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4 Longbow Archery Shooting Tips | Archery Lessons

August 12, 2019

With a longbow, a longbow versus a re-curve
bow, a re-curve traditional bow is basically the same as a longbow. The only difference is, again, that this has
a re-curve to the limb, where a longbow has a straight limb. It’s not much of a difference, but a lot of
people like to think that they are distinctively different bows and in some ways, they are
because a longbow is shot a little bit different than a re-curve. The way you hold a longbow, because a longbow
is shot off of the shelf and does not have an arrow hook or an arrow rest on it, a long
bow has to be held at a 45 degree angle, so that the arrow actually sits in the shelf
and it cradles in the V of the shelf. So the longbow is always held at a 45 degree
angle. When you pull a longbow back into your anchoring
position, that remains basically the same as a re-curve. You pull it back and you anchor it somewhere
on your face, whether it be your cheek, your mouth, your chin. Whether you put your fingers right underneath
the arrow or down below the arrow determines where the arrow will hit at different distances. But the way it basically looks is that when
you pull back a longbow at a 45 degree angle, you simply pull it back and anchor it. You pull it back and anchor it. And then, using the tip of the arrow to aim
with, you shoot. And basically, that’s the only difference.

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  1. when will these two shoot an arrow from those bows? I see two bows, and that slag has a quiver full of arrows. just shoot one at the target already! zzzzzzzzzzzzzBORINGzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. What a contrast. Such a nice, hot and gorgeous girl like that side by side with this ugly guy. Makes very difficult to keep attention or interest in what he said, even when archery is one of my passions.

  3. this guy is retarded. 45 degree angle has he ever shot or hunted with a longbow. i never use a 45 degree angle what a dumbass.

  4. Um. Don't use the tip if the arrow to aim. Instinctive shooting does not require " space" shooting and you don't " aim" per say.

  5. There is two differences you can Aim Instinctively too, the tip of the arrow will not make it to the target unless you position the arrow straight in front of your eye lol. Unless your pulling a 10# bow then you can lift it up and look at it from EYE LEVEL. lol

  6. And how about draw weight?

    The average longbow haves a draw weight around 80lbs. Because of this draw weight, you have to use a totally different way of drawing the bow.

  7. a longbow does not have to be held at a 45 degree angle… lol I shoot off my hand and even I dont have it bent that much.

  8. Fire a longbow canted at a 45 degree angle?

    Uh…no. They can be fired vertical. And that hook-like arrow rest is not a necessary component for the recurve bow.

  9. Indeed I've shot my grandmothers old girl scout bow sense I was 10, mind you the bow has been in the family for 60+ years when he said 45 degrees I was like huh….. wtf wrong

  10. If you canted your longbow at 45 degrees at one of our shoots our coach would ask if you would like to book up some lessons. Comparing recurve to longbow shooting is like comparing fly fishing for trout to marlin fishing

  11. Technically that isn't a longbow, a longbow always has a D form, people call it a longbow but it's rather an American longbow or just a flatbow.

  12. drawing a longbow at a 45 degree angle will cause you to twist the string a little causing a very bad release. to tilt the bow, you do not tilt by using your wrist. you tilt the bow by keeping arms and head in right position and just bend the top half of your body. like taking a bow. thats what an instinctive archer does. watch GRAY archers vids. hes good

  13. I bet everyone here stared at the hot young lady and had to watch the video a few times to hear what he was even saying. He may be wrong but damn is she hot!

  14. As a long bow shooter, you do not need to have a shelf or hold the bow at a 45 degree angle. There's just a proportion of archers that shoot like that. What about Victorian based shooters? Warbow?? I use my hand as their version of a "shelf". Plus if long bow archers want to shoot with their eyes closed they probably could. Most of the aiming is done with legs and body position and has little to do with where you're looking, I mean think of long bow speed shooting, if they needed to adjust to look per arrow, it just wouldn't be feasible……

  15. Not Cool, not the truth about flatbow shooting! What a crab! sorry but this is not a real instructional video.

  16. "straight limb" smff  its obviously a single curve
    45 degree angle smffff its not 45, thatd be too hard to shoot
    cheek, mouth, or your chin smfff its always under your chin
    1:47 your going to need a cheek guard if you anchor like that
    and that womans like: oh gawd, i dont want to be anywhere near this guy

  17. There is an important difference and he seems oblivious to it: a recurve has a certain draw length beyond which it quickly gets very hard to open it up any further (so a recurve that is too short for your personal draw length can really hurt your fingers and your accuracy), whereas for a longbow it just gets linearly harder to draw it, there's no point where it suddenly takes much more force than before (so you can still shoot it pretty well even if it's not correctly sized for you).

  18. and a long bow is best drawn with a rolling shoulder technique . but just pulling back u will not be able to draw actual war bows

  19. sooo, is my recurve actually a longbow since I shoot it off of the shelf? I didn't hear a single tip or accurate description of a longbow..

  20. I liked your video. Apparently all the people complaining about "it being a flatbow not a longbow" are British.. only place in the planet that flatbow term is used.

  21. 45 degree angle?? no way. in my archery club we have many experienced longbow/flatbow shooters, and none of them tilt the bow more than 30 degrees from vertical.

  22. A long bow just designates length. A flatbow indicates that the limbs are flat and there is a handle section in the middle. A self bow has a D shaped profile throughout it's length and bends throughout it's length due to lack of handle section in the middle.
    So therefore an English longbow is a self bow. A native American longbow is a flat bow.

    My longbow like his does not shoot off the shelf. Perhaps you can shoot that way but I have never seen it. Nor did the shop I bought my bow in ask if I wished to shoot off the shelf. Apparently if you use feather equipped arrows you may shoot off the shelf. Plastic vanes require an arrow rest.

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