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August 15, 2019

I’m not gonna escape anyway I never even
thought about it never crossed my mind I mean people don’t escape from box for
prison oh yeah oh yeah there we go Pappa Jake’s escaping from this place
and we ain’t coming back Logan’s not gonna know what happened do you stole the tape what did I do dealing all the cheap this
is my tape I need for my box sports no you can’t arrest me you’re going away
from the box the Box guy come with me no one’s gone guys papa Jake you’re from
tyranny and we are back with a brand new video and today we are building our very
first box for prison or jail the bin the hole we’re making a prison guys you guys
have been asking for it in the comments and we thought it’d be awesome to make
our very own box for prison I stole some tape from the tape back dude but I only
needed it to build my box for it so I don’t know if that’s wrong is it wrong
for someone to steal tape to build a box for you let me know down below but
nonetheless guys we do have to make a prison because I got to go to jail and
if we don’t make this quick enough well I must run away oh no you’re not going
anywhere it’s punishment you have to build it by yourself so here’s the deal
guys Logan’s leaving me to build a prison by myself but that’s a good thing
all right that means I can put in certain fail-safes that I know I can
escape out of we’re not gonna let him know this but we’re gonna be escaping
from this box for prison he we are not gonna be held in this box for prison we
got all of our cardboard and now it’s time to start building this prison now I
don’t know much about building prisons because I’ve never built one before but
I have an idea so for this prison we’re gonna have like one single cell and then
kind of like an outside area it also has to make sure that it has an enclosed
kind of you know like the old-fashioned prison bars a toilet a bed I’m gonna get
this thing built so we can get in there but don’t a Logan
we gonna be escaping tonight cuz we’re not gonna be last in prison for tonight
I gotta get back I gotta start building more box sports
so I cannot be locked up in here this is what we have so far and I know
it doesn’t look like much right now but basically this room is gonna be like the
outside room kind of like the viewing room and over here is gonna be the
actual jail cell now I haven’t finalized here there’s just a little bit of a gap
of what we are gonna close that off and then in here is the actual of jail cell
this is the hole for the plumbing it’s a lot of room but I’m not anticipating
being in here for too long so I don’t really care as long as Logan thinks it’s
gonna last that’s all that matters so once we’re done with the outside I’m
gonna go in the jail cell I’m gonna deck it out with all the stuff that we get in
box for prison which isn’t a lot but it should be just enough to escape got most of it done so far you guys can
see here we have the prison cell over here we’ve got the main area of the
prison on this side and I still have to make a box for confinement chamber over
there but we’re almost ready to put the roof on which I think we’re gonna do
next and then I’m gonna start customizing the inside check this out
guys we’ve been using this like extremely solid super hard cardboard yes
papa Jake’s didn’t escape because I’m a box for God but if we ever caught some
box for criminals like the tapes nag ler or the Box grabber we could lock him up
in here and potentially they wouldn’t be able to ever get out this is
maximum-security prison there’s no way out of this thing unless your Papa Jake we got the roof done it is looking
awesome now it is time to do the doors we got to make sure that we I do the
doors and I’m making sure you can’t escape I don’t want you messing around
with the doors man that’s fine you can do the doors up I’m sure you’ll make
them unbreakable you might want to make this as secure as possible bro this is
the main lobby I guess or slash area this is where the sheriff will chill
sheriff Logan alright guys check it out the jail cell
bars are done but now we got to go inside the cell and start decking it out
to make it a true box for prison so we’re gonna get in there and we’re gonna
start building inside now we’re actually inside the prison cell and it’s time to
deck this place out so we’re gonna be using a bunch of items that locally
permitted we can put in the prison cell but what he doesn’t know is we’re
actually gonna be using these items for our escape so that’s gonna come a little
bit later but right now let’s turn this into a cell just finished working on the
cell and this is what it looks like this is our entire cell we’ve got a nice
table here we’ve got a little bit of tape left over a notepad a pencil over
here is my toilet and you guys will notice that the toilet is actually
screwed into the wall only stuff can go down but you can’t come back up so I
