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August 11, 2019

(ominous music) – Run, run, guys! (screams) Guys, that was her roommate, come on! – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That Youtub3 Family! – And we are The Adventurers! – And today, guys, we are
sneaking into Audrey’s apartment. – Shhh! – We got her keys, we made a copy of them, and now we’re going to
sneak into her apartment, and see how long we can last without her or her roommates knowing. (laughs) Now, I dunno if anybody’s home right now, but we’re going to try
and sneak in and find out. – And there’s five of us. I dunno how this is gonna work. – I don’t either.
– And four of them. – Oh no!
– Yeah. – Will we get caught? What do you guys think? – Maybe. – I feel like we probably will, ’cause there’s five of us. That’s a lot of people. – So, when Audrey was at our house last, I saw her key sitting on the counter. I took it, I went to Home Depot, and I made a second set of keys. So, that’s how we’ve got this
key to be able to get in. (laughs) She has no idea. – This is gonna be so epic, guys. – But, before we get started,
make sure you subscribe. – [Katie] We got drinks. We’re prepared. – We just got back from lunch. – [Katie] We’re gonna have
to eat whatever they have. I hope they’ve went shopping soon. (laughs) – Audrey’s always saying
she doesn’t have food. – [Katie] We’re gonna
see how long we can last. Can we last 24 hours? – Oh no! – [Katie] I dunno, let’s go, let’s go! – [David] It worked! (door creaks) – [Katie] Shh shh shh! – [Jordan] Are you going to do that one? – [Katie] Yeah, go, go, go, go, shh, oh! Guys, there’s a candle on, my gosh, okay. This is our first clue,
there’s a candle on. – That mean somebody has to be here, because they wouldn’t just leave it on. – [Katie] Shh, guys! There’s someone here,
because there’s a candle. – There’s chips! – [Katie] There’s chips, where? – Look! – Chips! – [Katie] You found chips! Okay, guys, we found food that we can eat. – [David] Somebody’s keys! – [Katie] Oh my gosh, someone is home! – [David] This is not- – [Katie] That’s not Audrey’s. (group yelling) – [Katie] It’s not Audrey’s keys! – Mom. – [David] Let’s see if we can– – [Jordan] I swear I heard something! – [Katie] Check the windows! (doorknob rattles) – [Katie] Guys, someone’s coming in! Hurry, hide! Hide, hide, hide! – In here! – [Katie] Shh shh shh! Just hide in there! Hide, hide, hide, hide! Jordan, come here! Jordan, you can hide right here! Hide right there! – [Jordan] Okay! – [Katie] Shh, look at this. Jordan is back behind the mirror, hiding. (door creaks) (suspenseful music) – Okay, I dunno who that
was, ’cause I couldn’t see, but I’m hiding underneath
their dinner table. This is so crazy, ’cause I’ve
never met Audrey’s roommates. I have no idea who they are. They have no idea who I am. How crazy would that be if they saw me sitting underneath their table? They’d probably scream
and call the manager! – [Katie] I can see your toes! I gotta go, I gotta go! I’m hiding in her closet. Then we sit. Oh my goodness, guys! I can hear them out there. Okay, I am hiding in a closet. Oh my goodness, I just made a bang! I hear them walking around. Okay, I think I’m gonna go
try to find a new hiding spot. This is cramped. – Audrey says she’s got three roommates. I can’t remember their names,
so if they do catch me, I can’t remember what name to call ’em! I think I’m the only one
up here in the front. I think they all ran in the
back where Audrey’s bedroom and bathrooms are. – [Jacob] Help me! – Oh, I can hear Jacob! I’m gonna sneak out
just a little bit here. Hold on, let’s see. – [Jacob] It’s hard, I tried! – [David] There’s Jacob over there. So, it’s just me and Jacob. Jake, hi! – I need to find a new hiding place! – [David] Get down! – I think someone just went in their room. (door rattles) Did you hear that? Okay, I’m gonna try to
find a new hiding spot. I think they’re in the room. – Ty did say something about snacks. Should we check out their
