August 14, 2019

(playful music) – Hi guys, welcome back to– – [All] That YouTube Family! – And, today we’re at Sam’s Club, and we’re going to spend 24 hours here. Some of us are building box forts, some are just trying to survive. We’ll probably have to build a fort to hide at night, though, so
however it works, 24 hours. So Jake and Ty are
actually going to split up, and I think they’re gonna
build a fort for 24 hours, so they’ll be by themselves. Jordan will be doing her own thing, probably building a fort, and Audrey I think is
going to wander the store. – For 24 hours.
– For 24 hours. So be sure to check out All
Around Audrey, JustJordan33, and Jake and Ty. – And those videos will be posted there. – Yeah, we’ll leave a link. as soon as they put their videos up, they’ll be going up this week. As soon as they do, we’ll link it down in the description
box and in the comments, so subscribe to all those channels. You don’t want to miss this,
this is gonna be funny. Then let us know which
family member did the best 24 hours in Sam’s Club. – In the comments down below. – Yes, and on each other’s. – [Dad] How long do you think
it’ll be before we kicked out? – I don’t know. – [Dad] I think we get kicked
out in less than five hours. – No. – I’m hoping I can last
the entire 24 hours ’cause this is a big store, and there’s actually a lot of areas that you could build a box
fort, so that’s my game plan. – You’re taking supplies to your box fort? – Yeah. – Okay.
– All right. – So this should be fun. – All right, let’s split up, everybody go. – Whoo! – [Dad] You guys gotta go your own way. – Oh, you gotta go that way, boys. Come on, that way. – These couches are comfy. – All right, so the kids all
took off, they scattered. Some went to wander the store,
some went to build forts. What’s our plan. – I’m thinking that I’m just
gonna sit here on this couch for 24 hours, what do you think? – Sit on the couch, we have some shopping that we need to do anyway. And actually, dad saw
something really cool that’s straight across
from us that we should get. – Yes. – What are we getting? – Here, I’ll go show you
what these things are. This is really cool ’cause
this’ll actually work in our box fort. So there are these lights and
they’re remote controlled, so you push the burton and they come on. You can make them different colors. And I’m thinking if we
put these in the box fort down the hallways, where it’s a little bit darker, I think it would be really cool. You can have all the
different colors change. You can have them bright,
you can have it dim. I think this will be cool, so watch for this in an upcoming video, because I’m thinking
we’re gonna have to make a purchase on these. What do you think? – Yeah, I like them, so should
we go get a shopping cart since we know we’re gonna
probably pick up lots of items since we have nothing
better to do for 24 hours. Let’s go shopping, I say. – Yeah, ’cause I actually
found a couple other things. So we’re actually going to work
on a couple of prank videos. And seeing how we have all those balls down in the basement, I’m thinking we can prank the girls
because they have no idea. But there’s a couple things
here we need to pick up so that we can make that happen. – All right, let’s get a cart. (Shoppers chattering) – Dinner time.
– It’s time to eat dinner. I got my pizza. – I got a churro and a hot dog. – Oh yay.
– Yeah, buddy. – I don’t know if you
guys ever do this or not, but sometimes when I come into
these stores or phone stores, I like to come in here
and change all the items to our family or the kids. (upbeat music) So here is today’s latest video. Oh.
– This is so loud. – [Dad] I don’t know how
turn the volume down. – [Mom] Hey, what are you guys doing? Were you watching a movie? – Yeah, the movie just ended. It was singing the move it song. – [Mom] What did you watch? – The something king, the Lion King? – Lion King?
– Yeah. – [Mom] Have you guys been having fun? – Yep.
– Yeah. – [Mom] That’s awesome. Now, y’all are playing.
– Yes. – [Mom] That’s so loud. – Here we go. There you go. So this will play while we’re here today. – [Mom] Awesome. – Gotta keep trying. Shhh.
– No, dad has it set. Oh, he logged you out. – Okay, so gotta get some more tape because with a box fort, you never have enough tape. – [Mom] And I got glue. – Glue, wonder what for.
