’s it going YouTube glad to see you guys back here once again on tech of tomorrow now before I jump into the video I just want to state something very clearly the chairs that we’re gonna be looking at today all have the name gaming attached to them but to be quite honest with you I don’t really think there’s anything that’s truly a gaming chair it’s just a name they throw on things I feel to get a little bit of extra money you know like gaming snacks gaming this gaming that we’ve talked about this in other videos but in honesty when somebody says it’s a gaming chair pretty much I think it just means it’s the chair that you’re gonna be able to sit in a long time without being discomforted and being able to enjoy the chair while you’re gaming now today we’re gonna bring you five different chairs now they range all the way up from one hundred and sixty nine dollars from the one that I’m sitting in now all the way up to four hundred dollars so there’s a quite a bit of variance in these different chairs and the things that really separate these chairs is the quality of the build how much weight the chair can it can take in it and things like that especially like the stitching the parts that are made in it the more you go up and the better these chairs are made the more that you’re going to see the prices increase and some of these chairs though are actually very nice and as we jump in and talk about them I’ll tell you why I like the certain chairs and there’s certain prices so with that said though let’s jump in and let’s check out the first chair that I’m sitting in that’s only a hundred and sixty nine bucks for one hundred and sixty-nine dollars I have to say that the Langmuir computer gaming chair is a pretty good deal it features a high back design with a well padded headrest backrest seat and armrests it also features a pullout and flip-over footrest and a lumbar cushion now one thing I do want to mention the footrest is kind of cool but the caveat that I have with it is it just doesn’t go very far out honestly my feet kind of dangle over the edge now if you’re a really short person this wouldn’t really matter but I’m a 235 pounds 6 feet and for me my feet kind of hang over the edges and that to me is just a little bit of something that I wish was better designed one important aspect about any chair that I’m sitting in is that the armrests are very comfortable sometimes they’re like too hard sometimes they are too soft and sometimes they’re just right in the middle and perfect and these ones are very very nice the armrest can also be adjusted up and down but I wish it could be adjusted just a little bit higher that would be best for me but there are two buttons to do this and it’s very easy to do now another thing about this chair is it’ll support pretty big guys up to 265 pounds what this chair can handle and you guys saw in the beginning of the video me and buddies sitting in the chair all together that’s about 250 pounds of weight and the chair didn’t feel at all like it was going to fall over or anything like that the overall build quality the langree is pretty good especially for something that’s only a hundred and sixty nine dollars now all the pseudo leather features a single stitch design if you don’t know what that means it means that they use a single stitch to connect all the pieces together some of the higher-end chairs feature double stitching and a little bit better quality stuff now this chairs made of pseudo leather it’s made of plastic and it’s made of metal now even though it’s not the most totally highest quality that you can get as far as the build goes it’s still very very nice like I said this chair is under $200 some of the other chairs are much more in fact I have some chairs that are coming in that are gaming chairs that are actually a thousand dollars and that’s just totally insane but overall what I feel is the most important thing of all beyond the design and all that is the comfort level of the chair now because of the footrest if you wanted to use this chair to like kick back in your living room for like a lounge chair you could totally do that or even have it in your back yard and kick back and firm the barbecue it’ll do all those things just because they say it’s a gaming chair I don’t necessarily think that you would even have to buy it strictly for gaming because of the comfort level of the chair even if you are just working at your desk sitting typing all day long and doing that kind of stuff it’s pretty comfortable like I said there are a few cabinets about this chair that I wish were better first of all being like I said the footrest I really wish it would pull out a little bit more I wish these armrests would pull up a little bit higher so I could have my arms a little bit more level doesn’t quite do that perfectly for what I want to do but sitting in it is very comfortable I get no discomfort on my back the lumbar support is actually very nice some of the parts and the stuff like it kind of moves around a little bit like you know I’m talking about like some chairs and you put them together they feel completely solid like you can’t move anything I’m on it and they’re very very kind of stiff this chair isn’t very stiff the the arms kind of move around a little bit loosely and I mean to me that could be a little bit better but if you’re looking for a chair that’s not going to break the bank is totally comfort and will still bring you plenty of hours in front of your computer gaming without