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October 9, 2019

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to three awesome games I’ve got some weird ones here not too bizarre. Thankfully not bizarre enough to be a three bizarre games, but should be pretty fun So let’s check them out. Okay. Well, whoa, welcome to how to be a tree You are a tree don’t worry being a tree is easy. Alright how to be a tree Do nothing Tree life sure is nice, huh? Sometimes I envy you trees. What are you a floating? Eyeball? I hope you don’t mind me staying here I’m just taking in your majesty on this fine day. I mean, that’s pretty much what everybody does to me They just take in my majesty. Oh god. This isn’t even I’m offline. Well good thing that doesn’t matter Oh, that’s not even fullscreen. How do I make it fullscreen? Well, whatever. Alright I guess I just got to do this I don’t know what this guy’s talking about. He’s jabbering on about something. Oh I don’t know what oh god, okay What happened I don’t understand alright the devotee oh Oh, you are a tree Oh God oh hey. What are you doing? Oh, oh my Tree Just press R. And let’s forget this ever happened. No, I’m a tree bitch you get out of my way. I’m a fucking tree Okay, alright, oh my god, how are you doing this, you know, I’m not a hundred percent sure So I think this is the mist of whoa Yeah, the mystery is just up in the air. Hi, and so you disregarded the eyes imposed ideals and bounced into a curious? Portal press R. Or I’ll tell on you. Ah Alright sure. It’s a little trippy a little trippy little little trippy. Alright. Oh god. No. Oh God Yeah parently we good god the truck Is it Alright sure. We’re gonna go with a whole lot of sure. Look, I don’t know exactly how to do locomotion here So just bear with me. Okay. This is not obviously not correct No, that’s not correct either. Wait. Okay so up does that Right turns me that way, which goes forward? somehow Compress and crawl. Oh, oh Okay Wow Wow here I go Whee oh Boy, this is this is messed up man straighten and then shrink and quickly expand Okay, straighten, okay straighten or run free and embrace chaos. Okay. Oh That works Hey, that’s great. Wait, I see good god, the music is so grating This is just hey, you got the triangle of power buddy. Thank you. Okay, here we go. Here we are This is a messed up game seek your ancestors child. I Am so confused I think it was just the most confused I’ve ever been in my life. Okay, the open world. Oh wow Venture forth and return to fractal space with 13 of your brethren. All right But do not forget yourself on your journey Remember you are a fractal. All right after all you cannot be a tree. Can you? You do not even have roots. Okay Whatever you say buddy Wow. I don’t know what this is, but it doesn’t seem to be deadly seems like the the Giants – oh shit a Little warm things Pleasant That’s not pleasant at all. Okay all right, so I somehow Got a straighten out. There we go. Okay. We’re just go wiggle worm. Oh No, okay. Hang on We’re gonna wiggle worm our way into This little thing No, god, damn it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, not the hole. Okay. Dive headfirst. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, there we go. I don’t know where this is going, but I got a bad feeling about oh shit. Oh Okay, well I’m dead alright, well that was that was horrible okay in the hole in the hole Straighten out. There we go. Slide. That’s that’s weird. Okay, I got up. No No my roots, I mean I didn’t even get my fractal friends I guess That’s Control roots. I don’t control my roots. Would you mind moving your roots? Oh, is that a worm? Oh my god I hate that. Thank you You’re what? All right, god, I’m gaudy oh this is horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible Everything’s horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible Horrible horrible I’m through I guess I didn’t want to go through but I’m through Horrible mark you want up? All right. Oh, I don’t get up apparently Okay, Wow. All right this the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. There we go. We’re free All right, get out of my face shut up you’re not a tree I’m a tree Okay, I gotta get in this hole but not going the exit to get Stupid thing Okay. Yeah, I wanted to dive who would have been great If I didn’t like a somersault dive into the hole, but I didn’t so I know why would you do that? You control like a piece of spaghetti this is much more difficult than it seems it doesn’t exactly control the way you’d expect a Limp noodle to control oddly enough you’d think it would but it don’t there we go. This is gonna get in there There we go. All right. I did I get it. I got it. Okay. I got it. All right, whatever okay, so I need to Expand rapidly. Nope, I did it Okay checkpoint apparently so guys awaits laps around it. So horrible. It’s so horrible I got it with my Roots, I can’t penetrate that. There we go. Now, let’s no let’s just Get in the hole Great not no god, damn you. Oh Fucking job Geez, ohms. I’m going right It’s like fucking Bennett 40 I’m not gonna be able to get out of this. Well there I’m