#30  Amazon Archer and heavy breathing.
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#30 Amazon Archer and heavy breathing.

August 11, 2019

The archer come on kill the archer Why didn’t I grab anything Bigfoot watch your back Josh is eyeing you up as soon as he’s dead I’ll is J2 dead? no it’s over it’s over Glen stabbed me Glen stabbed me arm No, I’m the only one who gets to go through try to hit the phone Awesome Hi Grumpy How are you? You can stop my charge I’m going to kill you Don’t worry about me You killed my father That wasn’t very nice Did she just gank you? Ok, as far as a backstab, that was a very nice backstab Head Nice try though that was really good I’m just following you I don’t fight Oh man Don’t be afraid of him Close the gap X, just let me have this Aw he got me in the back of the leg and the arm raise’em if you’re ready!! Shannon good luck bigfoot tag there goes the rabbit this is awesome this is so horrible You ok girl? Yup. Ok cool what is I say on the friggen post? I don’t know bug spray is your friend yeah it’s sitting in Josh’s car HAhahahahahaah Oh I haven’t seen weapons go flying like that for a while I think you got hit bigfoot I felt pommel and wrist Yeah I think he touched you I’ll take it. Yeah he just he touched you a bit in the side Ahahhhhh wait wait do we have to do the like thing I don’t care what you do no, you don’t have to touch tips Good slide perfect slide wide open you got my leg as soon as you die say next simultaneous leg strikes on the next Geraldo hey I should wear gloves next afternoon good morning Hey! The first one was &*@#^^ good enough you didn’t call it I got hit. Say next Say next you got me Ya got me Next if it is going through too slow we’ll add a third fighter Yeah it is a really friggen tight arena it’ll be brutal did I not get you? I didn’t see Sorry the film will tell later I was talking No he’s not, he’s bigfoot And that’s Cole Cole Fire Cole Blaze Next Don’t sorry Did I move him too far away from you? Yeah I know I’m sorry Bigfoot hug him hug him She got you cold you’re both dead Next, next next next 2 new guys get off there gorgeous you’re dead too get off no gorgeous you’re off the field what?? Gymtastic You’re dead @%&%@*&$% No not you the other gorgeous damn you’re pretty, you ain’t gorgeous yeah you’re pretty next No, he’s douchey he’s Douchey Can’t he be both? Glen?? Alright so you’re gonna change gear yeah whoever dies leaves their gear and takes the other guy’s away Oh great my sword Oh well we need to try it that’s throwing disk that’s discus of death yeah Chakram thank you that is the word I was trying to remember Chakram I was thinking Chakra I’m like no that’s not right Chakras??? Chakras are from eastern friggen philosophy of healing and meditation and as usual some @@$&@($*& movie and or game stole it next I was just a weapon that you used to use you got my arm next switch gear yeah Pretty Boy so stoked about this his least favorite fighting style that is what he started with yeah and he got called Pretty Boy because of it from the ever mounting head shots that was quick ah, opposites here gear change you have my gear I have your gear either way someone gets their shit back just hit the camera and he’ll fall perfect this is a crew working real hard at not working yup we’ve got uh X… or the Rabbit there is Pretty Boy one of the brothers Grimm AJ often called Little Shit J2 J2…AJ Shitball I don’t know he gets a different name every week he doesn’t care he just keeps smiling and hiding it’s awesome and then he back stabs like nine people in a war did he just spank you? and a tiny sword Whooosh ooow that was a leg that’s a dead bigfoot he’s alive how many lives you got left? 2 Oh excellent Ha ha I’m going to @@#%&^%!v ^*&!^# I’m going to just not do that Come on you made a promise yeah no no I guess I’m hanging back X you really shouldn’t be in there Somebody go around to the right that was shaft that was shaft sorry babe No you’re not he likes a shaft in the head hahah I always knew he was gay no he’s not gay he’s bi yeah don’t swing that again DO NOT SWING THAT AGAIN alright holy crap Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that never worked

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