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August 21, 2019

ronald wonn Wow I’m gonna open my eyes and pick colors. No go for it Very nice time to pick No, go ahead ha ha ha even harder Okay, I think this all you can guys follow me I’m just gonna touch You put your hands on his I see cannot see anything okay, he’s nothing I can smell your fingers Yeah, yeah smells like Charlie go It wasn’t this one, yes. Okay good Run tear are you ready? No Tsunami great Third okay. Close your eyes This is nice I’m gonna leave the top for that second color I was actually nice. It’s really cool. I Think this is awesome All right, so close your eyes and let’s go This is perfect, it’s perfect You shall do the honors, okay I’m ready. It looks like your hair’s already a bit wet here. No secrets 25 gosh dang It already My wrong way, sorry You look like old man that is like transformation Or is it I Think you’re done Wow the real way Okay Ready Excuse me white and silver we moved it. So then you picked it up This grey stuff in the middle of that there is 200. All right, here we go Yeah You look like you’re 150 no That’s good Okay, can I see? You can barely see it. It’s like a dumb prank. That’s how we do old man stuff Okay, no, I’m really great at my hair cuz great and pink I don’t think are like in my book Look some three, let’s do it. So I’m gonna get okay. This is gonna be awesome How’s that open your eyes? Oh I’m great all over the side of my face. So guys, what do you think do I look gorgeous orderly gorgeous? It’s gonna be awesome. Yes. Yeah right in the center Looking good. Yeah, that’s pretty good. Is it done? Oh, yes, okay Okay, I’ll look awesome or awesome and there’s no option none of the above Oh you guys round three the last color? I want to dip and pick first, okay Okay now it’s my turn okay I think this is the best color ever Is it finished I think so when should I open my eyes now? Guys yellow green and orange. What do you think? I think it’s amazing So comment down below if you think I want and don’t say anything if I did it. Oh Hey guys who’s going next you me? Okay, you’re Some stuff let’s do it Whoa straining already nice Hey guys, look at my hair, what do you think I got pink? I got green and I got what if you think I won this chance coming up below Pink hat day So what became I guess so now time for you to turn into old man, my friend. No, it’s not possible. I’m already loud Whoa So guys I got some yellow hair here, which is looking like cheese I think we got some white here. This looks kind of so I think we got This Bye

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