discomfort the Langham might just be something that you want to check out I mean you can go to Office Depot and Costco and you can get chairs there for around a hundred dollars now these particular chairs they’re not going to be built very well you could probably save yourself 69 bucks but the design the implementation the comfort everything about this chair I feel for one hundred and sixty-nine dollars is a great deal now the next chair in today’s lineup it’s a very nice chair it’s actually about a hundred and ten dollars more than the first chair we looked at coming in the market at about two hundred and seventy nine dollars but it can also take people up to three hundred pounds in the chair and has a lot of design features which I feel make it a very quality chair for the price range first of all all the material in this particular chair is very nice it does feature double stitching all the way around the materials are very soft and very nice the armrests are completely adjustable and one thing I really like about them is that you can adjust them up to the total height that I like which means that I’m sitting at my desk I have my arms on my armrest and I can type and everything else without my arms feeling like they’re falling off the side or anything else like that the ability to recline your chair from ninety two hundred and thirty five degrees is pretty nice especially if you’re one of those people who gets lazy and just wants to put their chair back and take a quick nap now there’s also a head and lumbar support pillows the support pillow that goes behind my back is actually very comfortable so if you’re a person who suffers from a bad back and sitting in a chair that doesn’t have that is gonna hurt you well you’ll be very satisfied with this chairs lumbar support it feels really good on my back now the head pillow itself I mean I’m not really too much of into a head pillow but if I was going to lay back in my chair and rest it would be something that’s really cool and like I said the armrests are 3d adjustable arm rests and they can adjust it pretty much any way you want them to they move left and right up and down a lot of flexibility as far as that goes the s-300 also features a steel frame a 5-star nylon base the upholstery is made of cold foam and the cover and the pillows are all made of fabric which is really nice and soft to the touch now the nylon and Paul urethane casters on this chair are also very nice so if you’re like have thick carpet and you’re trying to move around and slide across the carpet it’ll do that without any problem I don’t know if you guys have ever got a chair before where you’re trying to scoot forward or whatever and the chair gets like locked on the ground you almost go falling on your face you don’t have to worry about that whatsoever on the s-300 and the comfort level is very nice I have to say that for the price on this chair if I wanted something that was not going to be entry level but not going to break the bank the s-300 fits right in that perfect middle spot honestly the s-300 even though it’s kind of like right in the middle of the road as far as pricing goes it does have a lot of the same features that higher end chairs have one thing double stitching we talked about the first journal not having single stitching well double stitching actually make sure that all the material that’s sewn together stays sewn together with single stitching if you get a rip or a tear obviously probably that tear and rip is going to just keep opening up and opening up and opening up until you have a chair with a bunch of hanging pieces off it when you have double stitching it makes the chair so it’s gonna last a lot longer but you have having two times as much strength in that makes it so that you’re the rips and chairs that you see in chairs will not happen for quite a long time and really as far as comfort goes this chair is really nice now some of the other chairs we’re gonna take a look at even though they might have a little bit of better features and stuff some of them tend to be a little bit stiff and this kind of like the three bears is kind of right in the middle not everybody likes the exact same color so it’s a really good thing that the s-300 series has a lot of different choice as far as colors go so whether you’re Nvidia fan and AMD fan I’m sure there’s a color they’ll suit your need okay so next up we have the anda dark demon series gaming chair dunt dunt uh yeah dark demon gaming chair kind of scary right Lou you don’t want to get it for a little kick as they might freak out and say oh my god I don’t want to sit in that chair it amen it’s a picnic no I’m just joking around but this chair comes to market at $399 in fact this chair and the next to that we’re gonna be looking at are all $399 they’re more on the upper echelon of pricing goes but this chair is very very well made so you might be thinking yourself oh my god this chair costs 400 bucks but let’s put it this way if you went to Costco or Home Depot none of these places out there Office Depot and you buy an office chair there and you’re only going to want to spend a couple of hundred bucks those chairs probably won’t really last that long this particular type of chair and the other two we’re going to look at are going to last for years and years and years when we get to the last chair I’ll tell you why I really like the way that these chairs are now the entity complete double stitching over everything all of the backrest and