3 Coyote Hunting Tips | Archery Lessons
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3 Coyote Hunting Tips | Archery Lessons

August 13, 2019

You don’t hunt coyotes actually coyotes come
to you and most of the time by accident. If you see a coyote it’s encouraged to actually
shoot it. They become a pest in the Northeast. There’s an overabundance of coyotes. They do a lot of damage and they do a lot
of damage to the wildlife as well. They are dangerous animals, they do travel
in packs. The best way that I know of for getting a
coyote to come in close is by using what they call a wounded rabbit call. A wounded rabbit call is an actual call that
you can buy and sounds like a rabbit that’s screaming that’s wounded. A coyote will hone right in on that sound
and come in to investigate. At that point, what you’re doing is luring
that coyote to come in close. You’re going to be using the same equipment,
the same broad heads, the same arrows, same bow that you would use on any animals. There is nothing special about hunting coyotes. It’s more of a lucky find when you do get
to shoot one. So keep your eye out for them that’s all.

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  1. first off umm man is tottaly just ok, i went camping an got surrounded by wolves wile my wife was preg so yea wolves are punks an yes i scared em away

    i mean the mindset here is: YAY!!!!! Lets kill some animals for our own enjoyment!!!!

  3. That's what a lot of people wanna hear: coyotes are not endangered so we can kill as many as we want. And that guy says they're a "pest". I encourage that man to investigate first what a pest really means.

  4. This guy is an idiot "They do a lot of damage to the wildlife" umm i'm pretty sure your damaging it by killing coyotes. Coyotes aren't that dangerous.. They only attack when rabid or its like a 2% chance they will attack for no reason. I live by coyotes and they are no problem. Sometimes I sit on my porch and see them walking by. They are amazing creatures to watch. Your an idiot killing them because their "pests".

  5. Great video thanks, didn't help one but have me some comical relief. The comments on here are hilarious. Coyotes are taking over the world.

  6. all i do is set out some rotten meat get up in my tree house and use the rabbit call 2 or 3 times and just get them at 20-30 yards.

  7. I like coyotes. Otherwise I'd have rabbits running around everywhere. And from the previous video I watched from this guy, they are fast and small.

  8. You are the John Madden of announcing coyote hunting tips! Use your bow, buy a distress rabbit call, make the sound, trick coyote, keep eyes open, shoot if you can. Got it! I did'nt know any of that.

  9. Well I'm sure he had a good time crossing
    "make a video about something you know absolutely nothing about, and try to give advice, knowing that people who do know what they are talking about will know you are a moron"

    off his bucket list.

  10. The stupidity in these comments is amazing. Coyotes are not endangered animals. As a matter of fact they are far from it, & growing fast. What he could mean by damaging the environment could be the attacks they carry out on farm animals, & peoples pets. There's a reason why the game & fish wardens let people hunt them freely without restriction. They know what they are doing, they know the environment better than you do. Don't like hunting? Don't watch videos about it…Simple. People are gonna hunt, weather you like it or not. Matter of fact, I think Imma go call in some coyotes tomorrow, just for you guys…

  11. The stupidity in this video and the comments is amazing.
    1) Coyotes are considered pests in some states, like hogs.
    2) Coyotes will easily overpopulate
    3) Coyotes are not dangerous to humans
    4) Coyotes are quite capable of damaging an ecosystem or eating your cat/small dog
    5) Coyotes don't often move in packs
    6) People go hunting specifically for coyotes all the time
    7) Coyotes in the wild die from starvation or being wounded so badly they die from infection. There really is no other way predators die. All of these are slower and more painful than an arrow.

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