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August 30, 2019

Hey guys, this is Karina! It’s Ronald here, from! Sis vs. Bro! And today we’re doing a three Colors of Tie Dye Challenge! So basically, we’re gonna close our eyes, pick three different colors of tie dye mix, and make a shirt out of it. We can use any tie dye design we want but at the end we gotta make it look nice. And you guys are gonna comment down below! Who got the baddest shirt? Who got the baddest shirt? (singing) Okay, rock-paper-scissors. Who goes first! (singing) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! (cheers) Okay, I’m really hoping to get Pink, purple and blue. And maybe yellow. If it just jumps right in, I’m okay with it. All right, so I’ll close my eyes. Okay, I’m gonna mix it up. Okay, Karina go. Okay. Ooh, I’m nervous! Which one gets the vibes? I’m feeling this one… (clock ticking) this one… Ooh! Pretty close to what I wanted. I got a peachy color, I got a pinky-purple and I got blue, a blah. Mix it up, all the way and I’m gonna close my eyes. Ready? Yeah, okay ready. Which ones gonna get the vibe? This one, this one, this one. You got pink, yellow and green! Blue? Oh, green. All right, I think I got better colors. And let’s just begin. What design are you gonna do Ronald? Stripes. I’m gonna do a classic swirly design. So let’s begin. This is how you start, you just pinch the middle and swirl. Is that hard? No. Okay, I’m gonna gather mine up into like a hot dog. Okay. Kind of. Okay, now I need my elastic bands and put them here, here and here. I’m ready for my elastic bands. Come on, come on, come on. Yes. Okay, elastic bands. First elastic bands, in. All right, so I just made a cross right here. And I’m gonna add one more elastic band to make six sections. Oh my gosh, I’m not good at this. (laughs) All right, now my final elastic band. Already? Next elastic band, goes in. This one’s gonna go in the middle. So guys, this is how mine looks so far the elastic bands are separating the sections up. And that’s where I’m gonna put different colors of tie dye. So guy, it’s looking decent now. Wait, what do I do now? We put the tie dye in! Oh. Okay guys we got gloves on. I feel super science-y. I’m gonna start with my red. And I’m gonna start with my peach. Ah, it’s a bubble! All right, gonna put this in. Okay guys, I’m putting this in it’s harder than I thought it would be. I thought the dye would soak in much easier, but it’s a bit hard. Okay, my red is ready for action and it’s gonna go straight in the middle. Okay red. Oh well, the table is gonna, oh, come on! Come on! You guys can still vote for me right? Oh my, yeah I’m just the best at this honestly. Like I’m so good. Okay, put the rest. Oh, my! Like aim better Ronald. I’m getting it on this side too. It’s not fair. Gravity is working against me. I’m nearly done with this color. I’m just gonna put a bit more to make sure it soaks into it. Wow Ronald, yours looks like a hot mess. (sad music) I know right. I’m so good at this. All right, time for my next color I’m gonna use my purple. I’m gonna use my yellow. Gravity work with me this time. Okay! Gonna spray a bit more. Tie dye is on me. I’m soon gonna be a tie dye shirt. (Karina laughs) I’m gonna try without gloves, because my hands are getting hot. Well your hands are gonna become a hot mess. Okay, now it’s time for the green. Work with me, don’t go on my eyes. I’m gonna keep on adding my purple. Oh, no. Good start. Let’s just make it a better start right now. Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Ronald with the skills. Tie dye skills. I think this is gonna turn out pretty nice. I mean like, yeah! Yeah! Oh no, I just realized! I put the purple in two sections like right here. Here and here. Aww no!
Yes! I’m gonna win. Yes! Don’t get your hopes up Ronald. I will. Okay, I’m running out.
I’ll make it look cool. Used all my, no I ran out! Okay guys, now I’m gonna add my blah! All right, so I’m just gonna put blue on these two places right here. I think it might look cool I don’t know, I just hope it will. Kay, I got one last section and I can use yellow or red. But I’m thinking that two yellows right next to each other, won’t look that good so I’m gonna go with the red. But I don’t have that much left so I might do yellow and red. Actually that might be a good idea. You can make orange. Yeah baby. Kay, I’m running low. I wanna get all, No! I ran out. Okay, now it’s time for the yellow! Okay it’s time to mix and match. It’s a nice orange. Whoa, I’m smart! I am very smart! I’m done. I’m gonna take a little longer cause I still need to do the other side. So guys, comment down below who do you think will win? I think I’m in the lead right now because I have the smart orange in the house! Before you see the final result. Don’t cheat. Or else I will haunt you in your sleep. Okay Karina, are you done? Because you’re taking 15 hours. Almost Ronald, don’t rush me. I need to make sure that soaks in well. All right, I think now I’m ready. So guys were gonna let this tie dye settle into the shirt. And we’re gonna show you the final results. In 20 minutes. Okay so we are back. And now it’s time to take off the elastics and see how our tie dye creation looks! I’m so nervous! Okay, I’m gonna start. It’s still wet, I feel like I should put on gloves. Nah! All right, I’ve just taken off the last elastic. I’m gonna wait for Ronald. I’m nervous! Okay guys, I need help. Karina can you help? Yeah, sure. So now our shirts are ready to be revealed, I’m so nervous that my swirl even worked out. Oh mine looks so cool, I love it! It’s awesome! Okay so here’s the front. I like the pink in the black. I like yours Ronald. Yours actually looks really nice. Do you like mine? Yeah, it’s like a spiral. It is a spiral. Well, when it fully dries the color is gonna be a little bit lighter. So guys comment below, who do you think is the winner? This is my shirt. And this is my shirt. So if you think I’m the winner comment down below! Rainbow Spirals. And if you think I won comment down below. Lame Stripes. Okay. So this is my shirt up close. I really like how the pink and blue turned out. So this is my shirt, it has lots of nice stripes. I like how the pink goes together! It’s just good! So guys, we hope you liked the video. Comment down below if you want us to do more tie dye projects. And guys, look I’m turning into a smurf. Look at me. I’m turning into an orange one. We hope you like this video, if you did– Smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good-bye! (upbeat music)

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