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August 29, 2019

SO HELLO SUBSCRIBERS FROM THE TITLE OF VIDEO YOU WILL KNOW THAT WE counting DOWN 4 GAMES OF ALLTIME you will know that game from childhood every child die to get this game in child hood so well we get the story through it there is a gangster name tommy vercetti in this game the whole game is under you control what you want to do rob banks,mission,steal cars all through it is a huge big open world game billions of people like this game with a period of time i will show you a little gameplay of it it stuck but it will give you an idea of game so lets countdown the next game.. sunset overdrive it is also huge big an open world game there is a stupid mutant in this game.. whos save the city from boom boom he drinks a can which made him into mutant save the city i dont think from his face it is a little bit of his gameplay pic.. its graphics is beautiful and relestic there are one game in millions which not let you bored and when ever you play it it will give you fun blaa blaa blaa and blaaa i think you understand bla it is called sun set overdriv but there is fac that it cannot exists on pc it will run on xbox one it is one of popular game that squarenix made up there is a story of an agent in it who work on both sides gangster and also police you will get an idea of graphics from this gameplay pic it will want graphic card also i suggested you that buy a graphic card and get rid of small games for higher gaming experience it have hijack cars feature also and it will also have parkour and agent skills martial artist it is stucking my computer so i giving video from youtube you will get idea of this game from its wallpaper jump from sky to sea and from sea to sky the a story is complex there is also an agent you will see it a little of it dangerous stunt free falling grappling hock video stuck no matter i buy graphic card soon also check just cause 3 and gta collection i know there are many games but i added one of my favourite if you have some games in mind than comment the game i am playing in video is alex gordon i am no interested in this game to much but it is also good game for time passs if there is some problem or that your game is not running than suggest it in compaint i make possible video soon of it..! if you want to join me on crazy adventure daily than subscribe subscribe man you will make me happy subscriber lets see you on next video ver early bye you,by game always stay awesome viewrs bye

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