dead. Okay, great. Oh, I’m alive great There we go, I’m in Oh Off off okay, I shouldn’t be here but here I am apparently, ah, yeah, I can’t move forward. That would be okay. Well Take some of my off. Well, there was no point in going in there was there I don’t know man. Okay roots Yeah, Wow. Yeah, ow. Oh there was a point in going. Oh, I got it. Anyway, whatever cuz it doesn’t matter There we go. There we go. I’m embracing chaos chaos No, that’s wait. No, but I didn’t get everything. Oh, I probably got to go through the Little wet. It’s fine. Fine. Didn’t need those anyway Straighten out. There we go. Okay Oh No Hahaha, I am the best. Okay, and then Flat as can be Do not saw me in three There it is. I need that. No, I need that. No, I need that. There we go. I got it. Okay good Can I go to this thing now? Can I get out please? Just let me out. Just let me out No, let me out, please There we go, oh god this is just the weirdest game I’ve ever played Well, maybe not the weirdest but this is just bizarre. This makes it in the land of saws. Oh boy. I Can’t wait to go to the land of saws. Hey Grandpappy. Why will you take me to Saul and I always done wanted to go very real There we go, yeah, I got it okay. I just need to jump up embrace chaos chaos control No No No There we go got it, ow Fuck well didn’t get a checkpoint. So I guess dumb. Oh wait, I already got those nevermind. I guess I did get a checkpoint. Ow Alright just go go man. No go forward come good. No, don’t do it. You know my This game sucks this game Just lay flat Oh Rick. Okay, just lay flat flat Alright now lay flat Perfect. Don’t move a muscle I don’t even know if you have muscles frankly. I hope you don’t embrace chaos. Ow. Chaos control. Can’t checkpoint Alright now go up. No, no, no god. Damn it. Okay, embrace chaos control This is a terrible checkpoint. Why would anybody want this checkpoint? Kalman him. Oh wait, I got it. Embrace chaos, I guess Oh No! Okay, flatten, there we go flatten Perfect Perfect. We dunzo baby And so you fell into the factory in shoot and we’re transform what huh. I’m a book now. That’s the endgame I guess You’re a book now What oh, oh Okay, we I’m embracing kale. So no, I don’t get it. But I did it guys. Yeah, there are different paths I get that which is what I’m doing. I need to fix this I’ll freeze you until we can get you right no, no, no, don’t worry about freezing me No, no, no freeze. Ray engaged. Okay, whatever miss me Hey, whoa. Hey, whoa Oh God, and so goes the life of a tree. Ah captured Oh All right, I guess I can’t expand. Oh, I don’t want to keep playing this. I don’t want to keep going on this one I think I’m good. I think I think the life of a tree has been properly explored and my eyes are probably scarred So I think I’m good. Okay, that one was a success a Rousing success. We’re gonna dig Deep okay. This is a game about my favorite part of Something it’s like my my favorite home beach body trainer Sean T. Always tells me get my knees up keep my core tight and dig deep. That’s what he says That’s like his three things Sean. T always tells me get my knees up above the waist Well, I keep my core tight no matter what I do and dig deep Those are the those are the three things that always have to be done Wow, very impressive. Oh Okay, all right, right Wow, oh Wow This is literally my favorite part of minecraft was just digging holes in the ground I’m glad that they found a game that really does tie in to just that aspect of the game. This is a hospital ah, no don’t This is okay. There’s this is pretty cool. I’m down with this. Oh shit, you’re dead. All right. Well, sorry about that cool All right. I’m down for this press fast. But I want to what are we gonna press fast? Oh, that’s dumb Okay, oh hey buddy, how you doing, uh Okay, no, that’s that’s pretty intuitive I thought it was gonna be like a press to sprint kind of thing That’s not too bad. I got I do got a spam it but it’s okay. Ah Oh Shit. Oh Hey, no, don’t follow me. Get blown. Oh shit. Oh, he’s dead. Not sad, okay Is that invulnerability or something probably oh shit. Oh Okay, thank you this is not bad it’s interesting it’s a different concept than what I’m used to but not bad Wow, wow wow Wow, it’s quite satisfying I gotta admit. This would probably be a good mobile game. You know what I mean? What did I just do? Exploded you’re ready for adventure Oh am I I thought I was currently in Advent. Oh, here we go I guess we’re going now. Okay. I thought that was just a tutorial stuff baby stuff This is this is top tier gameplay right here. Oh No My body How am I expecting to get out of this hole that just goes down into in definite forever Because that seems to be a problem for this, okay? Oh wait, I got something here. What do I have? dig deep reward claim, oh It is a mobile game This is available on it. I didn’t think it was a mobile game Okay, it’s a bit of a mobile game but not bad okay, I mean, it’s fun I got no problem with it so long It’s not just a money-grubbing mobile game. Then we got no problems. Ah No, ah, that was a bad move All right. Well, I can’t say that. I’m good at this game yet. Well, I can’t say that I’m