24 HOUR CASTLE BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! 📦🏰 Sword Fighting, Archery & More!!!
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24 HOUR CASTLE BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! 📦🏰 Sword Fighting, Archery & More!!!

August 17, 2019

there she is alright guys welcome
medieval castle box for Jake what are you doing man watch the birds going to
live street scene s is the burden that you ever know what they can see that’s
the best part you didn’t make your bedroom so yours that pick on wings I
got weak Jake have you not studied for the history test
what what do you mean we got tests look like one of those things when they ask
you questions you have to answer yes G we have a history test tomorrow
wait what’s it on takes three days the one with the chemicals or the mat Jake
it’s the one like Game of Thrones oh the swords and the old the old people
thing just don’t make question anything I got this all right I got I’m getting
to give you an easy question in the medieval times who was the head of a
country Kanye West Jake did you not study for this thing at all I did it
would evil time history test I watched all the Lord of the Rings and started
game across Jake that is gonna give you nothing man
okay okay no no way if I’m Logan see fine go bag
don’t panic Logan don’t panic or I got idea I’m gonna do I’m a visual learner
we build a box we build a medieval time steam box for now I’ll learn everything
I have to know about living in the medieval times
we’re going back to time Logan hey Oh what kind guys today we are going to be
building our very firm before so it is our very first medieval times box fort
so we’re just building a medieval time fuse box for God we’re going full
medieval on this all right back in the day they didn’t have stuff like
flashlights they did have a like Christmas history we’re going to learn
everything they did but guys basically we are going to go full on out medieval
times we’re going to build a massive castle back there we’ve got archery we
don’t have jokes ting I’m not going to spoil all the fun
oh my I’ll show you that today of hot tubs in
medieval times we can’t use the hot tub I guess we can use the hot tub we’re
gonna try and use this entire area I want to make this thing big we also
could pull here which is going to act kind of as a moat we got to keep out our
enemies to which Logan who are the enemies in medieval times the five and J
right the barbarians we don’t want those barbarians coming in which is also why
we got to start making our medieval time swords armor everything like that we’re
going to roll with that they had cardboard and lots of cardboard so we
planned out the basic kind of outline as to how the castles going to look as well
as where we’re going to build it this might be the biggest box for build we
have ever made it’s huge and we still to make it super tall make the castle
pillars alright guys so update for you we’ve completed the main part of the
castle in terms of like floor as well as the walls this is going to be like our
area that we actually sleep in tonight and the main hall you know the dining
hall I’ll have to do the front entrance which going to be like a cool castle
door we also through the massive castle pillars which are going to be on both
sides here and of course the roof so we still got a ways to go but somewhere
everything’s going great the castle is coming along we have the
main hall all done the roof is on but what we’re going to do now is we’re
going to work on the door so Logan is the official door cutter you can be
cutting our very first castle door and if you guys have never seen you castle
door it’s like a really big arch and we got some rope so that we can pull it
down and pull it back up when we’re inside here is our ropes that we’re
going to use to actually hold up the castle door now plug it on geez a little over to it
and perfect so we’re back in this time it is better much better that looks
awesome that’s a castle door so now what we have
to do is attach the ropes and we have ourselves the castle door we have our
strings here which we can pull it up Anna as well as let it down yell inside
the castle now if I want to close up the doors all I got it even take our string
go in the door so what’s coming – gasps that I am well the games get only let
them in all right I guess King Papa Jake will let y’all in the castle
both pillars are being built they’re looking great man I love it it’s looking
awesome all we have to do now guys is extend them they still a little bit
higher and then do a little bit of castle aesthetics and this thing’s
almost ready now in order to make our towers we have to cut a door so Logan is
going to be cutting through this side here there you go spend a little while
now and we’ve just finished up working on the castle check it out now it’s not
done yet no we’re not done we’re not done we still have to do all the
different castle toppings as well as the main aesthetics at the front door but
dude it’s looking awesome we got both towers working we’ve got a main entrance
both towers have their own little entrances inside the castle so we can go
in there for defense if we need to now Logan’s going to work on the top part we
are going fully medieval with this build everything we do have to be medieval
themed which means we can’t use flashlights the sun’s going down so you
probably like top of Jake how are you going to see at night how are you going
to survive in this for 24 hours we’re going to have to make a little something
called a torch so I’m going to actually take the camera and go inside and start