fridge to see what they’ve got? Let’s do that. (light orchestral music) Oh, she’s got tons of food! Look at all this food, yummy! Oh! I think I’m gonna have some leftovers. – Okay, coast is clear, Jordan! Jordan, come out! Did you see who it was? – No, I can’t see anything! The mirror was like, blocking me! – [Katie] You didn’t see who it was? – They walked right past me, though. – Someone else is coming! Oh, it’s Ty! Did you see who it was? – No, I was in the closet hiding. – [Katie] Guys, do we go to the shower? Where do we go? – I dunno, wait, where is the boys– – [Katie] Wait, there’s two people here! Guys, someone went into
one of those two rooms. Oh, that’s the wash! Someone started laundry! – [Jordan] Oh my goodness! – [Katie] Wait, where’s Jake? – [Ty] There’s Jake! – [Katie] Did you guys see them? – I saw somebody walk by! – [Katie] Two people are here! (gasps) Jake, did you see who it was? – No! – [Katie] What could we do? I almost got caught! I don’t know, should we
hide in their bathroom? What if they have to go to the bathroom? – (laughs) Oh, that would be awkward! – [Katie] But we could hide in
the shower really easy, guys. – True. – I’m going to hurry up
and make some leftovers. This is gonna be awesome! I dunno whose it is, it could be Audrey’s or it could be somebody else’s. (microwave beeps) Do you want some with me? Alright, now I gotta figure
out where their utensils are ’cause I’ve never been in here before. She’s got a bag of straws? Who has a bag of straws? Maybe it’s over here. (gasps) Bingo! Yes! I found a fork. (gasps) I think they’re coming back out! I’m gonna go back under the table. – I’m gonna hide in the bathroom. – I hid in this closet. – Because I think that’s the best place to hide until dinner time. I do have my phone. I’m nervous about sittin’ out
there and watching a movie. Okay, so there is a bathroom
here that has all the cabinets. – [Jacob] Is this Audrey’s room? – [Jordan] I don’t know! – [Katie] That is Audrey’s, is
it locked? (doorknob rattles) Oh, it’s locked! We might have her key to go in. – [David] Okay, here’s my lunch. This is really hard, ’cause again, I’m underneath their table. It’s not very big, so
I’m gonna try to sit down and have my lunch here. (chuckles) But I gotta be quiet and I gotta sit kinda towards the back because
the bedrooms are that way. And, if one of them
come out, they’ll see me if I’m on that side, so
I gotta stay back here. – [Katie] Go get dad and see
if he has the key to unlock it. – Ty, come on. – [Katie] Does it unlock? – [Jordan] Try a different key! Maybe you have it upside down? – [Katie] If we could
get in Audrey’s room, that would be the safest place to stay. If we can’t get in there– – I don’t know what
time she’s gone though, and when she’s back. – [Katie] I don’t think it’s working. – Can I see? – [Katie] Guys, I think someone’s coming! I’m going in the, guys, hurry, hide, hide, hide, hide! Oh my goodness! I’m hiding in the shower! (bottles crash) (gasps) Hide, hide, hide, hide! (all giggling) Jake, hurry, hurry! – I dunno where everybody is. Mom and Jordan (phone dings) ran that way, I haven’t seen them. Oh, they’re texting me. (gasps) Okay, they’re all hiding. Nobody’s been caught yet,
this is awesome, yeah! – [Katie] What do we do,
do we just stay in here? – Yup. – If you guys can lift me up, I could– – If they have to take a shower, this is gonna be so awkward. – [Katie] Oh, we have to sneak
out of here before morning. – Mm-hmm. – [Katie] Or will they shower at night? – [Ty] Did you– – [Katie] Wait, shh! – Girls shower at night? – Can you hear that? – [Katie] Shh. Is that the washing machine? – Sounds like a robot walking. – That’s a person, that’s a person! – [Katie] Wait, guys,
someone’s movin’ around. Do you hear that? – Stay in the shower. – [Katie] Shh! No! Shh! They are in the bathroom with us. We’re gonna get busted I don’t. (gasps) Oh my gosh! I hope they don’t need to use the shower! (toilet flushes) Oh my gosh! Guys, that was so gross! What. Guys, we were in the bathroom
when they came in here. That was gross. (laughs) – [Ty] I saw their arm. – Who is it? – [Ty] I dunno, I just saw their arm. I don’t know. – We don’t know all of Audrey’s roommates. ‘Cause have not met all of them. – [Ty] So, I saw their arm– – So, I don’t know who they are. Guys, I don’t wanna be
