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August 19, 2019

you think anyone in this game is
guessing that I’m in a hot tub right now oh I’m concerned about the creaminess of
my hands Logan look like do they just keep go hi can i order a small pepperoni
pizza also my hands in my feet are tingling
it’s Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are
doing a brand new 24-hour challenge what are you doing on the backyard fresh air
Jake Logan that’s not fresh air back there oh if you guys have noticed but it
is freezing cold out it’s not summer yet Logan believes haven’t come out where’s
the grass where’s the Sun I haven’t seen the Sun six months I’m going crazy Logan
we’re getting so sick and tired of waiting for summer and all the flowers
to grow so we decided to grow our own flowers but today we are bringing the
fun to you and that’s because we are doing another 24-hour challenge Logan
but this time it is gonna be outside in a hot tub take that in in a hot tub but
you guys are probably wondering Papa Jake how did you get this hot tub well
that’s because my friends over at Hustle castle sent it to me they sponsored this
video with their game hustle castle it is an amazing game that I have currently
been playing and I wanted to share it with all of you guys in Hustle Castle
you get to become a lord of a genuine medieval castle and basically run it
like a king you get to do sweet stuff like expand your castle and keep
improving your troops so that you can attack other castles like check this out
watch me destroy this guy one of my favorite things though about this game
is just how detailed and amazing it looks when you’re looking at all your
different rooms and your dwellers can be upgraded and updated in any way you want
look this girl was her Archer now she’s like a magic woman I gave her a stick
with a head on it kind of scares me but it’s pretty cool the story mode is also
amazing because you get to take on creatures like orcs skeletons and so
much more you guys download muscle castle completely for free for iOS as
well as Android using my link in the description you’re not only supporting
us but you’re also getting yourself in awesome present this president includes
250 diamonds and 3500 gold so guys huge shout to hustle Castle
respond sir in this video and if you do decide to download it you can actually
join me in playing by hitting up my clamp
it’s the Papa Jake fam that can see on your screen right now go find me join
the clamp and let’s start playing together it’s like my favorite thing but
for 24 hours Jake that that literally has to be the worst idea if you’ve ever
had but what my tall friend not only that it’s gonna be a box for it so it’s
not just a hot tub we’re not just chilling in a hot tub we’re making a
fort around a hot tub so it’s like a little mini hot house Jake that can’t be
a good idea that has to be dangerous it might be so guys remember do not try
this at home whatever you see in this video
do not try it at home even this that could be dangerous at home I am
picturing a raisin face on Logan after 10 hours I don’t prune okay well yeah
guys this is uh this might be a bad idea but I thought it would be really cool
because I really wanted to do this hot tub challenge but I wanted to add our
own twist to it by building a box works then we can put like TVs snacks
everything I mean really the only challenge will be surviving like coyotes
which might eat Logan first and of course the extreme heat of the hot tub
so in order to do this guys we have got a portable hot tub look at that big boy
right there so this is gonna be the base of the actual fort this is what we’re
gonna build first and then we’ll build the cardboard around it I also realize
Logan if we have I think this is one of your worst ideas ever
you’re looking you this I’m gonna handle our safety
supplies over here so as you guys know in the summer we love doing crazy
challenges and one of my favorite videos of all time is doing a box for on the
lake and if we happen to do something like that this summer I wanted to step
up our safety game so I bought this there you go keep it coming keep it
coming this is our portable inflatable device you see what you do is you put it
on like this then we’re filming our video and then if something goes wrong
you just you just simply take this here it’s like a parachute you ready in three
two one safety first life jacket I’ve ever seen
Hey three two one safety nope three two one safety first with
Papa J we took like four tries but there you go a few seconds I know I believe
jacket pretty cool and it’s reusable now it is time to build this hot tub and
build our box for it for this 24 hour challenge first things first we need to
get this thing out here and start inflating it there you going come on
this way yeah bring it bring it out that’s okay
it’s like break a hot tub well let’s see what this thing looks like okay guys and there we go we have the
hot tub completely inflated actually legitimately a hot tub I mean it’s just
an inflatable but it works for what we’re gonna be doing and now we need to
of course build our fort because this is still gonna be a box for we’re still
gonna add on to it I want to have a ceiling I wanna have a roof in case it
rains maybe some like secured doors in case there’s raccoons or coyotes but
first things first before we can actually make this into a real hot tub
we need water which is why I brought this here so now without further ado
it’s time I didn’t expect that to go ever okay alright let’s let’s fill this
hot tub currently the only issue we’re facing is
the homeless has a bit of a mind of its own you got well probably another three
quarters to go and this water oh that’s not a hot tub brother okay an ice bath I
will hopefully hopefully we get this thing heated up quick enough so we can
do this challenge but once this thing does fill up then we’ll start building
the box for it around it and actually make our fort that we’re gonna survive
in oh I can feel the warm that’s that does not feel warmth that uh that is
cold water that deep always lay down it is a brand new day and the hot tub has
officially heated up to the temperature in which it is well a real hot tub and
