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August 30, 2019

Hey guys, this is Karina!
>>It’s Ronald and we are from Sis versus Bro.>>And today, we’re doing
the Three Marker Challenge again, except with our Dad!>>Yes! Ta-da!>>So the rules are gonna
be the same, except with three people. And you guys are going
to decide, once again, who is the winner-winner
chicken dinner?>>Yeah.>>Okay, so who picks first?>>I do.>>Okay, but we need to know
our picture first.>>Alright, I’ll pick a picture. I want to do this one.>>Where is it from?
>>Inside out. Alright, how about
me and Dad play rock, paper, scissors
and the winner of that, versus you, okay? And the winner of that
gets to pick theirs first.>>Okay.>>Rock, paper,
scissors, shoot!>>Oh, no.
>>Aw.>>Rock, paper,
scissors, shoot! Ah, you’re first.
>>Boo-yah! The champion!>>Alright, close
your eyes, Ronald. Yellow.
>>No peeking.>>Yay!
>>Nice, two yellows? How are you
gonna do that?>>Alright,
I get second pick.>>What you got?
>>No, I didn’t get nice colors, this one’s ugly.
>>I think I might have got>>Okay, my turn.
>>The best ones. One, two, three. Oh. Blue, pink, green. Okay, let’s start.>>I already did.>>I’m going to start
with anger.>>Okay, pink hair,
that’s fabulous.>>Pink hair?>>Yeah, of course.>>Do you know the colors
of these characters?>>I’ve never seen this
but I’ll make them fabulous. Now tell me, did any one
of them have a pink hair.>>No.
>>No.>>Well, two points
for me.>>No.>>No, I got
the bad purple.>>Yeah.>>It works still, though.>>Barely though. I got it last video. And now,
you got a revenge.>>What should I make the skin?
Green?>>Okay…>>Of all of them?
>>Her skin is green.>>Okay.>>Guys, this is gonna be
very interesting. All right. This guy
got a green suit…>>Orange eyes, flaming eyes.
>>with a purple tie.>>Raah!>>I think the green
skin is perfect.>>So, so far
this is what I got. I think it looks pretty good.>>This is gonna be an
easy one for me. Guys, you have to vote
for me this time.>>Guys, vote for me
this time.>>No, vote for me again.>>When are you finished? Karina, me and
Dad are almost finished.>>I’m taking my time.>>All done.>>I am done too.>>Two hours later.>>I am done.>>Finally.
I’m already dead.>>Yay!
Karina, you did it. I’m so proud of you.>>Thank you.
All right guys, we’re done. So we’re going to show
you the finished pieces. This is mine.>>And that’s mine, fabulous.
>>I have flaming people, yellow and orange.>>Mine is purple.
green and red.>>Okay guys, now, it’s time
for you guys to shine. Shine so bright in the comment
section down below. Place your vote.>>Vote for this
masterpiece.>>No, that.>>No, of course you want
to vote for this.>>This.
>>This. Next round.>>Alright, round number two.
>>Which one?>>Put your markers in. Put your markers
in the magical box.>>Okay, let’s go.
>>We’re gonna do… Captain Underpants.>>Tra-la-la-la-la.>>So, this is our picture
we gonna do. And since you were the last one
who picked last time, you are gonna be the first one
to pick this time.>>Awesome, let’s do this. Oh, beautiful. Blue, orange. Oh, pink.
>>Okay, Karina, I’m gonna be last. I have a feeling
I’m go– I’m gonna be the only one
that’s gonna get good colors. I got similar.
>>You got almost the same as me.>>Similar!>>Okay, so let’s begin.
>>Three, two, one, go.>>Pink, pink.
What should we do? Pink hair?
>>Awesome. It’s also a competition
of who gets it first.>>This is kinda like a yellow.
>>I don’t know, skin, I guess… [Ronald Singing]>>Alright, that’s it
for the skin.>>You’re so quick.>>It’s gonna have
purple teeth.>>It’s time for grey
to shine bright. Harold’s hair
is gonna be grey.>>Why? Why didn’t you
color in the noses?>>Whoo.>>Alright.
Green shoes for you.>>And blue shoes for him.>>Fine, I’ll undermine
underpants. Finished shield. Guys, this time for sure. So make sure you vote
for this person.>>Ta-da!
All done. And still waiting
for Karina as always.>>Hey, don’t rush me. I need to win one more time,
then I’ll be satisfied.>>Okay. Next up. Next Sis versus Bro video. One minute, three marker challenge.
>>Wow.>>One minute, no!
>>30 seconds, actually.>>No.