ever gonna get good at this game. Good thing I got this new keyboard with mechanical switches, even though I hate mechanical keyboards, but I did get it Why cuz I’m an idiot Boom kaboom. Wait. No. I thought that was gonna go a bit farther than it did. Okay swoosh You know, I don’t like a mechanical keyboard. It’s as I needed two keyboards and one of them’s wireless and one of them’s not no Well, that’s hardly fair. Okay. What is this? Disposable boost? I don’t know. He’s sure. Yeah, okay. All right, you have one Okay, I don’t know what that means but I’m gonna keep going collect ten mega gold pieces fall on an alien and crush it Why are aliens under the ground am I the only one that’s confused by that? I just don’t see how they got under the ground I guess it’s kind of like how the story behind those Gears of War like isn’t that the story behind Gears of War like That it’s kind of underground aliens, or are they aliens? I don’t know. I’ve never actually played the games I was played Gears of War in college with One of the people who lived in my my dorm hall. He would invite me over to play I forget his name But he invited me over to play but we would only ever play like multiplayer Competitive matches because that’s all he wanted to do and I didn’t know how to play the game So I was like dude. Can you explain to me at least like what I’m doing a like? I’m just dying a bunch to you. Who’s the only other person playing this game and like he just would not Yeah, he just wouldn’t explain how the game was played so we just kill me over and over and over again and he’d kill me in the most annoying ways possible because he would like He’d shoot me I get knocked down and there’s like a point where you can get back up and he would just stand over me With like a shotgun or something wait for me to get back up And in the meantime, I can’t do anything he would wait for me to get back up and then kill me straight up Like and he was just shoot me right in the head my head would blow up. I’d be dead horribly dead and then just that was it and that was all we did and that lasted for about thirty minutes and I was like dude this Is not fun for me, Lou whatever man larry’s whatever and just I just remember that so distinctly as being the douchiest way someone could ever invite you to play a game just Kill you and I’m sure that everybody has some kind of experience with something like oh no, I forgot about Myka boomer No, he wasn’t even my friend. No, he was not my friend He was just someone who lived in the same dorm hall and I was bored and I was just like yeah sure We’ll uh, we’ll play. Yeah, I’ve never played by I saw the trailer for that game looks cool You know, I thought that maybe had a co-op campaign or something. This is like, nope He just wanted to kill me a lot over and over again just said use space. What was it supposed to be? I can’t use space anymore. I guess it’s not a thing. Maybe it’s the thing only the beginning Let me blow up again real quick and I’ma blow up or die because I want to use this disposable boosts unit Whatever that is go for it. Use it boost there. Oh That’s nice. Oh, that’s real. Nice. Oh, that’s nice I don’t know what the benefit of gold versus mega gold is. Those are worth one apiece Oh Fifty, oh that’s totally worth it. That’s way better. It’s it beep more It’d be better to go after those versus anything in this game. Okay. All right. Well, you live and learn Davi, oh, oh I can still get it Okay, I miss that but whatever. Okay, I think I get the gist of this game I’m not really too interested in playing this to completion. But let’s just see how far I go with this one run of it and Deal from there. Okay. Now this is a trick, but I’m not chased by aliens. So it’s not that big of it No, no, no. No. Okay. It’s not that big of a trick I mean, this is the kind of game that’s like it’s kind of perfect mobile game because it’s just it’s just a little bit ridiculous Concept but just repetitive enough gameplay. That’s slightly addictive. It’s not bad I got no complaints about this game, but it’s not exactly the kind of game that really sparks my interest. Hey, that’s nice. Oh Wow, hey bonus, just because I usually like either a story if I’m wasting my time Or at least the feeling of a story something like that But right now this one’s a Lulu shit No, no How was I supposed to be able to get out of that one? I guess I could have blown up or whatever All right, so I think we get that game. That’s pretty good We could have been playing together in Gears of War So that guy was just a dick and he just want to blow my head off. All right, so this one’s called Project blockchain Z and I don’t know if this is like some future where cryptocurrency took over the world and they just absolutely destroyed everything and It just created zombie virus for blockchain stuff if that’s even possible. Oh Oh Yeah. Oh That music though. Oh, that’s nice. Let’s just go for it. I get random challenge soldier rookie Ranger other soldier That what you were saying right now the horde of zombies are coming as the captain you must keep the bunker in safe Yeah That’s not a good start find out