stuck in this bathroom when they have to go again! – (laughs) I know! – [Katie] It’s gross! – Can we leave? – [Katie] We need to get outta here. Let’s try and sneak out, let’s sneak out and find a different place. I’m afraid to move,
though, because if I move, I will get caught! – [Katie] Jordan! – I’ve been hiding in here. – [Katie] Jordan, someone
came in and used the bathroom while we were in the shower. – Are you kidding me, eww! – [Katie] We were in the shower
and they flushed the toilet! I don’t know how long we can keep this up! – This is kind of, how are
we gonna hide from them? – [Katie] I dunno, we
can’t stay in the bathroom because what if someone
else goes in there? That’s so ew! – Guys! – [Katie] Did you get in there? – I don’t wanna go in! – [Katie] Is Audrey in there? – Guys, duck down, duck down! – [Katie] Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck! – In case she’s in there! – [Katie] Is Audrey in there? I don’t want Audrey to
catch us either, but if we have to, at least Audrey
could be part of our. We just don’t want– – I see someone, there’s someone in there! – She’s in there. – [Katie] It’s Audrey? Audrey’s home now? – She’s in there, she’s
getting on her shoes! – [Katie] She’s getting her shoes on? That means she’s leaving,
guys, we gotta hide! – We gotta hide! – [Ty] Hurry! – I’m gonna go in here! – [Katie] We gotta hide, I don’t want to go back in the shower! – [Ty] I’m hiding behind the mirror! – [Katie] Ty, in the laundry basket! – [Ty] No, Mom! – [Katie] No Jordan’s gonna hide there. We gotta go, go! – Uh? – [Katie] Guys, they’re coming! She’s gonna leave if she’s
getting her shoes on, that means Ty, under the table, right here! – [Ty] Mom, can you open this! – [Katie] I’ll try to, Ty will be, Jake you go behind the mirror. – Too bad. – [Katie] You’re gonna get caught! We’re all gonna get busted! (gasps) Oh my gosh, guys! (suspenseful music) It’s Audrey, what is she doing? Is she going to a school thing? – What? – [Katie] I don’t think she saw Jake ’cause she has a big dog head on. What is she doing? (Jacob giggles) – [Katie] No, wait, I think she’s leaving. Guys, Audrey– – She had a dog head on! – [Katie] She had a dog head on! I think she’s leaving to some game. – She has a dog mask on! – [Jordan] So weird! – [Katie] Is she going
to a party or a game? – Why do you wear that?
– I dunno! – [Jacob] Mom, she left her door open. – Oh! – [Katie] We can get in there, guys, go! (light orchestral music) – Guys, I was I just
sitting back here in the back of the kitchen and
Audrey walked by. (gasps) Look, I don’t know if you can see her. What is she doing? I don’t think she can see me because I’m in the back of the kitchen. Oh my goodness, oh no, she’s coming back around to the front, oh no! (door creaks) – [Katie] Okay, guys,
we made it to her room. – It looks like she was
setting up her curtains. – [Katie] Audrey left. – She has like, curtain rods and stuff. – [Katie] We could hang
her curtains for her and then she’ll just think
her roommates did it. – Guys, wait, should we find hiding spots, so if she comes we could hide? – [Katie] Yeah. – I don’t know where
we could hide in here. – [Katie] I would rather
get busted by Audrey than her roommates, though. What about Dad? Where’s David? – (whispering) Oh my gosh,
she could’ve easily seen me. This is so crazy. – [Katie] Wait, is
there any food in there? No, she– – It’s only sauce! – [Katie] Ranch dip and salsa! Great, so we get like, sauce! – Cool. – Guys, I found a perfect
hiding spot for me! – [Katie] You can fit,
I can’t fit in there! – [Jordan] Where am I supposed to go? – [Ty] Um, find your own spot. – [Katie] Oh, we can spy out the window and see if someone’s coming. – [Jacob] It’s Audrey’s
friends right here! – I gotta turn the camera off and hide. I’m gonna get caught. – [Katie] If she starts coming, I dunno. – [Ty] If she’s coming, I will hide! – [Katie] Well Ty, Ty’s good,
Ty’s got a good hiding spot. So we’re good.