>>Yes. [snoring]>>Are you done yet?>>Almost.
>>It’s been like–>>I need to color in every bit. Alright.
I colored in every single bits. I think I’m gonna win. Okay, so it’s time
to reveal our drawings.>>The fabulous pink skin,
once again.>>With white noses.>>Pink, blue, and gray.>>Mine looks a little more realistic
cause I had like, beige.>>Okay guys, now take a close look
and decide who is the winner
of this round.>>Alright, moving on
to the next one.>>What’s our picture?>>We are gonna be doing
Boss Baby from the movie
Boss Baby.>>Oh yes, finally,
something for me. Oh, whoa!
>>Don’t say anything.>>I got pretty good colors. I got pink, green, and yellow.>>My turn.>>You know that hand
was just doing nothing.>>I know.>>Blue… blue… purple.>>The blue kinda [inaudible] Pretty blue. Okay, okay, okay. Got black, red, and gray.>>Good luck with that one.
>>Good luck.>>Okay guys, ready to start?
Let’s go.>>Alright, this big baby
is gonna have pink skin.>>He’s looking
like Slenderman. No mouth, no nose–>>And I have a yellow
so I can make his hair blonde cause in the movie,
he does have blonde hair. And I’ll make
his suit green. This is working out
perfect for me.>>Mine looks perfect. I got red, I can probably
use that as the hair. Last video,
no one got red. So I came to the rescue. Yours look like a cat.>>Oh, nice.>>Mine looks complete
opposite to yours, Mine is like Slenderman.>>It’s gonna have
some gold booties.>>And just gray shoes,
nothing much. Slenderman’s coming
to eat you two.>>Okay. Oh my gosh,
your baby has red eyes. He has wrinkles
on his forehead. What did you do to him?
>>He’s angry. He’s only a baby,
he doesn’t have wrinkles.>>My slenderman has no wrinkles.
>>It’s an angry baby. Guys, vote for
Slenderman Boss Baby.>>No, vote for the most
normal Boss Baby here.>>If you don’t, he’s gonna come
and eat you in your sleep. Finish. Now, we’re gonna
have a gray sun.>>Alright, I am
the first one done.>>No, I was finished before you.>>Okay, that’s it. I am done.
>>You’re making your noses white.>>Alright, I am done. and I think mine looks
the most normal.>>I think mine looks
like Slenderman. He’s gonna haunt you
if you don’t vote for him.>>Okay guys, so now
it’s your time to shine. Once again,
comment down below, who do you think
is the winner?>>Chicken dinner.>>Is it that fabulous
purple skin Boss Baby?>>Is it the normal
Boss Baby?>>Or is it the
Slenderman Boss Baby? Okay guys, moving on
to the next one. And last up we have. Gru and his family. All right, here you go. So, who wants
to go first?>>Me, me, me.>>Alright, you go first,
then me.>>Okay, turn around. There you go.
What you got? I got two of the– I got these two colors
in the same round last time.>>Good luck with that.>>Purple skin,
it’s all decided.>>Oh, no. I got brown, gray, and black.
>>Are you making Slenderman Gru and family.
>>Wow, that’s gonna be scary. I’m gonna make
a Slenderman family.>>Wait, wait,
wanna trade colors?>>Hey, stop that.
My turn. Oh, okay.
Blue, pink, yellow. Perfect.
>>Let’s begin! Three, two, one, go! Finished.
I’m just joking. Orange hair. Hmm-hmm-hmm.
hmm… This is gonna take
a long time. A long time, a long time,
a long, long, long, long time. I’m doing a really
normal job this time.>>Yeah, you could
say that again.>>I’m doing a really
normal job this time.>>I didn’t mean it, actually.>>I don’t know about you guys,
but I’m half finished. Well quarter,
three-quarters finish. Now, looks like I’m gonna
have to wait for Karina the longest, because I am finished.>>No way, Ronald.
This is so complicated. How can you be so fast?>>He’s scribbling all over it.>>What do you call scribbling,
this is a masterpiece. I’m just gonna sleep
for 26 centuries.>>Okay,
I’m almost done.>>I’m nowhere near done.>>Okay, I think
I’m finally done.>>And I’m done.>>Yay. Are you guys ready for the magnificent
drawing of Ronald?>>Three, two, one. I think Dad’s
is gonna win. It looks the best,
I think.>>Yay.
>>Guys, take a close look. And vote who has won
this round and who has won this
whole entire challenge.>>Could it be this
magnificent drawing?>>It could probably be this.>>Or this? So guys, we hope
you liked this video. If you did,
smash that like button and we’ll see you
all next time. Good bye.

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