3D Archery shooting, on the best 3D track in Denmark – Vejen – Archery practice – Tradlife
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3D Archery shooting, on the best 3D track in Denmark – Vejen – Archery practice – Tradlife

August 16, 2019

Hi! we are in Vejen, Denmark On this beautiful day and we are walking this 3D track which holds 60 targets and Nothing is like 3D shooting on a day like this Morten Skotte is up on that ladderstand right up here Right in the kill zone It´s a turkey Thats it! Now it´s down the hill there is a hog down there we are not seeing those very often looks like a kill zone shot he he he there is smack on this one i think it was a pass through all the way through Is it a shot up the hill?? Thats it! They are placed directly in the middle! He he he happy days! Well what do we have on number 24?? maybe a red deer? You want me to nail it?? yep Its not bad, for two struggle sticks! he he he awesome! It´s an awesome invironment down here he he he Not so bad nope! It looked awesome! really awesome smack! He can hit it! what do you call that one? is it a wolverine? To far back! BAM! what are we talking about? Morten! the bow you are using what kind is it? this is a Bodnik Mohawk custom made 46 pounds at 27 inch with indian apple and smoked oak on the riser and as something new, i´m trying a clicker It looks like the bow is accurate enough what arrow are you using? thats a Goldtip Entrada spine 500 thats a light shaft yes about 6,3 grain pr inch Do you have extra weight in the tip? Yes i have 100 grain brass insert and also a 50 grain insert footed and a 125 grain tip so its heavy in the front with a high FOC foc around here maybe around 25 – 27% FOC yeah something like that and it gives a good opportunity to tune in the arrows It looks like we have a bear down there Let´s shoot that one! Thats it! a heart shot? Did you aim for mine? Very intertaining here in Vejen They have some moving targets over here actually you can use some time with that What say you Skotte? Yes he he challenging like that! Typical! When we are shooting the best shots in the world we forgot to film it! lets pick them up! Nice shots! Now the trip is ending and we have about 200 kilometres home but thats not a problem on a good day so thank you for watching and i´ll see you!

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  1. Here we can hunt , bear , moose, Buffalo or the American bison, whitetail deer, mule deer exotic animals of kinds ,with traditional equipment, compound, or cross bows big game or small game it doesn't matter compound I'll shoot 70 pounds , traditional from 45 pounds to 65 hunting whitetail deer I use my mollegabet bow I built in 2015 it's around 63 pounds with around a 240 grain broadhead I like aluminum arrows , complete pass thru just about every time even on the biggest whitetail, I don't shoot big game over 25 yards , from 15 to 20 yards is what I like I hunt from the ground mostly I like getting close , thanks for ur reply , keep them videos coming , I enjoy watching

  2. Great 3D course and some awesome shooting! Thanks for sharing!
    PS: any good cooking recipes for foam because it's the only thing we can hunt here! 🤣🤣

  3. We cant hunt whit bows in Romania… so i am not Hunting at all because for me It sems unfair for the deer whit bows they can hear when u aim and they can Smell you better because the Close distance so i am just calling them and observing

  4. We can hunt any kind of big game exotic year round , , as far as mule deer, whitetail, cous , blacktail ,elk and moose there is a season on them , all this game I mentioned can be hunted traditional, of you want thanks for the reply

  5. We hunt alot of axis deer and they are big , in the northern states whitetail grow big ,a doe around 250 pounds and bucks way over 3 hundred pounds, you should try to come hunt here in the states sometime you would absolutely love it

  6. Nice shooting! I think 3D animals should have the kill zone of the vitals in the exact places where they actually are for each animal species. There, I said it!

  7. Nice shooting and nice 3d course . I was just shooting at our local course today on Vancouver island Canada. Beautiful day .

  8. Peter, tak for videoen. Det gav mig stor fornøjelse at se 3 d Parcour. Du skyder virkelig din bue meget præcist

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