couldn’t put anything in there and hide it unfortunately I am thinking there
might be a pipe or something in the toilet
don’t know yet we drove our lights up here we do have a light up here we also
have a smoke detector slash carbon dioxide detector that’s gonna be a big
part in escaping from this place I don’t think anything you hear is gonna raise
any alarms for Logan I mean it’s just a notepad to take notes about my prison
life in the prison box for a roll of tape is fine you know extra roll a tape
we got lights all mounts on the wall I even screwed in the toilet so he knows
you know I lock it out a screwdriver there’s no way for me to get that open
so in a carbon monoxide detector I mean that’sthat’s just safety so hopefully
he’s not gonna say anything everything goes as planned or breakouts happening
tonight jail thus far has been monotonous the box life is definitely
for me I long for the days of creating box dates what what you about jail
clothing for me yes oh okay you can’t keep me in here for that long I’m making
box forts the box life is my life okay okay I’ll
put the clothing on just got my prison outfit on we are officially in here
Logan I’m telling you man I’m getting out of here you can’t hold me behind
these box walls yes I want my pizza please I mean I guess prison food could
be a lot worse thank you mmm Cocco lose them you know Logan this this
is really great but it would really go down with some dipping sauce because I
please have a little dipping sauce man I mean I’m in such a crap cell all night
the least you can do is get me some dipping sauce are you playing games with
me no no not at all I just want dipping sauce all right I’ll get you dipping
sauce thank you while Logan was Synder I noticed on the
ground there was a match a little road match so I got him to go away so we’re
gonna grab this okay I can get it okay guys we gotta hide this from Logan
before he gets back so I know he’s gonna search the cell before we go to bed so
on my desk here I have some toothpaste cuz I gotta brush my teeth at night but
we’re gonna use this toothpaste to hide the match under my table here alright
guys so now we’re going to stick it under here just like that check it up
there she’s never gonna see it under there tonight
this is solitaire box for a confinement you think I’m gonna get you some sauce
okay alright that’s fine that’s fine I’m just gonna go to bed and not only that
you’re getting handcuffs tonight handcuffed before bed that’s fine I’ll
take it and just so you don’t think about escaping I’m telling your leg to
the post okay I’m not gonna escape anyway I never even thought about never
crossed my mind I mean people don’t escape from box for
Prison has never happened before so why would it happen to me
box go faster a box words who built this place alright I’m just gonna lie here
and go to bed nap alright I’m leaving you for the night if I hear any noise
any funny business I’m coming back but you won’t you won’t hear anything you
know it’ll be like I’m not even here alright guys looks like he’s gone as you
can see he’s left us in the box for prison and he’s tied us up here against
this post ropes definitely too hard to get through and without my hands-free
there’s no way of getting it undone also he has these cuffs on pretty tight looks
like his plan B first things first I gotta hear these cops
luckily for us in my notebook we have now you can’t be a box god and not know
how to pick a handcuff at you there we go
got it whoo all right first take us off let me leave the second hank up i don’t
want to mess around with that too much okay now I need my match gotta get all
the toothpaste off of it luckily for us Logan did not see this match because we
had it stuck underneath my table using the toothpaste all right next up in
order to be able to get out of here I got to get through this rope I’ve got an
idea we’re gonna use the toilet paper we were
given we’re gonna make a bit of a torch here all right now this should be able
to burn for a long enough time to get through this rope here other than that I
can’t get through the knots themself so I’m gonna have to burn straight through
this without burning my leg or the rest of the box down we’re gonna take the
carbon monoxide detector off the wall there we go
and just as I thought it’s got an eyeball battery in it it’s reused as a
9-volt battery with the pencil take out the lid not much a little bit of tape
left over luckily Logan didn’t think that this tape would be useful for
anything but if you know what you’re doing with it you can start a fire
you’re my match now all right here we go here goes nothing got it got it
there we go there we go perfect all right we don’t a lot of time let’s get
through this rope let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go I got it got
it we’re out as long as the smoke doesn’t attract Logan we should be okay
I’m gonna try and put it out with smoothness all right fires out we got to
