24 Hour BOX FORT Harry Potter!! Magic, Potions, Quidditch & 3:00AM SCARY Monster
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24 Hour BOX FORT Harry Potter!! Magic, Potions, Quidditch & 3:00AM SCARY Monster

August 21, 2019

Lumos sortie hat times how does it feel
weird what house do I see you under alright have fun
disappear I’m still learning how to use this thing but once I do you guys see
this oh okay check this out just woke up that’s on my forehead Logan and believe
it I Tony thing believe it believe what what am i believing believe what
well could you not see what’s on my forehead do you see the scar okay that
means Vulcan I’m Harry Potter I’m a wizard oh and I’m a wizard
GQ have a scratch on your forehead mix lightly resembles Harry Potter slightly
resembles Logan this is the scarf I’m a wizard dude I’m going to Hogwarts thank you here Chickasaw go get my Hogwarts letter
is here kekeke just because you received some weird letter at the same time that
you said you were going to Hogwarts doesn’t mean you’re gonna hobbits look
at that’s my Hogwarts letter whoa it’s the real deal dude awkward School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry it master Albus Dumbledore taste inform you that you
have been accepted at Hogwarts I’m gonna give me that you weren’t really digging the scar and
you kind of called it a scratch mark it made fun of me when the mailman brought
my Hogwarts letter but yeah cuz I’m nice I guess you can come to Hogwarts with me
well that’s good gold guys check it out we just got to Hogwarts dude this place
is crazy officially in the dining hall as
students of Hogwarts I mean I mean I’m the the student because I have the scar
Logan just kind of came along I’ve dreamed my entire life of coming to
Hogwarts and today is finally that day I mean we are sitting eating Hogwarts food
where’s the food Jake well I don’t know where the food is yet Logan but just
enjoy being in the dining hall feel the warmth of the fire the Hogwarts
decorations dude and just think of all the stuff forget to do we get to learn
magic like Oh magic stuff it’s good my wand when do I get my wand and guys if
you’re new here welcome to the Pappa Jake family you remember to smash that
subscribe button and hit that little Bell button and look we don’t you tell
them to like the video I’m gonna cast a magic spell on you guys to like the
video I like her like oh yeah Logan that spell just went to everyone watching
this video and all of them will feel their hand moving towards the like
button and clicking it Jake that’s great and all but where are we gonna learn
magic just wait for the Headmaster’s show up I’ve never been to a high school
like this before Logan all right the last time I went to high school there
was an old lady teaching us doors on this way bro all right make
sure you’re looking good make sure your cape is in order okay
I think it’s an order I hope we’re in the same house dude
everyone everyone quiet down it is a new year at Hogwarts and as you may notice
there are new faces around Dumbledore Dumbledore I’m a big fan I’m like Harry
Potter’s dog yes yes I see you just please required now before we get to the
sorting ceremony and you put on your sorting hats to find your houses we need
to eat you may notice there is no food on your table but I can fix that just
like that mr. Dumbledore knows my favorite stuff french fries and chicken
wings Jake where’s my food I don’t have anything oh yes I am sorry uh uh yeah
you are whoa all right don’t mind if I do
Jake how are you enjoying that magical food hmm it tastes amazing all right now
that you are done eating it is time to be sorted and receive your wants of the
day of magical learning can begin sorting hat time I guess this is where
they choose what house we’re gonna be in this is extremely important me and Logan
both want to be in the same house so we have to go up there put that hat on our
heads and we’ll also begin our wands it’s not casting magic please step off
use the sword not cut the sorting hat put on my head how does it feel weird
now that I’m on your head it’s time to look into what you will be what house do
I see you under Gryffindor yes congratulations on Gryffindor
won’t it okay guys now it’s a chance to pick my wand looks like there’s two
options here this one hand one in a box I’m no wand expert but the one that has
buttons on it looks way cooler than anything in a box so I think this is
gonna be my wand alright let’s try this thing out guys woah get out of here it’s
my turn for the sorting hat thing is so powerful I’m a magician now wait was I
mean was er I’m a wizard ah looks like two new Gryffindor students Gryffindor
buddy guys guys we both got Gryffindor I guess there’s only one one laughs guys
you know what this wand is put a comment down below so I feel like this one’s
pretty legit okay low gear while looks pretty cool but it doesn’t have buttons
I’m still learning how to use this thing but once I do
suppose that buttons they’re supposed to have meaning and character for what’s
yours do I don’t know yet but I mean I’m sure we have classes to figure that out
now your first class will be potion class please head to the classroom to
begin your learning and remember the house with the most points at the end of
the year we’ll win the thingamajigger potion class dude this place looks
pretty sweet where’s the teacher though I have no idea what’s the one and
feather doing here this guy doesn’t look too friendly guys welcome to your first
lesson of worn play and posted me I am Professor snippers