working on a homemade torch I won’t bring you guys with me while Logan stays
out here and works on the castle alright guys and in order to do this we’re going
to actually use a cup position in the middle of some hot water boiling water
that is that way we don’t get the pan all messy and we’re going to take our
candle here we’re going to plop it in and leave this here for a little while
and it’s going to all melt down and that’s when we can start adding the
cotton the other piece of making a torch is going to be the actual folder itself
we’re keeping with the medieval fashion we’re going to use some wood so I got to
chop up some wood and make some torch handles that we can attach the torch to there we go we’ve got four channels
we’re ready to make these making tour just to be really awesome but if you do
try this at home make sure to get a parent to help because this could go bad
pretty fast there she is
Jake hasn’t seen it yet but we got the blue accent I don’t know what these
things are called but yo how sick does this look I want you guys to comment
Rockport masters if you guys think this is the best castle box fort you have
ever seen so when you enter the castle I mean we got our drawbridge here come in
there’s our sleeping quarters in the back and then the side we have our two
defense pillars if you come into the pillar you have a little stepladder you
get on top and boom you can defend the castle I don’t think we’ve ever used so
much tape in one box for like if you guys look at the details and the amount
of tape and the amount of box it is absolutely crazy there are a couple of
activities that we’re going to do today that are totally medieval time seams
Jake and I are having a sword fight so I’m about to make some swords out of
cardboard all right so I just finished making two
swords one for Jake and I put those right there okay so now that we got our
sword I’m going to make us some shield using these hexagons let’s go see what
Jake’s after all right guess not all I’m doing is I’m ripping cotton balls and
putting them into the melted wax and all you need to do now is just keep stirring
it keep moving it around until it kind of becomes like one consistent kind of
fluffy ball looking things so you can see here I haven’t had enough cotton yet
but once I get enough cotton it will kind of start to become almost like a
paste and then you can start molding it into your torch so Jake you ready for
our sword fight yeah dude this is going to be so awesome the castle is go Xion
saying I love you’re like I don’t know they’re called it powers maybe as you
guys have seen Logan’s been working on the shields and swords so we’re getting
ready for our mini-games first up it’s going to be archery we’re gonna see
who’s going to win then it’s going to be the finisher the grand finale the battle
SP we’re going to go out into the water and have an all-out sword and shield
fight Oh God let’s go through those things Peruvians actually here that’s
when you sure you got one boom we got to try and knock each other off the loser
has to go in the dungeon we are ready for the very first ever box for medieval
games we’re gonna start everything off with it
it’s about poner and you guys know Papa Jake is the king of bow and arrows
Logan’s good don’t tell them them I’m right here Jay
we have too many games we’re gonna start off with the bow narrow and it’s going
to be best of three who can get as close to the center target as possible from
standing over here winner will get a point loser will get nothing and then we
move on to the next minigame but which will be an all-out sword battle in the
middle of the water Jake you’re up first Paul it’s all in the knee bendin going
right for the turn dude it’s all part even want me to play this game man I’m
gonna win oh wait that was the outer ring right Lu ring okay so let’s say you
get one point for each ring you wanna alright that’d be at one point no I do
want to point out that this is not very accurate to medieval archery I mean it’s
like this is pretty accurate here we go all these I was pulling for the whole
play but it did in Oh so there’s two points there but I get a third shot
shot this is your last attempt Oh dad I don’t know so so that’s your fun I think
that was like the outer ring think that was four points fine
all right guys Logan is up okay kind of looks like Legolas I’m not gonna lie
guys if you take a look it looks like like let’s put a hashtag
Legolas down below like I don’t know actually
all right here we go Logan’s going for his first shot just holding anger oh I’m
just so smarter way you can see there’s a mark on the actual target that’s one
that’s one point for Logan here we go guys looking with the second shot on
target here let’s see how he does ooh we don’t know the rules on them well
I wouldn’t say that at – his mind was like that so I’m gonna give you three so
you can beat me guys he has the ability to be me he has a skill set to beat me
but can we do it right now oh hi game for four looks like we’re just gonna
have to settle it out there Jake the Colosseum of death on water it’s an epic
battle night versus peasant and it’s gonna be off if you know what looking
into the sunset I feel like a gladiator yeah but looking gladiators were
medieval times let’s Roman said we’re going to fail this history we are so
gonna fail the Logan’s gone inside the castle but we want to stay up a little
bit and have our dinner so in order for us average dinner guys we need some
light and that’s where my torches come in there we go you guys can see that and