everything is completely ribbed for comfort kind of sounds funny right kind of like a Trojan condom it’s ribbed for comfort good Nell but sorry but it’s very very nice the lumbar support on this is also very very nice and and the headrest on most of the chairs I have to like totally like lean back completely to get the headrest to work as soon as you sit in this chair and you settle back it’s very very comforting now the armrests they’re pretty well adjustable they’re a little bit stiff for my liking I prefer them to a little bit softer and I really wish that they went forward more because as they are right now they don’t go very far forward so if there was gonna be really a caveat for me it would be that the armrests should be able to slide a little bit forward and maybe be a little bit longer if I was gonna be saying hey I’m trying to design the perfect chair as far as the materials used in the dark demon series the frame construction is made of nice quality steel now the chair cover material they call it a PVC plus carbon look vinyl now I don’t know how this is really going to go over in the summer time because I haven’t sat in the summertime but it seems like it’s possible that with this type of material you might get a little bit sweaty I don’t know for sure yet but just being that it’s made of vinyl vinyl is traditionally known to you know get you a little bit sweaty now you can adjust the back angle to 160 degrees it features a 5 star aluminum base and like I said earlier all the government features a double stitch which means it’s not gonna tear up and rip anytime soon another thing that’s really nice about this chair is if you’re a big guy it’ll take up to a three hundred and thirty pound person so that’s pretty good I mean if you’re a big guy you don’t want to sit in a chair and have it fall over or break on you that could actually end up injuring you and be pretty scary so if you’re wondering hey why be able to sit in this thing and break it well as hey as long as you’re under three hundred and thirty pounds you should be good to go now the dark demon it also touts that it has an adjustable headrest now how really adjustable this is and I’d have to say that’s kind of you know kind of in your own opinion it’s not really that adjustable sure you can move it up and down but it’s not really that adjustable all the recline in Haifa justments of the dark demon are located in the right hand side and the controls are very well made it’s not you’re gonna go and use them and they’re gonna bend or break off and that’s something that I like in a chair because when you’re doing a lot of adjustment on a chair you don’t want those parts to fail on you whatsoever some things however that I think that you will really like however is that the metal frame of the chair has a lifetime warranty so ever in the time that you own this chair any of the metal piece in the chair get bent or broken you’ll be able to turn your chair in and get a brand new one and the standard warranty just for the outside of the chair is six years so even though you’re gonna be paying 399 you’ll be able to use that chair with that any worry for six years and within six years if that chair lasts that long that is a really good deal this chair is really really well made the base is very very solid like the chair that we talked about before sliding across carpet and doing stuff like that is absolutely no problem there’s no unbalancing in the chair so if you’re gonna move forward and move backwards you’re not gonna have any problems like that I mean I’ve honestly had a chair before that I got where I sat in the chair and I went to go move forward and I’d literally almost flipped on my face because the design of the chair was not well balanced this chair doesn’t suffer from that whatsoever like I said before though the only thing about this chair that I’m really not completely thrilled about is the armrests I wish they were a little longer and a little bit more adjustable but beyond that for a price tag of 399 with a six year warranty and all the external and the metal parts being a lifetime warranty that’s really hard to beat okay next up we have the Corsair t2 road warrior t2 Road wear so are we doing Terminator or are we doing road war I have to say the naming convention on this chair is pretty crazy now this particular chair I have to say I’ve been using for the last few months at my desk so where I’m actually sitting is where this chair usually is and this chair is actually very nice now throughout the entire chair is a steel skeleton this helps to reinforce the chair and make sure that’s gonna have a solid solid lifespan and not break on you and another thing about this particular chair is that this chair is actually covered in real leather that’s right real leather not pseudo leather nothing else they call it a PVC type leather but it’s very very nice to the touch and when I’m sitting it I don’t find that I’m sweating in it or feeling cold it pretty much just matches my body temperature it also features complete double stitched design a 5 star base I mean this chair honestly is one of the most comfortable chairs that I’ve ever sit in and something a little bit different about the road warrior is the adjustable armrest and all the other chairs that we looked at they all said they had a 3d design well this one has a 4d design up down left right front back and swivel one thing that you’ll also notice that the armrests looked more like carbon fiber than any other