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24 HOURS – In A Hidden Secret Room / That YouTub3 Family |The Adventurers

August 13, 2019

(country-rock guitar music) – Hi guys, welcome back to, – [YouTube Family] That YouTube Family! And today, we’re on vacation and we rented a house
and so today we figured what we would do, is
we would spend 24 hours in a secret room. – Uh oh. – This house has a secret room that Mom found, and the
rest of us, or some of us. I don’t think everybody
knows where it’s at. – I don’t. – But some of us have
stumbled across it as well. We figured this would be perfect, if we could spend 24 hours
in there, and survive. What do you guys think? – Yeah. – That’d be crazy. – Alright, so what we need to do is we need to all run and
grab a couple of items, whatever you want for the next 24 hours, meet back here in one minute. You ready? Set, go! Alright, 24 hours in a small little room, let’s see what we all grab. (laughing) Alright boys, what are you getting? You’re gettin’, what’d you get Jake? – A phone. – [Dad] You got your phone and a charger. Ty is going for something comfy. Let’s see where the girls are at. Mom’s goin’ for. – A blanket. – [Dad] Oh, Mom’s goin’ for a blanket. – It’s heavy-duty too. – [Dad] Nice, k. – [Jordan] Woo, I’m gonna blanket too! – [Dad] Audrey. – Chips. – [Dad] Oh, it looks
like she’s got some food. – Book. – [Dad] Book. Jordan? – I got chocolate, ’cause that’s my fave. – Ah! I gotta grab somethin’
before the time’s up here. Oh, what do I get, what do I get? – [Jake] Where’s that blanket! Get some headphones, and, oh, I’m gonna get an entertainment… toy. And, oh, I know what I need to get. Tissues. Everybody here? I’m going to grab one more thing. – [Jake] I’m going to grab one more thing. – [Mom] Grab grab grab, hurry guys! Okay, so let’s see what you guys got. Dad? – K, so I got a pad of paper and a pen, so maybe we can play some games. An orange, ’cause I might get hungry. A Pepsi ’cause I might thirsty. Tissues because some people in our family are sneezing right now and they
need something to wipe with. – [Mom] K, weren’t we supposed
to like grab three items? – [Jordan] I didn’t hear that rule. – [Jake] Three items? I didn’t hear that. – [Mom] Oh, usually we only grab three. Well then I’m gettin’ me a Pepsi, hold! – I can’t hold. – [Mom] Hold, hold. I’m gettin’ me a Pepsi, let’s get a Pepsi. I thought we were limited to three items. What? I didn’t know this was grab whatever. – Toilet paper because we
have to use the bathroom. Or, are we going to use the bathroom? – [Mom] Um, where are we
going to use the bathroom. – [Jake] I hope someone got a bucket! – Hopefully everybody used the bathroom. – [Mom] Great. – A pillow so I could sleep. My book so I can read, ’cause
this is a really good book. – [Mom] So I guess we
won’t be talking to you or playing games. – And hot Cheetos because
I might get hungry, and plus it’s very cold downstairs so this will fire me up. – [Mom] And where are you going to drink after you burn your mouth? – My saliva. – [Mom] Great. – [Jake] I got soda, we could trade. – [Mom] K, Ty, what you doin’? – So, I got water and a pillow, my phone and donuts. – Oh ya, I gotta grab my phone too. – [Mom] Yay. Jordan? – I have a coat because it’s
fa-reezing in the basement. Hershey’s Kisses because I love chocolate. My phone and then a backpack with like lotion, Chapstick and a book. – [Mom] The essentials. Jake? – I brought a pillow. I brought a Pepsi. I brought four cups. My phone, my phone charger, and a. – [Mom] Cord. – Cord. – [Mom] K, so I grabbed a blanket, a backpack, my purse, and the Pepsi. So, my backpack and purse, I know have all my essentials,