the survivors across the city destroy the zombies and fight the Raiders resist until the reef or sment Reinforcements arrive. All right, then project blockchain Z is a third-person shooter game with RPG and tactical view mechanics Get ready to defend the bunker Whoa, what happened? ‘J’ to see controls next to consume you blue elements or buttons you can interact with I’m a button Okay was to move mouse wheel to zoom in and out left mouse button move them across with the right What whoa What the hell oh This is battle. Oh Okay Wow, this is not gonna I’m not gonna remember all these but okay the orders are for all your troops why to send quick orders build things with the Z key why this Okay, that’s a lot to take in. Okay siren. Sure They’re right. Hello? Hi buds. Hey, come on over here. Did I press right button? Okay formation line Find cover I don’t think that was cover I’ve already four low bullet time. Okay, Z build a barricade This is kind of cool, I mean if it actually works out, I don’t know if it’s gonna work out But if it does, that’s cool. Alright explosive barrel one there One there ammo box I’m Parently all done Right there, I guess and then mine’s deployer. Sure. Alright mines. There we go. Oh Maybe you guys should get away from that Take oh you don’t take cover then. Okay, let me go most tactical. There we go. Okay you Go there. Okay, so you yeah Just there we okay. All right. Okay. All right, that’s good. I guess cool. Let’s let’s do it then Well, this is inaccurate Okay, I’m concerned about that big one, I don’t know if I should what’s dead never mind that is handy with the distraction Oh Go Go guys, you don’t need to be turned what your legs A little concerned about your leg your legs there, but are that’s fine. Ah I Can see that this is still early in development With like the non finished models, no textures all that stuff. They’re just trying to get the gameplay there That’s not bad. Like this isn’t bad. It needs some more refinement with the the gunplay Oh God world map tutorial I don’t know. What what the hell is that the space bead bunker? Gee, I’m not gonna remember these Manny’s bunker in bunker. You can train troops improve technology bite coins II Oh, White coin that’s funny That’s really funny if you see this icon hover the mouse to get more info Sambi hatches zombies raider storage raiders Survivors, bah, don’t let the survivors count reached zero, okay Right, uh-huh Yep Yeppers peppers, you got it. What do I do? Oh shit. Wait. No. What are you doing? Who’s doing that? I don’t know what I’m doing wait now Jake controls, uh Hmm, okay. Oops. Oh Yeah, I do oh Yeah, I do. Oh, you know where am I? I don’t know where I am. Okay, Oh put that there put that There put this here put a barricade Here gonna put this there and this there all right, whatever let’s just go for it. It wasn’t exactly difficult. So Hopefully it’s not gonna be difficult either. Hey, you guys want to point in the right direction? Maybe I’m not pointing the right direction. Is that zombies? Oh shit. Oh, you guys are right. Okay. Oh shit Okay, Oh, let’s go mano-a-mano in this Hey, look, I’m breathing. You can see my breath Hey, all right you losers you nerds What are the weapons we got here pistol? Well, though the pistol is better than the machine gun was oh Sweet what about shoddy Brad I love it brains, really Really? These guys are brains hungry for brains. You guys want some brains t-posing over there? This is surprisingly well-made for a free game and just to demo at that It’s the present really they spawn out a huge. Okay, they respond they spot out of huge Tombstones perfect, but you see little lesson about game development See now that they’ve got like the gameplay and everything is placeholder All they have to do is just start refining the gameplay down and then replace everything with not placeholder stuff slowly start to flesh it out and Then that’s it you can actually work out pretty well because a lot of games they try to make it look good first and that’s like a big Mistake looking good is not important in the beginning phases of making a game. It just needs to play Well like that is only the thing that you need Let’s go fight some Raiders maybe can only go fast fast like super fast. Can you go here? Why aren’t you going there? All right Never mind. I guess we can’t fight the Raiders Yeah, let’s go. You know, I’m not even gonna we’re just gonna go for it. Yeah, but no, it’s really cool Like I mean the city looks terrible with all its pure white aspects of it It’s not even stylized like superhot but you know, it’s it’s just nice. Hey, how you doing peek-a-boo Peek-a-boo? peek-a-boo. Where’s these? Big old tombstones there. They is man. I don’t even need to do anything. My guys just kill them all anyway jeez, there is a bit too much like Recoil when I shoot it’s just too jarring when the camera shakes like stuff up. It’s like I’m gonna punch to the neck Hey, hey Guys, why won’t you watch my back? There we go easy peasy, hey survive ease, I don’t know if there’s a good thing to go for here But I’m gonna go there doesn’t seem to want to let me go to the Raiders camps, huh? What