chair that we’re going to look at today but just like the other chair the answer that we saw before it I honestly wish that the armrests went a little bit more forward than they do because as it is even though it’s pretty comfortable for me my elbows are really right on the edge so if I really want to chill out and like lay my arms down I’d have to sit completely back in the chair to do that and that’s something that I kind of find to be a caveat in a lot of the chairs in the market period so it’s not just a fault of course there it’s pretty much a fault of almost all the chairs out there I rarely see a chair where I get the armrest and I’m like oh my god this is absolutely perfect for me I mean it works well and all but in my particular taste like I said before I really wish that I’d be able to move them forward just a little bit another thing that I really find nice about the Corsair road warrior are the lumbar pillow and the neck pelo you don’t get any kind of vinyl or leather or anything like that in fact the pillows themselves are kind of like a plush pillow they’re very soft and nice to the touch and they offer superior comfort especially if you’re sitting in your chair for long hours of time another thing very similar to the and a chair is that all the adjustments for doing your recline and all that are all located on the right hand side and they’re very easy to access now you can recline this chair from ninety to 170 degrees and it can take up to a 300-pound person in the chair without having any kind of problems whatsoever one thing that I really have to mention this probably speaks volumes is you guys can see I have a lot of gaming chairs floating around inside of my house which means that I could choose any one of these chairs to sit in all day long and the fact that I chose the t2 road warrior to be my personal chair that to me says quite a bit and out of all these chairs that were looking at today I have to say that this is my favorite now the next chair we’re gonna be looking at is a vertigo chair it has some really nice things and is very very close but just at the end of the day when it came between you know Jesus using this chair or Jesus using the other chair we looked at the two chairs and this one ended up being the one that I chose to use just because of all the overall features it’s not too stiff it’s not too you know flimsy to me it’s very very much right in the middle of the road I sit in this chair for hours and hours and hours all day long every day looking at the internet doing my videos and just you know generally just sitting in the thing doing my stuff at my computer and I never have any discomfort whatsoever the lumbar support is very very nice it doesn’t protrude you know too much in your back where you feel like you’re sitting your chair you know somebody’s pushing you forward and the headrest also you can sit back in it and it’s very very comfortable and the fact that it’s made of this is a really really duper SuperDuper soft material can I tear this thing up here probably not but but the fact that this is really really SuperDuper soft and plushy it’s really really nice to feel so looks like if you were sitting in your chair without your shirt on or whatever you’d really notice that comfort level and Plus let’s just face it leather breeze we all know that vinyl polyurethane PU leather all that kind of different kind of stuff it honestly creates sweat and discomfort that’s just how I feel and leather doesn’t do this I mean there’s a reason why leather couches cost a friggin fortune now the only caveat about this chair be to about this other than the armrest is this chair only has a two year warranty but with all the double stitching of the material and all that stuff I’m sure it’s going to last much longer than two years but I guess they just wanted to keep everything within the safe zone because everything about this chair from its steel frame from its design to the leather to the double stitching everything about this chair just totally speaks hey I’m a quality chair now like I said before the word gaming is just pretty much you know a catchphrase but this chair for me is a chair that’s just overall great for sitting at your desk and working at for long hours of time okay now last but not least is the Vertigo PL 6000 series gaming chair and I have to say that of all the chairs that we’ve looked at today no offense to Coursera or anything but this chair is absolutely the best made out of them all not only does it have double stitching it has triple stitching in some areas it also features complete leather but you’re sitting in so it’s very very comfortable once again we have those 4d adjustable armrests they go up down left and right however you want them to go and one thing that’s cool about the recline this is it’ll go completely flat which means completely vertical and the chair doesn’t fall over whatsoever and if you’re a big guy this is definitely the chair that you want to be taking a look at and I’m dead serious about this this chair will take up to a 440 pound person the actual base that you sit in and everything like the area inside of here is much wider than all the rest of the chairs so if you’re a big guy and you’re heavy and you know you have a little bit of girth you’ll be able to sit down right in this chair and you won’t have any discomfort whatsoever now Jesus our cameraman he’s kind of a big guy and he tends to go through chairs pretty quickly we got this chair about six