3 Step Process To Achieve Your Goals! This Works Every Time… Unless You Forget About Step 2
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3 Step Process To Achieve Your Goals! This Works Every Time… Unless You Forget About Step 2

August 15, 2019

Hey Miles here, milesbecker.com and this video
reveals my three step process for achieving your goals today. As I’m recording, this marks the exact midpoint
in 2019 so we’re halfway from the end of 2018 to the very beginning of 2020 2019 is halfway
over, so it’s a perfect time to think back upon your goals if you haven’t set any goals
and if you’re not clearly achieved going for anything specific, now’s the time to get started
on this. So I want to let you know how I layer these
three things together. These three steps, these three stages of goal
setting and how I work with them. And the first level, the top level is the
goal itself, right? The first step is truly to set clear and specific
goals. And so many people in this world are wandering
around. They want more out of their life, but they’re
not specific as to that which they desire. Now, there’s a lot of ways to do in goal setting. There’s a lot of videos on goal setting. I actually made a video. I’ll have the link pop up on my head. It’ll be in the description on my process
for setting goals that I feel are um, motivating me to achieve them. Cause if you set crazy goals that are completely
externalized, like I’m going to have $1 million in my bank by next Tuesday, uh, that can actually
be very, very limiting and it can create some negative emotions when we set unrealistic
goals that aren’t within our control. I like my goals to be set within my control. Like I’m going to do three videos a week,
every week for the year and that can be a goal cause I can achieve that, right? I’m in control of that. So for more about the goal setting specifics,
how do you do it so you could set yourself up for success with your goals. Watch that video. It’s so vitally important. But in this video, what’s most important is
to know that step one is to actually set specific goals. Because if you don’t have a specific target,
how are you ever going to hit it? Right? If you think of an archer who goes out to
the archery range and they want to go practice their target shooting, you got to have a target
that you’re shooting at or you’re never, you’re just going to be thrown arrows around, right? And that can get quite dangerous really, really
quickly. So setting goals is the first part and your
goals and this top level of the three step process for achieving your goals. You don’t change those goals very often. Do not change your goals, do you might change
these other two pieces we’re going to talk about next, but you get so focused on a goal
that’s going to fire you up for the next five, 10 plus years. Like my personal goal of being the most helpful
Internet marketer in the world, right? That is really truly my driving force in everything. And I’m all ahead to achieve said goal. So what’s the next level? Step two. Well, it’s the strategy. Okay. So the first layer is the goal. The second layer is a strategy. So with using my goal as an example of being
the most helpful Internet marketer in the world, what’s the strategy for doing that? Well, my strategy so far has been to publish
as many helpful videos, publish more helpful videos that are better and more valuable than
any of my competitors on youtube. That’s the first level of strategy followed
by syndicating that content, which means I put on my youtube videos and my team gets
on onto my podcast. They get them on my blog and they get them
on a social media for me. So I’m staying focused on putting out the
highest quality, most valuable videos as frequently as I possibly can. That’s my strategy. You could also call it a content marketing
strategy. My then this is built with the third level. Okay. So we have the goals and we have this strategy
and my strategy is to publish as much helpful content as it possibly can. Content marketing would be a nice digital
marketing term to wrap up my strategy in. Uh, so I’m, my goal is to be the most helpful
internet marketing in the world. My strategy is content marketing. Then the third level are the tactics. Now that tactics are the most interchangeable,
right? We want to test and remove and replace the
tactics more often than we test and remove an interchange, the a strategy and we want
to test and interchange the strategy more often than we interchange and test the goals. In fact, the goal is you never want to change
the strategy. You want to sell them change and the tactics
are kind of always changing. And that’s because platforms like snapchat
come and go. That’s because Facebook, organic marketing
works like gangbusters for two years and then it falls off the face of the earth. Right? So the, the tactical side of how are you executing,
your strategy is always going to be changing. So for me in this is number one, creating
videos and the tactics around videos haven’t changed all that much. But you might’ve noticed my thumbnails have
changed a lot. My titles have changed a lot. The, the equipment, the location. So there’s all these little things within
my videos that I keep testing and tweaking them to see how much I can, how much reach
I can get with each and every video. Okay, so that’s level one. Then there’s a search engine optimization,
the video SEO, which has the keyword research side of it. It’s how do I write my descriptions in a way
back to those thumbnail images? How do I do my thumbnails in a way that are
going to get more clicks to get me more people on that? Then there’s the tactic of outsourcing the
process of getting my videos onto my podcast, right? There’s the tactics of marketing my podcast. There’s the tactic of getting my team to publish
SEO optimized blog posts with my content. There’s the tactic of optimizing those posts
for my, my heading tags, my h twos, my eight series, my h four for all the images and all
of those bits and pieces that go into SEO. Everything that I actually taught in my learn
SEO video you can find here on Youtube. You can also find it in the links below, right? So there’s all of those different tactics
now. The tactics are ever changing and if you followed
me on Instagram, if you’re not just search from miles back there on Instagram, I’m on