this is basically just the candle wax and the wool all melted together and
then I used a little bit of string while they were hardening to kind of keep them
in place got to go inside to camp down now hey Logan has a gun poke ins already
go into bed guys in the medieval times man once the night came there wasn’t
much to do I guess so as you can see we are inside the castle it’s got lots of
space we’re getting ready for dinner even though Logan’s half asleep we’ve
got our lanterns here which are doing pretty well you might also notice mmm
Logan’s pretty tired he’s been spotted as this traditional medieval he’s living
the peasant life he’s got that pillow there’s a little pillow your boy Papa
Jake living the King’s life got luxurious Kings
bedding check this out boys so this is the the official King’s blanket for all
the Kings so I’m going to be wrapping this blanket tonight it’s nice and warm
nice and thick and we got a full pillow before we have dinner we need to light
this place up a little bit more and that is where my tortures come into play
before we have dinner and get settled in for the night we don’t want anyone
getting in we don’t want any intruders whether that be the barbarians or more
realistically the raccoon so we’re going to go ahead and close our gate oh yeah
there we go the gate is closed and now we tie the rope around our nice support
here and no one’s getting in perfect make sure you do not try this at home
because making torches is dangerous not only not doing it in a box for you even
more dangerous or box for professionals now I know you’re thinking Papa Jake you
using a lighter that’s not medieval-themed well it would be
extremely hard to light this torch with flint and steel like I did the fire it’s
almost like a candle and 360 degrees burning like a regular candle if you
want to light like the other side of it you just connect the light over here
that’s a beasty amount of light man not only that but if you ever needed to take
it outside to go check out around the box for it pick up the stick you’re good
to go it is not fun at all beneath it all
right time that you dude in the evil fashion for dare we don’t have anything
too grandiose you don’t anything too big it’s pretty much what the normal average
person would even medieval times loaf of bread and since you guys so we have a
loaf of bread some cheese pretty much what a medieval person would eat you
guys might know more than us we kind of google it really quick so we’re about
2:30 dinner and we circulated the torch for some reason oh my god Esther that’s
a way to put a Kevin he’ll Korea open up the castle we’re gonna bring it outside
and then come back in unique because this thing’s way too flickering let’s
head outside and check out make sure there’s no evil up there both sides or
Castle down all right next we’re outside we’re inspecting the grounds I’m gonna
get my sword dragons really come out here the game is
in the night just printing guys make sure no one’s in the
Aragon looks like everything’s clear behind the castle I’ve used the torch to
look around in the night so we’re all clear we’re going to go back inside lock
up the door and have our dinner we’re back inside now I guess so I broke off
some bread Logan this will be your piece here and I’ll break off my piece now
medieval times guys food was scarce so so all we get is one piece each with a
little bit of cheese and that’s it for the night the usual time zero cheese and
bread really nothing more you need so finished eating we spent a little bit of
time talking for a bit but honestly there’s not much you can do in medieval
time this has been the biggest box for build we’ve ever done between that and
archery I think we’re going to hit the hay call the night in this 24 hour
challenge of course I’ve got my nice Kings blanket here so I’m pretty nice
and warm then I guess we’ll see good up some more that did it’s been an awesome
medieval day Oh evil box blowing yeah you sleeping
medieval-style laughter yo there’s nice play gets pro but no mattress no
flashlight like oh man I was I was tricky but honestly I slept like a kid I
had a Kings blankets sleeping in the biggest box fort ever built by us I
asked him was my bath Logan I think we have something to do it would stop the
badly I’m not ready for my back yeah right we got a battle I’m already K over
time for the Battle Royale in here already kills me all right so guys as
you know we’ve been prepping for the most ultimate gladiator night versus
peasant battle ever lonesome and that is what we are going to do on the water we
have our box for swords may we have our box for shield made we don’t even do
breakfast broke we go right in the battle they don’t got make sure there’s
no barbarian we got to check that there’s no barbarian from it tell me why
I’m good to let the cops go down bro coach is clear that no one can open
their RI castle doors coming down guys whoa all right let’s go do these things
actually wax pretty hired guys it’s time for our gladiator panel help you prepare
for this four-day forum Mike I don’t get to Mansour got a shield you got a swords
we’re geared up I’ve got my first person view on here we’re going to get it into
the water it have this epic battle all right oh all right watch this he’ll
probably do in here oh oh the loser Lamine you will battle
you’re sentenced to death by water I’ll get you a block on the winner the
greatest sword fighter is it silence the box geek geek will give you a protest
oh the test the tester we’re gonna be stalling what we’ve been doing but okay

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