3 Colors of Glue Slime Challenge!!!
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3 Colors of Glue Slime Challenge!!!

August 28, 2019

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina!>>And it’s Ronald, and we’re
from Sis versus Bro.>>And today, we’re doing
‘3 Colors of Glue Slime Challenge’! So basically, we have a massive
bowl full of different colors of glue. We have red, we have pink,
we got blue, yellow, green. All sorts of colors and we’re gonna pick
three colors randomly closing our eyes. We’re gonna put them in a bowl
make slime out of it, and see who has the better slime. You guys, are gonna comment down
below who has the prettiest slime of them all. It might look cool. It might not look, not so cool. But, the only way to find
out is to actually do it.>>So. Rock, paper, scissors. Who goes first? Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Okay. I’m gonna close my eyes. You spin. And I’m gonna take three random glues.>>Alright. Alright.>>That one. Got two. Got three. Oh!
>>You got purple, blue, and red.>>These are all the ones I wanted.>>Really?>>Yeah.>>Okay. Alright. Now, it is my go. Oh gosh, I’m nervous.>>Okay. Close your eyes.>>I don’t want to get ugly colors.>>You can just, fell in the side
if it’s clear or not. Okay. Go.>>I wanna get straight in the middle. Just straight in the middle. I need to feel it. What kind, is like, the best kind.>>Go faster.>>This one.>>Faster.>>This one. And… I think, this one.>>Oh, you got pink!>>I got pink, yellow, and red. I think my slime is gonna be orange.>>Guess which one you picked out first.>>What? Which one?>>Pink. Well, obviously. Duh?>>You’re like, this is the one I feel. And you’re like…>>I could sense the pinkness. So guys, now that we got our glues, we’re gonna actually
be making the slimes. And we’re gonna be
taking this out of the way.>>Bye bye, glues! Have a nice day.
>>Good bye, forever! And we’re gonna put these guys in. So basically, to make this slime
we’re going to be adding all the glue every single drop inside the bottle. Add the activator mix it all up,
and just hope it will be a nice color.>>Okay.>>So, my first color was pink
so I’m gonna add that first. I forgot which one was your first color
so you’re just gonna have to go random. Alright. in you go. This is too slow. This is how we do it. Oh yeah.>>I’m coming, I’m catching up! No.>>Smells like glue. The color’s so pretty, it’s all glittery. I wanna get all the pinkness out.>>Okay. Next, we have red.>>Alright. I think that’s enough. Alright, I’m gonna add my yellow in. Ronald, you’re gonna make purple.>>And then, I’m gonna add purple.>>So, your slime’s gonna be purple. Mine’s gonna be orange.>>Oh, I like orange.
>>Let’s hope it’s a pretty orange. Alright, in you go, yellow.>>Okay. I’m on my third color.>>Oh wow, you’re fast. Alright. I think that’s enough. And my final color, red.>>Oh, my hands!>>Look at that red squirting out.>>Ooh! Purple’s coming savage, today.>>Yours looks like a galaxy.>>Once I mix it up with my spatula. Whoa! Karina, look!>>Yours looks so cool. Alright. I’m gonna mix mine, now.>>It looks cool too.>>Yeah. Yeah.>>I like yours.>>Really?>>Yeah.>>This is orange.>>Can we trade, Ronald?>>Nah. So guys, the color that I got is orange. Ronald, got galaxy purple, so pretty. Just like I expected. So guys, now it’s time to
actually add the activator, and actually make the slime. So, let’s add it in there.>>We’re not making dishes.>>Alright. In you go. I’m just gonna add all of it, basically. Mine is looking great.>>This smells like a victory.>>Mine doesn’t smell so good. Slime, slime, I really like slime. So easy to make,
so I make it all the time. So guys, our slime is finally finished. And, since the activator-
oh, I just made a bubble. But since the activator is white, it
made Ronald’s slime purple, not galaxy. Just plain old, purple.>>Boring.>>So guys, this is my slime. It turned out to be a peachy
color which is also really pretty. It’s super stretchy and it’s
not orange anymore. It’s a peachy color which is,
better than orange. Better than orange. And, my slime is super duper stretchy. If you think my slime
is the winner chicken dinner, comment down below,
#KarinaWins.>>This is my slime,
it used to be galaxy. But now, it’s plain old purple. It’s really stretchy like Karina’s. You can make things like that. Hello! And then, there’s some bubbles
that come up. And if you like purple, vote for me. Because… Please. Just please. So guys, if you want us to do a part two, comment down below,
#WeWantPartTwo.>>Hashtag.>>And we’ll give you, part two. So we hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button,
and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye! Bye!

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