months ago and there’s virtually no damage to it whatsoever it looks just like brand-new like the day that we got it now the last sure I got him admittedly it was only a hundred dollar job or that I got from Costco but he literally went through that chair in a cup of months all of the material started ripping up all the armrests all the material on it was completely ripped up within six months time that chair was a complete piece of this chair whoever even after six months looks brand new like the day that we got it now like all the other chairs that we’ve looked at today this chair does feature a solid steel frame throughout the entire design and the base on this chair and honestly the wheels I feel are truly exceptional they run across the carpet the floor ain’t niche you want to do with complete comfort and ease and they’re so well made that don’t think you have to ever worry about this chair breaking on you honestly so if you’re a big guy out there and you’re looking for a chair that you know you’re gonna be able to sit in comfortably and it’s not gonna break apart on you this is definitely the chair you want to be looking at plus the fact that it’s made of complete leather is very very nice I know some people you know will want to pay less money and get that leather stuff but let me excuse me get that pseudo leather stuff but this PBC leather is very very nice I don’t sweat in it I don’t get hot in it and it’s honestly for me a preferable material some other nice things about this chair is the lumbar support is very very nice it’s SuperDuper solid on your back so if you’re a person who suffered some kind of back problems and a lot of chairs make you uncomfortable you won’t have to worry about that whatsoever with the pl 6000 it’s really made for comfort and the headrest is also very nice like I said a lot of the chairs you got a complete legs you know sink yourself back into the chair for the headrest to work this isn’t like that whatsoever even when you’re just casually sitting in the chair the headrest is right back there and you can adjust it down a little bit more if you want to so you have even more comfort just depending on what your comfort style is now like all the other chairs that we saw these top pins when this chair is also $399 but the one thing I just really want to stress overall is that of all these chairs if you’re a really big guy you’re definitely going to want to look at the pl 6,000 to me it’s the absolute best chair for any big guy out there and the fact that you can recline the chair completely to a vertical angle and fall asleep in it with Abner falling over on your ass and cracking your skull open is a thumbs up around here Jesus really loves this chair I’m sure that if he wasn’t working here he’d want to stick it on his back and take it home with him because he likes it that much and that says a lot because most of their chairs in the past he’s got him and just been like yeah but this morning when I said hey before we do this video man what do you really think about this chair and he got a big ol shit-eating grin said man I love this chair and that really just to me says a lot because like I said he’s gone through chairs you know really quickly and after six months you guys can see this chair still totally looks brand-new so the Vertigo repeal 6,000 it features a great design great comfort can take big people in without any problem having this extra width like inside your sitting area is also very important and please don’t take this offense anybody out there but if you’re a guy who has a thyroid problem whatever you’ve got like a really big gut and stuff you really don’t want your gut and stuff hanging over being pushed in on the sides making you feel like you’re being squished in like a can of sardines and with this chair you don’t have to worry about that whatsoever so for big guys honestly take a look at this chair now like usual all the information for every one of these chairs will be down below or you get a hit as more info we’ll have the links to all these different chairs because I know some people want even more information than I provided today I just don’t want to get too anal with a chair video and have you guys they’re going to okay Elric yeah okay no I try to make the videos to give you as much information as possible but in a nice quick time that doesn’t bore you to tears so I hope this video didn’t bore you to tears like I said down below hit that more info button you can check out all the various links these chairs start off at 169 to 279 to the last three at 399 and the choices are up to you I’m Mel Eric you guys been watching Tekken tomorrow we appreciate you being here now it’s time to go edit this bad boy see ya

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  37. The Anda seat gaming chair is Very comfortable, super adjustable, great quality faux leather, immaculate upholstery & stitching, awesome for gaming.

  38. If you're reading this in 2019:

    I had a Corsair T1 and a Corsair T2 in my office. The T1 was significantly more comfortable, I found the T2 to be incredibly hard/firm to the point of being unpleasant. The T2 really is designed for a taller person. I am 5'7 and the T1 is much better suited. The neck pillow actually sits at my neck, whereas with the T2 it is at the back of my head. Definitely try these chairs before you buy.

    My 2 cents Corsair T1 is the best seat I have owned (T2 not so much).

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