keep moving though all right guys now that I’ve got the rope burned off we’re
free of the rope we’re also free of the handcuffs so now
we got to get out of here all right now I know what you’re thinking Papaji all
we’re gonna get out of here well I built this place and I know that the piping
system leaves to an over running valve that funnels all the piping into the
pool which is outside of the prison and it will allow us escape if we can get
down there we can fashion a raft out of poop I know that sounds a bit weird but
trust me later it all makes sense to get there though we gotta get through this
toilet now Logan steal the toilet with extra screws but got away we get out of
here to take his pencil pop the back off should be able to push it into the screw
make a temporary screwdriver awesome all right got the first screw I
knew this would be the hardest part of the escape starting to turn it a little
bit we’re actually using our trusty paperclip and just kind of wrapping
under back of the screw we’re gonna hope that we can yank it out there we go just
like that I almost got it almost got it come on there we go all right there we
go guys I can screw down and one more to go once I get slightly turned out with
the pen method we can grab with the paperclip got it
alright last screws down this thing should be free now we can get through
the tunnel problem is the tunnel is dark there’s no lighting system in there and
if we get lost in the tunnel systems we’ll be down there forever and that’s
worse than this prison itself so we’re gonna need a flashlight all the light
systems we have fixed in here or fixed systems but this one I could screw up
the front and get access to the LED bulbs alright guys so after fiddling
around the light for a little bit I was actually able to rip this out I kind of
cut my hand a little bit while doing it but this is the LED bulbs that’s behind
the light itself I know it doesn’t look much right now but if you use that
9-volt battery from the carbon monoxide detector we can actually turn these on
and turn it into a little portable flashlight now mind you this was
attached to the wall and attached into a light I couldn’t get the light off the
wall and use that as a flashlight but I could rip out this just by bending the
metal at the back now when we put the nine bolt to it there we go
so now that we got a working flashlight we’re good to go and we’re good to make
our way through the tunnel now that we got our flashlight we were able to burn
through the rope get the handcuffs off remove all the screws from the toilet
and do it all without a learning Logan we’re ready to get out here the last
step is gonna be fashioning wrapped in a poop and then making your way across the
channel to freedom all that’s left now is to remove this toilet and there
should be a tunnel behind it I mean I know cuz I built this place oh yeah oh
yeah there we go it’s gonna use my homemade fashioned flashlight to give us
a little bit of light here alright it looks like I got a good path through the
tunnel if I’m right and I should be this tunnel should lead into the main
depository where all the toilets go okay we’re in now at this point if Logan
were to catches we’d be in a lot of trouble so there’s no turning back now pardon I grounded the South it’s
completely dark but now you see a little bit with the homemade flashlights but
that’s water right there that’s just water that’s freedom baby papa Jake’s
escaping from this place and we ain’t coming back
Logan’s not gonna know what happened just like I said guys we got a fashion a
raft out of poop well here she is the poo raft I’m not sure how well she’ll
float and this water is extremely cold so falling in is gonna be terrible whoo
raft comes with a paddle all right there’s the tunnel exit see the outside
of the box for from here sir so good seems like it’s flowing it’s time to get
out of here all right way off see you later box for prison we
escaping freedom freedom’s out there I’ve heard the alarms go off yet so
prizes no we’re out I’d leave the coast is clear haven’t heard the alarm go off
honestly if Logan hasn’t noticed I’m gone by now either is doing his job
terribly or they just assume that I just disappeared
into thin air which they might cuz we pretty much left no trace uh other than
the burn gropin well we did move the toilet but other than that we left no
trace so I think we did it boys and girls I think we I think we escaped from
box for prison nobody escapes from box for prison I mean nobody we just did yo
guys if you think this game prefer box for prison was lit so mat that like
button down below cuz this might have been the craziest thing you’ve ever done
I’m still a little worried longer my father’s a little worried you might come
back here but Papa Jake the box God has broken out we are free and we’re free of
these now it’s time to get back to what I do best
making box forts I’ll see you guys next time

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