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24 Hour Overnight Challenge In Sams Club / AllAroundAudrey

August 12, 2019

(soft rock music) – Hi guys! It’s Audrey and today
I’m gonna be spending 24 hours in Sam’s Club. (shushes) So, this is a little crazy,
I’ve never done 24 hours in a public place before like this. So, I’m just gonna bring
you along my journey and hopefully not get caught. (whistles) It’s five o’clock p.m. almost dinnertime and since I’m already in the chair aisle, let’s test out all the chair cushions and find the perfect one. This one’s nice, nice, and soft, and cup holders. – You can charge your phone.
– Phone charger. – Oh, by the way,
Jordan’s behind the camera and if I run into my other family, it’s because they’re filming videos. So, be sure to check them out too, link’s in description. Okay, let’s check out the other chairs. It’s a rocky one, woo! (laughs) This one’s good. It’s like a bed. Oh, I wonder how many
people have sat on this. Oh my gosh, it’s a slide! (laughs) There’s a lady right there. Okay, let’s walk over. (gasps) Will, Will, Will, are you there, Will? – [Jordan] Will. – Comment down below if
you know where that’s from. – [Jordan] Will. – Where should we go next? – [Jordan] Good question. – Let’s go try on some clothes. – [Jordan] Oh, look at those dresses. You could do a model runway, I don’t know if they
have your size though. ‘Cause that looks like– – It’s prom season. Well, almost. Would this fit me? Actually it’s–
– Actually yeah, actually it might work. I don’t know. – Fashion look number one, you ready? I’m gonna walk down the hall. – [Jordan] Alright. Then, I say you should
try this one on next. – Okay. Ready? (dance music) Comment down below your favorite one. – [Jordan] Yeah. – There’s a lot of noises going on here. – [Jordan] I think they’re like restocking or something ’cause– – And everyone keeps walking passed me and staring at me. (laughs) – [Jordan] That’s not your cart. Goodbye. (giggles) – I think it’s dinnertime,
let’s go get some food. – [Jordan] Yes. – [Audrey] Look at all the food options, what should I get? I think I’m gonna get a chicken sandwich and an Icee. – [Jordan] A sandwich? Yeah, pull that out, and then hide the names and everything. – Thank you. – [Jordan] Yum! – This is a big slushie. I’m done eating and my mouth is all red. And I found some sleeping
bags, look at this. I think I’m gonna use this to sleep in but we have to go find a
place that no one will see me. So, let’s go find a good hiding spot. (beeping) – [Woman] Excuse us. – [Jordan] I’m sorry. – [Woman] No, you’re fine. – Okay, I found the toilet paper aisle. – [Jordan] That was a close call. – They’re right there. Oh no. What am I gonna do? Time to build a fort. – [Jordan] So beautiful. (soft rock music) – Around the corner, they’re restocking and I just barely
finished building my fort. So, I’m worried they’re gonna find it and take it down. But they won’t leave. (laughs) (sighs) I just want to go to sleep
and I can’t finish my fort. (laughs) I keep hearing walkie-talkies everywhere. (gasps) Hurry, hurry! – [Jordan] They can see through this side! (laughs) – Is there someone there? – [Jordan] No, you’re good. – Okay. Alright guys, I’m gonna go to sleep. Goodnight! What time is it? Guys, it’s 10:00 a.m. I slept in for so late and I
didn’t have any interruptions. So, let’s go see if I
could find some breakfast. Let’s go put this back and find some food. This was actually really comfy and soft, recommend. There were some people in
the aisles when I woke up. That was awkward. I slept in for so late. Like, 10:00 a.m. So, they don’t have the food
court open for breakfast yet because they’re still cleaning. So, there’s a free sample over there. I’m gonna go get what they have. Let’s go. Yes! It’s food. Okay. – [Woman] Enter email
to get instant savings of two dollars off any Babybel– For this limited time offer today. – It’s not working. (beep) – [Woman] Enter email
to get instant savings of two dollars off any
Babybel snack cheese. – No! I just want one of these. I’ll just wait ’till lunch then. It didn’t work. Oh, let’s go smell the roses. ♪ We’re painting the roses red ♪ ♪ We’re painting the roses red ♪ – Gosh. Okay, all flowers smell the same to me. – [Jordan] Somebody walks by. (laughs) Which one’s your favorite? – Oh, this one. White roses. I’m gonna get on top of this. Even though there’s a
camera right over there. Ta-da! ♪ I’m on top of the world, hey ♪ ♪ I’m on top of the world, hey ♪ – Okay. Where should I go next? I think I’m gonna, I think I’m gonna hide in the food aisles and then scare someone that comes out. Let’s go in here. There’s some people right there. (sings) Just going in between the aisles. Oh, free samples. I think I hear someone coming. (screams) – Hey, found mashed potatoes. – [Audrey] Did I scare you? – No. (laughs) – ‘Kay guys, I’m done eating lunch. I got a fruit cup because
it was kind of like a breakfast, lunch, actually
it was more of a lunch, but I still felt like eating breakfast. But I walked into the tire aisle, my feet are so squeaky. (shoe squeaks) Okay, let’s see if I can fit in a tire. Challenge complete. Level two. Challenge complete. Level three. Challenge complete. My foot is stuck. Help. – [Jordan] Hi. – [Man] Yeah, I can’t have
you guys get into those. – [Jordan] Oh, sorry. (laughs) Here, oh, your foot’s stuck. – [Audrey] What? – [Man] Do you guys need any
other help with anything? – [Jordan] No, I think
we’re good, thank you. (laughs) – Challenge ends there. Got kicked out of the tire section. (laughs) – [Jordan] Busted. – Let’s see what movies are playing. Wow. So fascinating. (laughs) Wow, I love commercials. What time is it? (gasps) I’m done! I’m done with my 24 hours! Okay, well, that was fun. Besides getting kicked out of a section, and stared at weirdly while I was making a little fort, it was actually pretty fun. Okay, I’m gonna leave. Bye! Goodbye, Sam’s Club! Alright, it’s mail time! I am back from Sam’s Club. And the first letter is from, Jenna in New Jersey. She says, hi Audrey, my name is Jenna. I am nine years old and
I’m in fourth grade. I hope you mail me back
and I love your channel. Thank you so much Jenna
for your sweet letter and for your drawing. It looks like she’s watching
me on her tablet, I think? That’s awesome, thank you so much! The next letter is from
Andy, in Washington, and she says that her favorite
thing about my channel is well everything! (laughs) That’s awesome. And she says that her
and her sister Taylor, really want to make a YouTube channel too but her parents don’t
want her to make one yet. So, what I would suggest, just keep on making your
private own little videos and then maybe when you’re older your parents will let you do it. I know when me and Jordan
were really little, we used to always put
on like plays and skits for our family and then
when we were older, we were allowed to make a channel. So, I just say keep making
your little private videos and also like, do some
performances for your family, ’cause that is still fun. So, and then maybe when you’re older, you can have your own channel. But thank you so much
for your letter Andy. That’s it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did give it a big thumbs up. Also, subscribe if you haven’t already. Turn it from a red to gray, and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a new video. I’ll see you guys next time, bye! (soft rock music)

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