– Yeah. – And this is not for a
video or a prank or anything. – [Mom] It’s for clean clothes. – This is for cleaning clothes and that’s what it’s designed for, kids, and that’s what you use
it for, to clean clothes. – [Mom] For nothing else. – So what this is is this is stretch wrap and I’m gonna take this and I’m gonna put it
like across the doorway. And then we’re gonna put all those balls in a certain room. And then somebody is gonna get pranked, so watch for this in a future video. So it’s like 5:00 a.m.
and this says it’s open. I don’t know, I don’t see anybody here, maybe it’s just the workers that are here. But I don’t know, you
can’t lie with the sign. Okay, so I haven’t found mom for a while. I’ve been shopping getting
all this stuff here. So I’m just trying to figure out. Oh my gosh, she is here
asleep, are you kidding me? Wake up.
– Oh my gosh, you scared me. – [Dad] What are you doing? You can’t sleep. – What?
– You gotta stay awake. – I’m so tired, I don’t wanna stay awake. – [Dad] Nice, how long
you been laying here? – I don’t know, probably
just five minutes. – [Dad] Sure, I haven’t
seen you for like two hours. – I don’t know.
– Nice. Well, is it comfy, at least? – Yeah, it’s actually, yeah. Pretty good. – [Dad] If you were to buy your next bed, would you buy it from here? You are tired. – Yeah, maybe. I probably would. – Would you?
– Yeah. It was good, it was a
good nap, little nap. Let’s go, what have you been doing? – I’ve been shopping.
– Oh. – [Dad] I’ve been filling up the cart. – All righty, great. Well let’s go find some more stuff. – [Dad] All right. All right, I found the lights. I’m gonna grab these because I think these will be super fun. In fact, I’m gonna grab
two sets of these lights. This should make the box fort super bright as we go through this. I gotta go find mom because
she took the shopping cart. I don’t wanna carry these
all around the store. So let’s see if I can find mom. She was over here at one time
laying on the beds sleeping. Now I don’t see here. Let’s see if we can find, oh, the bakery. It’s not Saturday, but I wonder if they have some
samples out that I could get ’cause I’m kind of hungry. That piece of pizza has worn off. And it’s morning time and
it’s time for breakfast, and I’m hungry. I could eat some apple pie for breakfast. Oh yeah. Okay, comment down below which
cake you would like to eat. Would you like to have this
big one here in the middle, cupcakes, or a big chocolate cake? Comment down below which kind
of a cake person you are. I personally would like the
chocolate cake with milk. Oh, fruits. The bad thing about here
is these are not open and you can’t just take
a couple and munch on like you can like at normal supermarkets. So again, I don’t have the shopping cart so I gotta go find mom so
that I can get some stuff and put in the cart. Okay, so I don’t know
if you guys ever saw it, but we filmed here last
year, we filmed the sardines. And in one of the video shots, there was a girl that was stuck between this freezer here and this bumper. Comment down below if
you ever saw that video and if so, did you think that was funny. She was stuck right
there between these two. Okay, I heard the boys were
gonna make a fort somewhere. I don’t know where they’re at. But if I was to make a fort, I would probably be in
this section over here. Actually, forget the fort, I would just come sit here on the couch. Look, there’s some guy down
there already sleeping. I think I’m gonna join him. Except I’m gonna sit on
this chair right here. Actually, one thing I
noticed on this chair is if you pull this down, you can actually plug in your phone and have a drink at the same time. Nice, I think this is
where I’m gonna hang out, is right here. Maybe I’ll catch a little bit of sleep. All right, I think I
slept for about an hour, it’s time to go find mom. Oh, there she is. I knew you were gonna
be sitting here by this. You want that for your new
office chair, don’t you? She leaves. (chuckles) Are you spying? – I’m hiding.