so we’re good to go. We will last. – You packed a bag before! – [Mom] No, it’s just, I
always care- I’m prepared. Always prepared at all times. K, let’s go to the secret hideout. – [Dad] K, Mom, show us
where the secret hideout’s at ’cause you’re the first one that found it. – It’s down in the cold basement. – It’s down here guys. – [Dad] K, so this looks
like just a normal basement. – It’s a normal room, but don’t you find something very odd right here? – [Ty] Yes. – [Jake] Yeah. – [Mom] What is so weird about this? – [Dad] So, it’s like a bookshelf, and I just thought it was a
bookshelf with no books on it. – Is it a door? – [Dad] And then. – [Mom] Yeah, what? Why would you just have on a bookshelf just some clean clothes soap there. That’s weird. – [Dad] So who woulda
thought to open the door. – [Ty] I tried that but it didn’t work. – [Audrey] And find the secret chamber! – [Jordan] Woo, secret hideout! – How many people know we’re here – Bye. – [Dad] This is going to be our home for the next 24 hours. Aren’t you glad you’re on
vacation to hide in a closet. – Yes, this is exciting. – [Dad] Alright. – [Mom] Family bonding, let’s go! (dramatic orchestral music) – [Mom] There’s so much room. – [Jordan] There’s so much room. – Oh, I can here all the
water going through the pipes. – [Mom] And then you’ll be wishing that you had access to those pipes. – [Jake] Oh, that’s good because
I have to use the bathroom. – [Mom] K! 24 hours have started guys. – [Dad] K, it begins. Let’s first give a room tour. So, it’s really kinda cool, there’s like, there’s rope lighting,
that’s all over here, so it makes it so it’s
bright in every area. It’s actually kind of big for a panic room or an escape room. – Or for an under stairs hideout. – [Mom] It’s got nice textured walls that are variations,
so that’s kind of cool. – [Audrey] And cold. – [Dad] Yeah, and we got
painted Sheetrock right here that’s not really mounted. It only goes halfway up. – [Mom] It’s good. – And also, in case if
you don’t want carpet, there’s a cement flooring over there. – In case you get too hot. This is fun, so now what? Great. – I’m gonna read. – I’m gonna watch. – I’m gonna play. – Okay, everybody on your electronics, kill the batteries, there
is no outlets in here, so we will have (gasps) there’s power. – [Dad] We too have power, woo hoo. – [Jordan] I forgot my charger! – I at least, I got my thing. – Hey everyone, but I don’t have the electric cord that goes in. – I only have a DSI charger,
I didn’t even bring my DSI. (laughing) – Why! – Rats, I should have thunk this through. – [Dad] So what’s over on
the other side of this room? – Ah, cement and flour and paint – [Audrey] Ooh, we got some flour. – [Jake] And that gooey
stuff on the floor. – [Dad] So if we want to
paint the room we could. – [Mom] Hey, might get bored enough to. – [Dad] Yeah. – [Mom] This is fun. – And so that’s what the
door looks like behind us. It’s sealed for 24
hours, we can’t open it. See watch. (laughing) Ope! It’s sealed watch, I can’t open it. Okay, I can open it,
but we’re not going to. – But it is a really cool fort down here. I kind of wish that
the walls were finished and painted all cute like for a kids fort. Like, maybe like a log cabin or something? – That’s what we could
do in our spare time. – That would be cool. – We are spending 24 hours down here, so. – Guys, I’m not wasting my battery. – None of us brought pj’s. – Uh-oh. – He’s in sweats, and so is he, so. – Uh, I’m in jeans. – [Dad] I’m hoping our body heat will warm this room up a little bit, ’cause I didn’t bring a coat. – I’m cozy. – [Dad] Or a pillow. – I’m stealing your blanket. – Me too please. – Okay, so Jake has been