a group of enemies are attacking me. Okay? All right, let’s go for it Where are they attacking from? Wonder if these guys are actually gonna be any tougher because like in any zombie game the real threat is other people not the zombies Themselves. All right, three two, one contact 1-800 Contacts? Oh hello! Woah my god! Holy crap That’s too many. Alright It says I have grenades but … oh I do Okay. That probably did good Alright, well he’s dead. I need some heals ow. Who did that? Ow Jesus how much you just kill him? Okay Let me get my shotgun. I just want to pop out from corners and just blast people cuz otherwise I’m gonna die No, okay. Never mind. They are. Bullets move fast apparently, oh, but bullets move slow if I do this Smart, I’m smart. Yeah shit wait, maybe not that smart. I’m gonna die. I don’t know how to oh There we go Healing who knew it could be that easy Oh like a dream Ow Ow Ow, Ow, Ow. Ow It’s like I’m playing apex legends I’m gonna be the champion Guys, I’m gonna be the best. I’m already the best. You guys don’t even need to tell me about it. I already know All right, just a few more to mop up. Let me heal It’s like every like every like sixth shot or so it’ll splay off into the distance I have no idea Why one more let me do a sweet 360 no-scope on this one *grunting noises* You see that it’s pretty good right? No, right we Casey died. I’m so sad about that apparently Alright, I guess we gotta get home I think Unless we can go here. Oh That’s fine. I’ll kill all units to win the battle easy I wish there was something or I hope there’s something that’s like a persistent base that you got to build up back home because that would be cool like Oh Do you want to enter blockchainZ’s storage? Yeah Yeah, I do. Yeah Wow Alright, I only have two people left with me. I don’t know how good this is gonna go for me, but sure. Yeah, okay Let’s do this Probably not the best idea is just to run out into the open. Oh Jeez-ums. Can I jump over this? Can I jump on this? Can I please just jump on this I just oh my god There we go. I jumped Yeah, take some of that one of these some of this this is working out real good for me one down tango Down Alright moving up for better cover Never mind. How about one of these? Hoopie All right. Let me get closer for a Kobe. Kobe! Oh shit. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. Heal. heal damn it Nice, like it weren’t no thing it’s like someone using a full heal in in uh in Pokemon This is really cheap and cheesy and just makes you feel real shit, but it’s me doing it. So I feel great. I don’t know what that guy was shooting at but that was dumb. Anyway, I got the level 4, I lost TJ not TJ No not oh shit. Oh Well, hmm that that don’t seem good That don’t seem good. I should probably be home. Well That ain’t good. Um Go to battle. Alright, this is yeah, this is what I was hoping for. Ok Why don’t I have more people with me? I felt like I had more people before All right, whatever. Let’s go for it. Whoa, I got more people Where did y’all come from? Okay. All right, then. Thank you. Thank you for it here. Follow me Wait, wait fuck do they follow me or? Select all platoons, uh here follow. No? just you. Just just you, okay That’s a little bizzare but alright What are you shooting at? That building piss you off? You’ll get him eventually. If you shoot keep shooting enough, you’ll get through the building and eventually you’ll hit your target So just keep keep keep at it. Oh, that’s a lot, but I got grenades Watch this Kobe LeBron Wow Wow you guys suck wow you guys suck Wow you guys suck. Ooh, you’re terrible Ooh Y’all suck No, no, no, no, I don’t even need this site down Oh you suck. I’m the best! Alright, so it’s a little on – ally casualties? How did they die? What? what did they just fall over themselves? Well, that’s not fair. Alright, whatever. I guess. not exactly perfect right now but This is a lot of potential I could see this being a really cool game the game design Aspect of it like the the idea behind it. I really like Group of enemies? Try to flee. I failed to flee. Okay. Well, I guess let’s just see what happens when I die Oh come at me you Bastards, come at me. See look. I got a bajillion people over there *uninteligible scream* Ooh fuck All right, well that was fun, but anyway that it’s pretty good I got to I can’t lie that is not bad That is kind of fun if they had some more refinement to it Like the gunplay was a little better the the actual building was more important like the zombies were a bit smarter in the AI There’s a lot of room here to grow so project blockchain Z is what it’s called not Bad not bad at all. So that was three awesome games Thank you everybody so much for watching if you want to play these games for yourself I’ll provide a link in the description and if you’ve got other cool short Indie games that you want me to play put them down in the comments and check out the huge Playlist of awesome games that I’ve made link is in the description as well. Thanks again And as always, I will see you in the next video. Bye. Bye *ending music*

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