– You’re hiding? – Yeah, I’m bored, so
I’m just scooting myself around the area, around here on the chair. – [Dad] Nice. – Actually, I’m just chilling here. – [Dad] There you go. Okay, so what do you wanna do next? – It’s really awkward when people walk by and you’re spinning around
in a chair goofing off. – [Dad] I know, it was easy
when it was like midnight in the middle of the
night and nobody was here. – It was so much easier. – [Dad] Now there’s like all these people walking up and down the aisles. – I snuck over to the beds and
Jake and Ty were over there. – [Dad] They were supposed
to be in their box fort. – They were not in their box fort, they were over there. – [Dad] They got scared? – I think they must have got scared. – Nice.
– I don’t know. So that’s one of the comfy places. Do you want to do, ’cause we
still have quite a bit of time, do you wanna do a secret ninja? – [Dad] Yep, let’s do one. – Okay, let’s get the ninja cards. Okay, so let’s pick out one. – [Dad] So you got a ninja card. – We could either design a new sneaky card or use only our non-dominant
hand for the day. Which one do you wanna do? – [Dad] Let’s do non-dominant
hand for the day. – Okay, so for the rest of the day, we have to use, until we
get out of this Sam’s Club, we have to use only our non-dominant hand. So for me, that’s my left hand. – And for me, it’s my right. So for me, I get to use my right hand. So I guess I’m gonna pick up
everything with my right hand. – [Mom] You can’t hold that
cart with your left anymore. – All right.
– Starting now. – Here we go. – [Mom] Have fun steering that. It’s probably more
awkward now to steer it. – Not yet, but it probably will as you continue to fill it up. – [Mom] Yeah, as it gets heavy and you have to push awkwardly and you zigzag into people and things. – Do we need 55 pounds of dog food? – [Mom] Let’s do it, challenge accepted. – Okay, we’re gonna go see if we can build the toilet paper fort with only our non-dominant hand. – [Mom] Oh yeah, let’s do it. – There’s so many people
here during the day. – [Mom] There are, and have
you seen the kids’ forts yet? I don’t even know where they hid. – I have no idea. – [Mom] I’m excited to find out where. – I think I saw Jordan,
but I didn’t see her fort. – [Mom] Yeah, I’ve bumped
into them a couple times, but I don’t know where they’re staying. – Me neither. Wherever it is, it’s pretty hidden because I’ve walked up
and down every aisle about 30 times. – [Mom] I wonder who had the best spot. – I don’t know. – [Mom] Which one was the most creative? – Mine. – [Mom] You haven’t got one. What, staying on the couch? – Oh, almost ran into a wall. – [Mom] Oh, close. – Ready, here we go. I can only do it one-handed. – [Mom] One-handed only and
he’s trying to build a fort. And not get caught. With a camera, awkward. We have to hurry and put it
away whenever someone comes so it’s not weird. You got this, you got this. (cheerful music) I gotta wait till the coast is clear. – There’s so many people. – [Mom] There are so many people today. – [Dad] Hurry. Okay, which one? (giggles) (baby babbling) (playful music) There’s somebody coming. Okay, the coast is clear, come on out. – Is the coast clear? – The coast is clear. The worker left. That was so inconspicuous. (laughs) Okay, our 24 hours is
up, and thank goodness because our shopping cart is full. – [Mom] Yeah, we got
kind of a lot of stuff. – And we got kind of a lot of weird looks throughout the day, so let’s
go try to find the kids and let’s go home and open some mail time. – [Mom] Yay, we get our own beds. – Yeah, oh, I think they’re over there. I saw them. I bet they are bored. – [Mom] Probably, ’cause it
has been a long 24 hours. I got tired of finding things to do. – There they are. – [Mom] There’s that little playhouse. – [Dad] Look at them,
they’re all chilling out. – [Mom] What are you guys doing? – Waiting for you.
– chilling. – [Mom] How was it, how was your 24? – Mine was actually pretty good, it was really comfortable
and entertaining. I found a lot of things to
do, so mine was successful. – [Mom] Do you think
you had the best fort? – Yeah, I had a pretty good fort. – [Mom] I can’t wait to see it. How was yours? – I got kicked out. – You got kicked out?