we can start this challenge now in order to do so we are gonna need to build our
fort around it and make sure that it is suitable for us to survive for 24 hours
but since the hot tub took literally 24 hours to heat up we decided well
actually not for this video it’s for another video so this is this is top
secret don’t even look that way but there might be a awesome pool video
coming very very soon but Logan follow me head up there start building this
thing okay yeah so right now we have built the first layer around the hot tub
so as you can see it’s completely surrounded what we need to do is build a
second layer tall and then cover it with the tarp to protect ourselves from rain
you want to make this a two storey box form it’s essentially gonna be a two
storey box board but the floor is made out of water and we’re gonna have
windows and a door it’s gonna be sick and no raccoons or coyotes are gonna be
able to get in but in order to build higher I need to get inside please Logan
I think we need to put on our wet suits and get ready for this three two one that were officially ready for all of
our summer water videos guys I feel extremely hot in this I feel like going
in a hot tub is not the right thing to do right now Jake I have to go into the
cold water oh it works it protects you from the cold oh this is gonna be bad
for a hot tub man excuse me why did we get these through this hot tub challenge
Jake bring beyblades fortnight water guns everything so 24 hours is gonna be
lit and we also have to order uber eats because I don’t know where we’re gonna
put our food guys check this out the hot tub box four is on its way now we still
need windows we still need to tarp the roof in case it rains because I think it
might rain and we need to install all of our stuff like a media center which I
think we might leave this side open we already got a speaker yeah so we have a
speaker and then we can put like a flat-screen TV here to play for night
leave this open so we can actually like use it and not have it fall in the hot
tub and then at the back there we can store it’s it’s really hot guys hey guys
we’re putting the tarp over head now take a blue chill room it’s not to
pour it Porter is a hot tub oh I don’t know okay
guys we got the Xbox and when we come outside there we go we have fortnight
through the window Jake’s installing a light and we have
this bigger light boom dude I am ready for 24 hours it’s gonna be super easy
nope I’m basically chilling inside my house right now I’ve got for tonight
I’ve got water I got beyblades I got some other stuff
that Logan doesn’t know about it’s pretty legit not really the only issue
we’re gonna deal with is if it gets too hot my hope is that it’s still so cold
here in Canada that we won’t even have a problem like if I get too hot I just
need to go like and then I’ll freeze I’ll come back in supply and just so you
guys know we do have a friend here so if we need any help or something happens we
have someone here to help us I’m just gonna rip as much for night as possible
rank my guy up for the season and before I know it it’s gonna be a new day the
only difficulty is gonna be probably sleeping but I’m thinking we do it like
astronauts I’ll just kind of like like float around these wetsuits kind of give
you some buoyancy so you just paddle like this
currently only like 10 minutes into this challenge and already it is started
raining so it is a good thing we put this tarp up here because otherwise this
could turn into less of a challenge about the heat and more of a challenge
about the rain but I think I know we need we need some love
oh yeah entry the hot tub okay how you doing I’m
doing pretty well so far Jake it’s nice and cozy and warm and would you like to
say what you mean what I like to say I love songs my lille france way worth
spraying it Gigi we go there’s something for 24 hours
you brought a water gun yes to play with for 24 hours are you kidding me that’s
great that would just be way too much water Yannick ok guys so it has
currently been about half an hour chilling in the fourth and honestly it
hasn’t been so bad thus far I mean the hot tub is definitely hot but the air is
freezing and I don’t know if you guys can hear this
but it is currently raining like crazy I’m actually hoping that the fort holds
up because otherwise if this thing comes crashing down it’s gonna make a
challenge that much harder the only thing I’m having though is my fears are
pruning up a ton they are like extremely waterlogged so I don’t know I guess
we’ll have to keep going I’ll update you guys in a little bit and
see how we’re doing one eternity later officially been one hour and you’re
probably wondering Jake you brought all this cool stuff into the for you brought
for tonight you brought beyblades why are you not using them well I don’t want
to use them so early that we get bored of them guys I’m extremely thirsty this
is gonna be a lot harder than we thought I’m concerned about the pruning this of
my hands Logan leave like do they just keep going like are we gonna take this
off at the end of this challenge and have like this skin forever I’m kind of
concerned I also don’t know if the bubbles help or not
but we do have bubbles I don’t know if it makes it worse or
better I’m getting so bored okay maybe we should like maybe we should bust out
the for at night or something Jake what are you doing I’m catching rein in my
tongue we still have so much longer we should have brought like a laptop in
here okay guys so we just figure it out we did a bunch of updates but they are
all in time-lapse mode so yeah updates you can’t hear them but we’ve been here
for two hours and currently oh that’s a lot of hours left I don’t like saying
that I am so thirsty Jake I haven’t had water yet I love hot tubs but too much
hot tubs is not fun oh because originally I was gonna sleep like an
astronaut just floating around but there’s not enough room in here
well also I don’t know how you’d float around you’d probably think Jake I don’t
know man maybe we need to create like a human human bed thing like you when
people make you and chairs nope my knees will be your bed and your knees will be
