24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE ROOM!! ?? Grappling Hook Escape, Secret Room & THE ESCAPE
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24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE ROOM!! ?? Grappling Hook Escape, Secret Room & THE ESCAPE

August 12, 2019

previously on Papa Jake the Arctic
we’re in an Arctic research facility we’d walk down another floor here we go Papa Jake is taking the leg cause he’s
making crazy bucks for videos we need to put it itches and lock him up shares
there behind this little ones have locked me up here in this prison I have
something to tell you something extremely important you need to listen
to me okay I’m wait what look order what you need to know here we go
got it what is this place looks like some sort of makeshift laboratory come
on door close behind me hi well that’s progress it’s gonna find a way out of
here there’s something down so things not right look on the side of the wall
here there’s lasers this all things been stabbed with lasers and by the looks of
it those are in regular lasers those are cutting lasers which means if I walk
through this not only am i setting off alarms but I’m getting sliced up like
Swiss cheese that’s was cheese something that gets sliced up a lot but you guys
get the point we’re gonna figure out a way to disable the lasers themselves
first I gotta figure out exactly where they are I need to create some sort of
smoke something I can visualize the lasers with around here I’m gonna do it
something in the lab perhaps oh wait what’s this this looks like it must be a
steam piping I might be able to pull this out of the wall and get the steam
to show me where the lasers are it’s worth a shot
three two here we go she’s coming out of it
there we go Steve’s coming out perfect let me get this in the way the lasers
should be able to see where they are by the looks of it I’m not getting through
this okay I need another way to disable them maybe there’s something here I can
use disable it on something thank you magnesium sulfide that’s a long shot but
that might just work it looks like in this makeshift laboratory there’s some
magnesium sulfide now with that I can make well it sounds a little odd but a
bubble with that bubble I should be able to throw it through the laser fields
it’s translucent so lasers can’t affect it well it’s against the other side
it’ll hit the motion sensor leaves just like this have a safety switch if it
detects motion on the other side where people should be it will shut down the
lasers themselves it’s so that no one will become sliced cheese when they’re
not supposed to be it’s a bit of a long shot but it might just work if I try
throwing anything else through there like well a bottle it’ll just get
chopped up and we’ll make it to feet the only thing that’s gonna get through that
laser field it’s something like a bubble magnesium sulfide is a little difficult
to handle but if I place it in this cop like so and use the adapter here I
should be able to make a fairly sturdy bubble I’m gonna have to use this glob
to handle it but then I should be able to throw it here goes nothing there we go there we go oh well come on
there are times the charm doesn’t need to be that big but just big enough they
can get through this field there we go there we go
tricky but should be able to throw this bubble through the laser field and if my
math is correct it won’t get torn to pieces and set off the motion alarm it
goes there it goes Oh looks like it worked oh the lasers
they’ve retracted I can get through here now huh thanks a little bubble buddy all right
now to find a way out of here looks like it’s a dead end it’s gotta be a way out
of here though that’s less some sort of chest some sort looks sealed off though
and this room there’s no doors excuse me a dead end I’ve come this far
this must be a way out of here some way we can get out can’t just come this far
and have it all any here hook you back to Logan I got like I gotta explain
what’s happening with the shares I gotta put an end whoever’s causing all of this
whoever’s playing this game what’s that so message in a bottle see what says
you’re almost free check the locker and look up signed a friend almost free and
who’s been helping me who are you can you hear me are you watching me check
the locker and look up the vent system how am I getting through the vent system
just not have something to do with this locker I’ve gotta get through here
it’s gonna be awaiting to open this looks like it’s locked with a
combination lock should be some way I can get this open okay let’s try
something here let’s just try random number twelve some working one there’s
still a lot of combinations fourteen come on seventeen oh it worked the six
open let’s see the door open here something inside looks like this open up
a door inside grappling gun big oh good the bomb
also activated though maybe maybe that’s what he wants to be used maybe he wants
me to use this wait a second a bomb a grappling hook and overhead vent shaft in car keys
this is how we break free look we’re gonna need to blow up the vent shaft and
use the grappling hook to get out of here once I’m out well looks like these
car keys might be for some sort of car I can use let’s set the bomb get back and
the rags think through that hole I should be able to use this grappling
hook to get out you need to stick this up there somehow perfect that should
hold now it’s just time to set the bomb all right I’m gonna need a little delay
on it 20 seconds here we go activating the
bomb now counting down 19 18 17 okay so I’m gonna get out of here and fast
drop the grappling hook the key how much time’s left ten seconds we gotta go
here she goes Oh boys you went off josé’s short-circuited most of the power
in here oh wow I did a number on this room oh I really
shook me okay well it definitely blew a hole in ceiling a bit more than I
expected but should do the trick no it’s gotta get out of here I should be able
to use this grappling hook to shoot a grapple up once I exit I don’t have to
find my way home that’s something I need to do they tried to lock me up in this
prison they try to keep Papa Jake away but you can’t and Papa Jake I gotta tell
everyone what’s really going on here I’m gonna get back to Logan and explain
what’s happening all most importantly I gotta make amends with the shares I’m
gonna use one of these in a while but let’s see how this works see the pup the
grappling hook next psi nice you ready to launch three
two one be able to use this to get out of here
that’s fairly tight all right see you guys on the flip side three two one oh that works wait a second where am i
this looks this looks just like my basement this can’t be what is this
place hello anyone here
hello it’s you Papa Jake welcome home as you can see you’ve been
in your basement the entire time so there’s no reason to
leave because you’re safe oh no no I know that’s not true I know I’m not
really home this is all fake you created this place to look like my basement I
know what you’re up to I know you’re trying to get us to fight
with the sharers look I’ve already talked to Carter and we’re coming for
you the shavers are onto you and so am I and
once I break out of this prison I’m heading home I’m taking you down to your
holiday huh can’t you snow no this is this is home the worst Logan cheesy clothes are here now I’m not falling for
your tricks bust it out of here that’s the way you want to play they don’t have
mic guards guards no I’ll take those guards on they haven’t messed with Papa
Jake before when we got a little bit of ammo left
I have to make a count then get out of here and make it to whatever garage is
keeping his car in I should be able to use that as transportation to get out of
the prison it’ll be a long way home probably have to do a lot of hitchhiking
but I should be able to get out of this this isn’t my home Hey well if he’s
modeled this after my house then the garage should be to our right
but he did say there’s some guards he’d be very careful about this
here goes nothing mmm 2 1 got him
who goes a close one I still go over there and my left this weapon looks
fairly advanced this isn’t what I’m used to seeing all right let’s keep moving
cross should just be up here all right we’re gonna need to use this to get in
the vehicle but knowing him probably gonna be another card behind here got another one got him well whoever
owns this place is a sweet ride it’s time to get out though you’re gonna get
home we’ve got to stop whoever this is and team up with the shares let’s go

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  2. Humanity is funny. Why do we try to escape when forced to be locked in when in reality if we make it our home we wouldn't need money or even a job, just survival skills. Would you escape prison if you were in papa Jake's situation or sit it out. It could be the answer

  3. To papa jake, i was watching your videos (I subscribed ??) and I found a Channel Called ‘’ the Red Baron titled takeing down papa jake! I hope this helped .dimond ninja

  4. Let’s play a game!
    There is a bomb and u need to solve the code.
    The code has three numbers
    If you don’t solve it in time…
    My cat explodes ? ? ?
    U have three tries
    Hint: dga
    Think like c=3 or b=2

  5. papa jake: uses shotgun to blast Metal


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