coughing like crazy. Audrey’s starting to get a runny nose. I went to get my vitamins. It’s an empty box. (Dad laughs) So, we’re in trouble. We’re all probably gonna
come out of this sick. – Well, I have vitamin C. – [Mom] Dad has an orange. – Anybody wanna barter with me? – Sure, you want power? – I’m staying towards the door, so that way I can get any
glimpse of fresh air there is, so I don’t get sick. – [Mom] Ty and I are sharing
a blanket and pillow, so we will at least be comfy. And, I dunno, I’m kind of. I’m kind of bored, because when everybody turns on their cellphones all at once in this little room, it is so annoying, obnoxious, and Dad’s the only one that brought earphones, so. – [Jordan] No, I have headphones! – You have headphones? – [Jordan] N-ah-ha-ha. – Well, use them girl,
why are we not using them? Alright do you guys wanna play games so we don’t have to have so much noise? – Play a game! – [Mom] Let’s play a
game, what should we play? – Eeni-Meeny-Miny-Moe. – Let’s play I Spy. – I Spy… – [Mom] I Spy? – I spy something yellow. – [Mom] I spy somethin’ bright. – Yellow and bright and it provides light. I wonder what it is? – [Mom] Uh, is it the rope light? – [Jordan] Oh, you got it! Could play would you rather? – Would you rather… – Would you rather be trapped
in this tiny little room. – Or be in a nuke. – [Mom] Or walk through
an alligator swamp. – Walk through an alligator swamp. (laughing) – [Mom] K, everybody take a nap. (laughs) nobody’s tired. – [Audrey] I’ll take a nap. Goodnight Ty Ty. – [Mom] Okay. – [Audrey] Goodnight Ty Ty. – [Mom] Are we all gonna
chill for a little bit? – [Jordan] Yeah. – I’m gonna take a nap. – [Mom] K, we’ll be back guys. – G’night. – Okay guys, it is dinner time and let me just show you
what has been going on. Instead of sleeping, we’ve
decided to quarantine the sick. So, they’re in a totally
different, like, area. (bronchial cough) – Ahhhh! Ahhh, we’re gonna get sick. So we’ve kind of quarantined them, let me show you the situation. – [Jordan] Here’s the non-sickies. – We’re healthy so far. – [Jordan] Yeah, and
then there’s the sickies. – Hi. – [Dad] Sickies over there. – [Jordan] Yeah, trying
to keep them away from us. We’re trying to build a barrier, like with the pillow and everything. To block the sickness, but
I don’t think it’s working. – Mom, you got any snacks? I’ll trade for power. – Oh, yeah, actually. – [Jordan] It’s dinner time so
we do need to eat something. – I’m hungry! (Jordan screams and laughs) – I’ve got Nutella. I got applesauce. – I want that. – I’ve got some Gardetto’s. – I want some Gar-ge-do’s – And I have Hickory Farms sausage sticks. – How much is a sausage stick? – [Jordan] Thanks, me! – Wait, how much is a sausage stick? – [Mom] What will you trade me? What do you have to trade? – Well, you’ve gotta give me an amount. – I’ll trade you a donut. – How much is a sausage stick? – I’ll give you two for your phone. – Can I use a coupon on that? (laughing) – [Mom] What is that? Ewww. – From the dusty corner. (Jordan laughs) – We’re sharing. – [Jordan] Oh, they traded for power. – How many toilet paper
slices would you like? – I probably will need those. – I’ll give you two 1-ply’s. Oh, that one ripped. – [Jordan] (laughs) two
1-ply toilet papers. – For what, a sausage? – Yes. – Can I have one of the
sausage for a donut? – This is for you to use
the bathroom tonight. – [Dad] Here I’ll take a. – I’ll take the donut
later, keep it in there. – K. – [Jordan] There’s a lot
of trading going on guys. – I may need toilet paper,
so this might be a good deal. – Wait, you can trade it later. – This is chintzy toilet paper. – [Jordan] It’s like