my chair nope yeah I have no idea how we’re supposed to sleep
I mean faze rug did this challenge yeah but multi-phase rug lives in LA we live
in Canada it’s warm in Le the top of my head is freezing like Arctic this can’t
be good hey Siri it’s too hot and don’t work at night hey Siri looking
this is our only line to food hey zero hey Siri look maybe serious in there
Siri do it the old-fashioned way with your fingers my fingers are wet g-minor
prune hey Siri hi can I order a small pepperoni pizza
yeah sure pizza is on its way I’m starting to feel not so great so I’m
hoping after dinner we’ll feel a little bit better because I’m definitely
starting to feel kind of not good okay guys so like we said earlier we have a
friend here who’s gonna deliver us pizza and obviously be on standby if something
does go wrong so it looks like the pizza is here but you know we cannot leave
this place so we have to eat it in water which I have actually never eaten the
pizza in a hot tub food I’m so hungry any food food food food food
yeah okay now we have to try balance this above walk how mad would you be if
I drop they do not drop can we G there’s a little there’s a little table I mean
for events like this perfect yeah all right well this is dere for the 24-hour
challenge guys digging this see nice fresh pizza if you
want some dipping sauces dip it in the water you know this really doesn’t feel right though
eating in a hot tub it’s pretty gross very soggy guys like we said do not try this at
home leave it to us the professionals we’re trained to do this okay guys so we
finished up dinner um all asleep in terms of about how we’re feeling right
now a runny through top my body’s still cold Bob my body’s hot hands
pruney stomach hurting uncomfortable level it’s 7:00 I’m like an 8 or a 9 I’m
pretty good but I think I know what’s gonna cheer us up Logan I think it’s
time for some hot tub beyblades say what yeah I am the champion of beyblade
that’s not sure I won the last round given the last one which means it’s time
for me to redeem myself trench slide didn’t work at all
all right we got the beyblade the question is will it flow oh do floating
feet yo this has probably never been done but
I don’t know this might be a first this is actually pretty sick all right take
your beyblade choose your blue guy find yo I don’t care this guy orange bread
dude good dominate all right here we go guys the first ever water beyblade
battle three two one round two here we go guys do you got it
you guys sustained the waves man oh it’s cause mines smaller we’re trying to play
with two games or you know you’re going you’re going versus me with a small one
wait we’re going all out watch this okay guys I’ll still beat you no no no we’re
going Waterworld Waterworld yeah okay guys we have water inside the beyblade
thing but that’s not all Logan no and the bubbles are on oh here we go I’m going to ToysRUs after this and
buying new pay place that has been floating beyblades with pop Jake and
Logan and Logan is your winner Jake let’s see a prune update buddy
I don’t know I’m gonna be so creepy guys let me know in the comments if you know
why mine are really pruney and Logan’s art but we got the TV set we actually
set up inside because in case it rains we didn’t want it to obviously get wet
so it’s behind our window here which worked out really well so now we’re just
gonna play for a night relax and try and let the time go by fast at least until
we can go to bed and my upper body is just getting super cold collecting fresh
rainwater if we need a look the box fort hot tub life guys if you enjoyed these
24-hour challenges make sure to slap that like button and smack that
subscribe button so you guys don’t miss another epic video and if you never want
to miss a video be sure to destroy got Bell button I’m starting to get a loopy
I think just because I’m so hot right now I’m gonna drop in the freezing cold
to kind of you know visually cool myself off you think anyone in this game is
guessing that I’m in a hot tub right now this guy might be in a hot tub there is
no one else on the server that is in a hot tub doing it don’t have those I
don’t have any sound so it’s kind of hard to play without sound not gonna lie
oh oh first kill of the game fuck you baby that’s someone else here you wanna
they want a hot tub kill don’t they Logan they want to pay all day long oh
you want a piece of my hot tub bro alright guys it is my turn let the hot
tub tub hot tub tub hot tub Joe I don’t know draining all my energy hot tub tub
guys hashtag hot tub tub hot tub down low you got this hot tub playing for
night in the hot Sun Oh that it’s so hot a few moments later
okay so it is officially dark outside and Jake buddy yeah Jake’s I think
Jake’s getting pretty hot I’m gonna sleep I can’t sleep and my muscles
aren’t working anymore yeah my legs are starting to feel like jello also my
hands in my feet are tingling I feel like our bodies are telling us no more
guys I think it’s been around for five hours right now I think we’re gonna
we’re gonna keep going but I don’t know how much longer we can go to be honest
with you guys this is getting really bad guys I don’t think we have much left in
us it’s not going well guys we have been in here far too long I can see why this
is one of the hardest challenges ever it’s even with the cold air it’s not
going I don’t think it’s humanly possible guys you know we never faked
our 24 hour challenges and the extreme cold in the winter is always hard for us
I don’t we have no we haven’t we have yet to do it overnight in the winter and
it seems like hot tub is also following in that category it’s too hot yeah it’s
too hot we’re gonna have to call it quits guys and remember do not try this
at home you do not want to try this at least we had a fourth to steal this from
the rain so I’m hoping we don’t get sick but I think this is where we’re gonna
wrap up the video for today guys but if you did like this if you like our 24
hour challenges be sure to smack that like button be sure to hit the subscribe
button so you never miss a brand new video and we will see you guys next time
for another

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