there. You’re going to see that we’re testing a bunch
of different tactics on Instagram and ultimately Instagram in and of itself is a test of a
tactic. If you go to my Facebook fan page, you know,
uh, facebook.com enforced lives, miles.vector.page or just search for models back there on there. You’ll see that I’m testing some tactics. I’ve, I’ve tried the tactic of Facebook live
for a bit. I’ve been tactically publishing some content
that also is bits and pieces of my videos. And what you’ll notice is that my strategy
of content marketing leverages all sorts of different tactics on all of the different
platforms because my blog needs to be treated different than my youtube channel needs to
be treated different than my Facebook, then my Instagram and so on and so forth. Therefore for you, which is what this is ultimately
about, I use myself as an example because I know what my goals are. I know what my strategy is and I know what
my tactics are. I don’t know that for you, but the first and
most important and most powerful thing you can do today, if you haven’t already, write
it all out. This can be a 62nd process. My goal is to blank. What is your definitive goal? Get specific. If you want help with that, go watch my goal
video. Again, the link is in the description. It’s going to help you get a detailed goal. Then what is your strategy? Start by tuning into yourself. Right? For me, I love making these videos for and
with you, right? I love videos. I do not love social media and I do not love
the written word and blogging, right? I’m pretty good at writing at this point. I don’t love the process of writing, but I
really do love this process of video. So my strategy is based on what feels good
and works best for me. So your strategy needs to be based on what
feels good and works for you. You might be watching my youtube videos thinking,
damn, I got to do youtube videos like I’m not comfortable on camera. You don’t have to do youtube videos. If you are comfortable writing, right? You can use a strategy that fits best for
you. Then the tactics when you’re writing, cool,
well, what platform am I going to be on? Well, it should be wordpress, right? Keyword research is one of those tactics. If you’re a blogger, you have to learn and
execute keyword research. There’s no two ways about it. Search engine optimization, you have to learn
the basics of SEO, which is why I did a full two hour class teaching everything you learn
in a 500 to a thousand dollar SEO Course for free here on Youtube. Link in the description, right? There’s reasons I’ve put all of my tactical
videos out. You’re going to learn how to build a funnel. I got you covered. You want to learn how to run Facebook ads. I got you fam. You want to learn how to do video marketing,
SEO, any of it. The tactical videos are there waiting for
you. So this is how you know which videos of Miles’s
to even watch which pathways to go down to what things throughout your day deserve your
time and attention. And the answer of the tactics that you use
are based on the strategy that you choose. The strategy that you choose is based on your
personality and your goal. Do you see how these all work together? So many people are like, okay, my goal is
to make 10 grand a month and uh, drop shipping and Oh, FBA and affiliate marketing and they’re
all over the map and they never put together one coherent strategy that’s proven to work
for other people. They’ve never built the competencies required
from all of the different tactics and stuck with that goal strategy, tactical approach
for years on end because that’s what it takes to create success. When your goal is set, you’re always focused. Every single day is focused on the absolute
target. Your strategy, you are 100% focused on executing
your strategy until it fails on you. Like when Facebook marketing died and Facebook
organic was a big part of our strategy. We changed our strategy at that point in time
for the social and then the tactics. Obviously we tried a bunch of different things
on Facebook and now we’re doing paid Facebook pay per click instead of Facebook organic. Right? We changed the tactic because the world around
us changed, but all of that tactical level focus and our content marketing strategy is
100% focus towards our big goal. That has not changed and it has not changed
for me since I started this channel three years ago. My wife’s focus and her goal with her business
has not changed since we started that business in 2009 it’s a big part of why we’re successful. The fact that content marketing has been the
one main focus for both of our brands, hers for 10 years, mind for almost three years
now. That’s a big reason why I got 100,000 subscribers
on this channel and I’m crushing it with this new miles back their brand. Not to mention that we got that whole other
business right. The tactics have changed a lot through the
years, a bit through the years. Still do keyword research, still publish content
every single day. Still optimize as best I possibly can. Still testing things to see what gets the
best click through rates, the best optimization, the best open rates and my emails. What gets the best conversion rates on my
landing pages and my sales pages. But whether you’re using click funnels or
thrivecart or thrive themes or Sam Carter, a one page funnel or a three page funnel or
a Webinar, that’s all irrelevant, that’s all interchangeable. It just needs those tactics to support your
strategy. Your strategy supports your ultimate goal. I hope this has been helpful for you. If it has, leave me a comment, give me a thumbs
up. Do what you do, share it. Engage, subscribe. I appreciate you if you haven’t subscribed
to hit the bell yet, do so cause you get notified when new videos come out. Cause I keep putting out new videos for you
to be as helpful as I can to support my goal of being the most helpful Internet marketer
in the world. So if you just want those notifications, hit
your phone to hit your youtube.com just click the little bell next to the subscribe button
and you’ll get those, and I’ll catch you in a couple of days with another video until
then, be well set some goals. Identify where you’re at on your path to your
goals. You can do it. I know you can beat, you got to get focused
on that note, I’m gonna call it. Thanks your time. Cheers.

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