see-through basically. – I want two more. – You gotta trade it. – [Jordan] It’s already contaminated. – This is not good quality
toilet paper, aha, I got ripped. – I don’t know about you guys,
but I’m not making any trades because, yeah, I don’t wanna
have any of the sicky stuff, so I’m gonna have gum and chocolate. – [Jake] I want gum! – No! – There’s water going down the pipe. – There’s water! – [Audrey] There’s
someone in the bathroom. – Somebody’s in the bathroom? – Someone’s in our house. – Somebody’s in our hou- What? Is somebody in our house? – [Audrey] Dad, did you lock the doors before we came down here? – No. – Dad! – Someone’s in the house. – It’s the neighbors. – Somebody’s using the bathroom. – [Audrey] What if
someone comes and finds us in this little room? – Show me, show me, show me, show me. – I don’t know if you can hear this? – [Mom] It’s shaking. – But, all of a sudden,
water started running through the pipes, and we’re, we were the only people in the house. Now I’m thinking there
might be somebody upstairs, either using a shower, dishes, toilet, I don’t know what’s going on. – [Jake] Oh, it’s probably the laundry. – [Mom] Let’s stay here til they’re gone. – But, uh. – [Jake] It could be the laundry. – That’s kinda scary
’cause that’s the drain that we need to use, and
if water’s going down it, we can’t use it. – Hey. The sick ones don’t get the warmness. – [Mom] That’s true,
’cause we have the blanket. – [Jordan] And we have the carpet. – [Mom] So since you’re feeling sick, we’ll just make you sicker, no blanket. – That’s it, I’m breaking free. Stupid tiles are in the way. – [Mom] Don’t move ’em. Don’t move ’em, they’ll break. – I can’t fit through this one. – [Mom] Alright, let’s eat the rest of
our dinner and be back. Okay, so it’s getting pretty late, we’ve been kind of bored trying to come up with things to do, so we’re in the middle
of playing Psychiatrist, it’s now my turn. – [Audrey] It’s two a.m. – It’s, what time is it, Jordan? – Two, o’ two a.m. – [Mom] Yeah, it’s two, it’s after two. – Wow. – [Mom] And Dad is now
over with the sickies. – I was banned. It’s ’cause I did a little cough, and it was just to clear my throat, and now I’ve been
banished to the sick side. – And now I’ve got all
this space to myself. – [Mom] Yes, it’s a lot
more roomy over here. So, is your disease. – Well, basically how you play this game, if you don’t know, is that
Mom’s gonna be the doctor. Everybody else has a mysterious sickness, that she doesn’t know about and she has to try and figure
out what’s wrong with us, so. – [Mom] Is your disease
somethin’ that you’re cold? – Are you kidding me? – Yes. – [Mom] What? – [Jordan] That was it! – [Mom] It’s ’cause how Dad’s
sitting, like he’s cold. – I am cold! (laughing) – That’s just the disease. – [Mom] Yay, I won (laughing). – [Dad] Well that was easy. – [Mom] Alright Jordan, your turn. – Okay. – [Mom] You’re the doctor. – La lalalala lala… – [Jake] Let’s all put. – [Mom] We’re, we, we We’re afraid of the light. – [Dad] K. – La lalala. – [Ty] Doctor! – [Mom] Doctor! – Hello. The doctor is in. Okay, you’re all afraid of me. Uh, you’re afraid of the light. – [Mom] A-ha, you got it! (laughing) – [Mom] Wow, this game’s
working really well guys. – It’s ’cause it’s too late, we’re tired. – I just want to go to sleep but I also want to stay up, ’cause I wanna figure
out who’s in our house. ‘Cause the water keeps running randomly. – [Mom] (yawns) I don’t
think I’m going to make it. – Alright, let’s go to sleep and we’ll get up in the
morning and do something. – [Mom] I’m so tired. – Okay guys, it’s probably
like, four a.m. or something and everybody’s sleeping,