– Yeah. – [Mom] Of the store? – Of a section of the store, so you’ll to check out my video to see. – [Mom] What were you doing? Oh, I can’t wait to see. – I can’t tell you. – [Mom] That’s not good. – Yeah, it was embarrassing, I got stuck. – [Mom] You got stuck somewhere
and then got kicked out? – I got stuck and they
caught me while I was stuck. – Okay, I’m gonna go
home and edit her video because I gotta see this. – [Mom] Yeah, now dad wants to edit. He’s like, the first
time I want to edit ever. – The only time. – [Mom] Wow, okay, check
it out, All Around Audrey. Boys, how was your 24 hours. – Good.
– Good. – [Mom] Are you ready to go home? – Yeah. – [Mom] Let’s get out of here. It’s up, time’s up. – This is from Abigail in North Carolina. (cheers) – Aw, we’ve got some many letters. To That YouTube Family. – Oh, she made us each
letters, that’s cool. – We’ll read those off
camera, that is so sweet. – Those are packaged so cute. – [Dad] That is cool. – That’s really cool. – Ty. Dad.
– Nice. – [Dad] Okay, thank you. – To– – Family.
– Family. – Okay. – And I think she wants
us to write her back. – Okay.
– Oh wow. – We will do that for sure. – Awesome. – And we got treats. (cheers) – [Dad] Wow, what are these, like hearts? – I think these are, are these Shopkins? Yeah, they’re Shopkin hearts. – [Dad] Oh wow. – That’s actually so cool. – That was so sweet. And she even picked
them out to each of us, look, she put little tags on them. – That’s awesome.
– That is neat. – That was cool, thank you, Abigail. – Thank you. – That’s awesome and you’re so cute. You sent your picture along
too, and what a sweet, oh, you’re so cute looking. Sweet looking girl. – This letter comes
from Gabby and Georgia, and they decorated the
letter so cute, look at this. When you open up the letter.
– That’s funny. – Oh my goodness, that is so adorable. And then also, oh my gosh,
you are such a good artist. You bubble, like, made all of
our names in bubble letters and drew us each a picture
and decorated the cards and I love your handwriting. This is the cutest thing ever. – [Dad] Oh, that’s cool. – Look, oh my gosh, I love it. So that’s my letter, here’s Audrey’s, mom’s, dad’s, you got some metallic, oh. – [Dad] Oh, and the chick
from when I did that chicken and a biscuit.
– Oh, chicken and a biscuit. Yeah. And then Jake and Ty. – [Dad] Wow, she’s a good artist. – Yes, so we’ll read those off of camera, thank you so much, Gabby. – Okay, so this comes from Cadence. And Cadence is from Australia. – Oh, I love Australia. – Yes, and they have a
pet fish and a pet dog and their fish’s name is Clyde. – [Dad] Nice. – I love that you named your fish. We name some of ours as well. And their dog’s name is
Tank, that’s awesome. What kind of dog would be
named Tank, what do you think? – [Dad] I’d say a bulldog. – Would you think it’s
a little or a big dog. – I feel like it’s kind of a big dog. I’m guessing doberman
pincher, but I don’t know. – Okay, it’s a German wire-haired pointer. – Oh, those are kind of– – [Dad] Oh okay, it’s about the same size. – Yes. – I’m kind of close, this is so cute. – Okay, and Cadence wants
us to make more Minecraft sardines videos. – Yeah, we’ll have to do some of those. – Yes, we will. Thank you so much for your
letter and for all your pictures. That’s awesome. – I hope you enjoyed that
video of us spending 24 hours in Sam’s Club. I know I did, it was really crazy. At one time, it was like really quiet, you know, kind of during
the middle of the night. And then it got like super busy. And then all these people
were like looking at us, it was kind of crazy. – Yes, it was. Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, make sure
to give a big thumbs up, subscribe, and hit the bell. We’ll see you all next time. – [Both] Bye. (playful music)

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