– You can’t hide there. – [Katie] Let’s go back out. – [Jacob] Wait, I found something. (ominous music) – [Katie] Wait, shh, she’s
in there doing laundry with the dog head, wait, shh! – [Jordan] Audrey’s here! – [Katie] Guys, we’ve
gotta get out of here. Audrey’s gonna come in this room and we’ve gotta sneak past her! – [Jordan] She didn’t leave? – [Katie] Go, go, go! We’ve gotta go! Guys, come on, so she doesn’t see us! Shh, duck, duck, duck! She’s that way, she’s that way! – [Jordan] Shh! – [Katie] It’s the mirror! I thought she was in the laundry room! – [Jordan] It’s so creepy! – [Katie] Wait, does she see us? Or is she waving to herself in the mirror? Duck low guys, duck low, go, go! Ty’s hiding in the bed, we’re just gonna leave him. We gotta go, guys! – Dad’s over here! – [Katie] Ty is in Audrey’s room hiding. Where’s David? – [Jordan] He’s right there! – [Katie] Did you see Audrey? – I did, I saw her! – [Katie] We saw her! – I got her, she walked outside, walked around, then walked back. I jumped back underneath the table. She never saw me! – [Jordan] Why’s she acting like that? – [Katie] I don’t know! – Like, is it, like, is
there like a special– – [Katie] The other roommate has been walking around, too,
because I’ve heard ’em. – Is there like a special
week at this college that like, you’re supposed
to dress up like an animal? Like why else would she be wearing it? – [Katie] I don’t know what’s going on. – [David] Should we go home? – [Katie] Ty is stuck in her room! – Ty’s– – [Katie] And she might be in there! He’s hiding under the bed! (David laughs) – I have to go rescue
Ty, should we all go? – Okay, I think we should
all just like try and go. – [Katie] Shh, real quietly, guys. Quiet, quiet, quiet! – [Jordan] Go, go, go, hide! – [Woman] Hey, what are you guys doing? (suspenseful music) – Wait, run, run! Guys, guys! (screams) Guys, that was her roommate! Come on, guys! – Was that her roommate? – That was her roommate! I don’t even know if I got
her on camera, you guys! – [Katie] Did she say
what, what’d she say? – I don’t know, I have
to play back the footage! I don’t even know what I filmed! Okay guys, we – [Together] Made it out! (engine revs) – That was the car! (laughs) We made it out, but like. – Where’s Ty? – There’s no room for
Ty here, we gotta go! – Ty is still in Audrey’s
room, under the bed! What are we gonna do? – We didn’t even– – She’ll find him, it’s okay – How long did we last for? – I don’t know, I feel like a couple hours but we did not make it to dinner time! – No, yeah, no. – What are we gonna do? – I did eat some of their food, though. – What about Ty?
– Did you? – Wait, they’re probably
going to come out, we should prolly. – We can’t go home and leave Ty! – Audrey will bring him
home when she finds him! – I guess we’re gonna figure this out. Anyway, thank you guys
so much for watching. If you wanna see us do
more in Audrey’s apartment, let us know down in the
comments down below. Make sure to like, subscribe and share and – [Together] Hit the bell! – Aw, that was Ty’s part! – Aw and make today an adventure! We’ll see you all next time! – [All] Bye! – Let’s go, let’s go! – Go, go, go! (suspenseful orchestral music)

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