I’m awake still though. I’m trying to. (Mom coughs) I think Mom is sick. Mom? – Jordan, I just wanna sleep, don’t. – [Jordan] Are you coughing? – No. – [Jordan] Oh, you’re sick! – Stop. – [Jordan] Mom, go to quarantine. – [Mom] I don’t want to,
I don’t feel like it. – [Jordan] Mom, you’ve
gotta go to quarantine, I don’t want to get sick. Go to the dar-, go to the other side. – [Ty] Get in jail. – [Jordan] There’s Jake. Mom, you’ve got to go to the quarantine, go to the other side. – [Ty] We’ll keep your blanket. – [Jordan] Ty and I
don’t want to get sick. – [Ty] We keep your blanket. – [Audrey] Come to blame
the quarantine side. – [Jordan] You gotta join the sickies. (coughing) Goodbye, Mom. Sorry, Ty and I don’t want to get sick. – [Dad] It’s cold over here. Did you bring your blanket? – [Jordan] Yeah, but that’s
only for the non-sickies. I don’t want to get sick. – It’s so cold. – [Jordan] Right Ty? – Yep. – [Jordan] I don’t want to get sick. Don’t get sick on me now. – K. – [Jordan] I’ll stick you in quarantine. – You don’t get sick. – [Jordan] Jake is like, let me out. It looks so squishy over there. Okay, this is why I’m not getting sick. – I have so much room now. – [Jordan] Let’s go to
sleep, it’s way too early. Goodnight. – Wake up! I’m bored. (coughing) I wanna play a game. Hey! Are you sneezing? – No. – [Ty] You are! You go in the quarantine. – No Ty, I don’t want to
go in the sick quarantine. – [Ty] You’re sick. – Ty. – [Jake] Join us. – Don’t Ty. – [Ty] You’re sick. – You just want the space
to yourself don’t you? – [Ty] No, you’re sick. – Fine, I’m taking these with me. – [Ty] I see these tissues on the floor. Hey, take your little tissues with you. – I’m taking this with me then. – I’m sick in quarantine. – This is ridiculous. – It’s too squishy. – My legs are all cramped, I can’t move. – My back is so sore, that
was the worst night ever. – Are you enjoying your
time over there, Ty? – I can’t sit down anymore. – [Audrey] Look at him, he’s just enjoying little life
over there all by himself. – [Mom] Him, Ty and Jordan,
kicked me over here. (coughing) – He gets all the space,
and then look at us, we’re so squished over here. – [Dad] Squished with the sickies. – I don’t wanna be sick, waaaah. (laughing) – [Mom] Sure looks comfy over there, Ty. Lots of room for one little kid. ‘Course you don’t get to play with us now. – I don’t care. – [Mom] We’re playing a game. – One minute left! K, that’s fun. (laughing) – I’m breaking down the barrier! Break out of quarantine. – [Dad] I’m outta here, k. – It’s about time anyways. – They used all the tissues. – [Audrey] Get me out, I’m
never coming back down here. – [Mom] Don’t step on those boards. – What else did I bring in
here, I don’t even remember. – We’re breaking free, we’re soaring. – [Dad] Well, that was fun. – [Mom] Was that fun? – I don’t know if I’ll
ever do this one again. – [Mom] I’m sore. – I can’t move. I don’t know if I’m gonna be
able to stand up straight. – [Jordan] Jokes on you, wait. – [Dad] Ahhhh. – Jokes on you guys,
you’re not allowed out. – [Mom] Yeah right. Bust free, we got to break through. Break through. – She locked us in. – [Mom] She’s holding it. – [Jordan] You could
freeze for hours in there! – Nope, my alarms’ going off, we’re good. – [Mom] We can go out, we can go out. – Okay, bye Mom. – [Mom] No. – Finally, the 24 hours is up. Everybody else is gone. I’m breakin’ out of here. Thank you guys so much for watching, make sure to like, subscribe and share, hit the bell, and let us
know what other videos like this, 24 hours, you want to see in the comments down below. We’ll see you next time, bye! – Bye. – No! – [Dad] Nope, you’ve got to stay here for another 24 hours, ha ha ha ha!

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