now you will all obey my rules in this class so you will not pass the first
lesson of today will be a simple spell attack spell to defend yourselves up mr.
teacher sir you can just stop talking right there all right I don’t know if
you’ve noticed Logan’s definitely notice I’ve got the
star okay I think I know how to cast a spell I’m essentially Harry Potter
attacked yes I told you to wait until I gave the command oh that was my bad mr.
teacher I’m so sorry cheek you’re gonna get us kicked out of this class okay uh uh yeah that you cannot skip
keep going with that my bad let’s get back to the lesson the next
thing you’ll be attempting is to levitate a simple feather with a spell
known as when Gardea Leviosa repeat it and point your wand at the feather Jake
you heard the man I guess I have to make their move with this one God yeah
Leviosa in work guys it didn’t work Jake come on
you have to say it with like enthusiasm okay
wing god yeah Leviosa can do this little feather okay I believe in you all right
I don’t want to look stupid in front of everyone can you base in the air
particles god yeah Leviosa whoa very well done there mr. Pontius you dude I’m
doing it sooner Jake I’m over taking the brother oh this
is so cool I never thought I’d be able to journalist now on to the next lesson
whoa spelled sue Castlight see beside me this light here
losing your wand you can turn it back on simply by saying
Lumos Lumos I am feeling the power Lumos
and well done there so Logan you might just be a very fine spell Kandra
next we’ll be creating a simple potion combine the two vials and you will have
yourself some freezing snow as someone who has the scar of Harry Potter I know
a thing or two about magic okay I’ve done my research this is completely
harmless you can touch it Jake are you Sheriff be careful when you
add the tear of the elf this thing will get extremely cold and turn into snow
three two one oh it started as so little now it’s massive pile of snow
Logan catch the snowball let G no absolutely nothing like that can be
acceptable my class get out before I deduct points from your house right now
out of my class go back to your housing quarters yeah well we’ll get going we’ll
get going okay I would really be take that she was so mad at us but it’s okay
because now we get to go to probably the best place in all of our Ward’s the
Gryffindor common room yeah man and the sooner we get to bed the sooner we get
to wake up and tomorrow I don’t know what that is but it’s either bacon
ultimate cakes or something even cooler well the guy said to use this password
so common appeals whoa there’s a wall here now there’s nothing
here the coffees please yeah this is pretty
awesome there’s a spell to make for tonight up here now that would make this
the ultimate place to spend our night well I guess we should get the bad guys
because we got a big day tomorrow learning Quidditch and a lot more to do
at Hogwarts Lumos I can get used to being a wizard okay wake up Jake what’s going on
I’m gonna hurt something downstairs yes what time is it
dining hall that sounded like it came from down here
some sort of animal guys no idea what that could be behind the wall sort of wall here took a secret passage
or something hold on whoa well I don’t think we’re supposed to find this Lumos some sort of secret tunnel underneath
our wards let’s go me from in there whatever it is it’s behind this wall for
a reason do I don’t think we should go explore you in there you know it could
be really cool guys what do you think okay I’m gonna go explore a secret
underground tunnel with some sort of beast at the end of it please do not
comment go and explore okay I’m going back to bed
we have Quidditch in the lorry come on guys if you think we should explore
comment explore down below oh we’re not going down there talk in the morning Oh
what’s up guys good morning it is a brand new day here at Hogwarts and it’s
Quidditch day that’s right we are showing up for our very first lesson on
how to play Quidditch not Logan I actually have never used a broom in
terms of flying I have been a broom sweeper before in fact I’m known as one
of the best broom sweepers in this part of the land but we today are gonna be
learning how to fly our broomsticks and more importantly play the game of
Quidditch where we have to catch the Golden Snitch today we’re gonna be
learning how to play Quidditch hey what’s going on mr. dust buster
now Quidditch is a extremely fun sport it uses a broom a wand and some balls
now the key winning Quidditch the create a winning Quidditch is to catch the
Golden Snitch you also have little balls now to do that you will need to learn
how to fly boom simply put it between your legs
pull bad huh Logan stand back I got my broom here and if this goes well guys I
should be able to fly my broom on it like so Cape back go go bro takeoff
broom all right have fun abracada superior I don’t really know
any spells to help you Jake wait wait wait whoa whoa whoa slow yourself is
happening I’m floating whoa okay all right nice mr. broom this game should
not be played by anyone where’s the helmet that was really awesome right
guys I’m absolutely loving Hogwarts and if you are as well do not forget to
smack that like button we’ve got some more classes to get to but if you want
us to continue the series comment down below and of course hit the subscribe –
tag Hogwarts week if you want some more Hogwarts this has been Papa Jay and
Logan and we’ll see you guys next time for another magical video

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