22 Historical Karate Quotes That Might Shock You
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22 Historical Karate Quotes That Might Shock You

November 15, 2019

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  1. Muchísimas gracias por regalarnos esta maravillosa compilación de pensamientos y experiencias…. Oss

  2. I like the quotes so much! It's just sad to me that the spirit of karate senseis and other traditional martial artists have changed so much espicialy in the kata and technique vs aplications and principles department

  3. While I don’t necessarily agree with all of the sentiments, I like these because they make me consider MY karate and the self reflection can be no bad thing.

  4. Fear not the man that has practiced ten thousand kicks, but fear the man that has practiced one kick ten thousand times!

  5. Even if now I am a MMA / Muay Thai pratictioner, the love for karate is still alive. It is my favourite MA and the most complete one… (obv studied in the right way, the same way you and these old and great master used to teach)

  6. I can't imagine any of those quotes being posted in any dojo near me. . Here in the United States, the Japanese word "karate" translates to "after school day-care".

  7. I want to bring up an interesting discussion among Karate nerds. Like Funakoshi said, a master back then may only know 3-5 kata (or only master 3-5 Kata). So, my fellow Karate nerds, IF you could only train in 5 Kata, what would they be and why? (I think this is just a fun theoretical discussion, nothing more). GO!

  8. Sensei Jesse, actually 15 of these are actually my favorites. Okinawan Karate-do, as Toyama Dai Shihan stated, there really are not styles, just different ways of teaching Okinawan Karate. Love this!

  9. i think a lot of these grand masters would be quite upset if they saw a vast amount of karate dojos around the world, especially in the west. i hope the instructors of said dojos are shown this video in order for the development of the art we all love

  10. 3:42 I like the one that says Karate was never intended to be used against a single opponent, but against a thug.

    So many people that have never practiced Asian martial arts just don't get that.

    3:22 The quote about kata fitting itself to shape the vessel containing it is so true. For example, I'm in my 50s and train in Choy Li Fut. I developed arthritis in my hip and can't do things that involve kicking any more, so I had to change my forms to fit my body.

    Man, if you ever come to San Diego, California, you bet I'm gonna meet you and shake your hand.

  11. “If karate used defend honor, defend life, karate mean something. If karate used defend plastic metal trophy, karate no mean nothing.”
    Mr. Miyagi

  12. One of my favorite martial arts quotes is, " Never kill when maiming is enough and never maim when disabling is enough," Chuck Norris.

    I've had a deep respect for Mr.Norris because of his attitude towards proper use of force.

  13. Truly appreciate this, when we bow in and say onagaishimasu, it is asking for the sempai, sensei, and past masters for guidence. At the closing of class we say domoarigatōgozaimasu to thank them for the knowledge. Thank you Jesse.

  14. I remember in UFC 2 there were two karate guys fighting. And they were clearly open for a choke and one of the commentators said, “Its amazing they aren’t taught this stuff”… i can only imagine how different those early UFCs might’ve been if they were taught real karate.

  15. My first introduction to the world of fighting was Uechi-ryū at the age of 12yrs. Now at the age of 36 even though I have trained in boxing, US Army combatives (which is an amalgam of jiu jitsu, boxing, wrestling and other combat arts), and collegiate wrestling, the fundamentals of karate remain with me and I feel that it has enriched my life and my fighting experience. I will always appreciate karate ?

  16. Oss …… Train to kill that peace and oneness with the Universe has no place in the Martial Arts. Martial Arts are old forms warfare and in War you Kill.

  17. The first one I kinda agree. I am a Jujitsu/Judo teacher and I will be the first to say that the "sport's aspect" is killing the essence of the martial arts with people more focused about the competition (per example, not wanting to learn the techniques where you grab the legs since it is now forbidden in competition).
    As for the Miyagi quotes, unfortunatly it's the case with other traditionnal martial arts as well but not some good criticism like the MMA fighters/practitioners who allows themselves to judge the traditionnal arts and saying "it is fake", "the kata are useless", "karate/judo/aikido is useless in a streetfight", because it's all about their ego and how effective they are in a real fight.

  18. Very interesting quotes! These masters were so modern, I wonder how things got so dogmatic today. It was partially because this attitude and the lack of realism in the sparrings that I left shotokan for kudo and bjj.

  19. In all honesty all this showed/taught me is that we must strive to better ourselves and understand that the only real limitations in karate is that of ourselves as we tend to take things at face value and disregard what really matters but then again that may just be me and with that I may be wrong regardless of that I thank you for the video and the information I found in it

  20. These gentlemen were suprisingly open-minded.
    Basically, beat the crap out of your opponent (preferably kill him), have fun doing it…and do it with flavor.
    Did I miss something?

  21. Jesse, you’re someone who has become fluent in quite a few different languages, and as someone who wants to travel to the likes of Japan, Korea and China for long periods of time, what tool do you find easiest to help you learn the languages?

  22. These are not just quotes ….thy will teach karatekas how to train and how to use karate and kata…. Thank you J..for these…..

  23. What about "amalgam all your knowledge in one form and consider the result as one of your best friends " . With all you knowledge that would because your eveyday complete train session.

  24. Karate is subject to the conditions of culture. And in the west, our culture is obsessed with our rights, privileges, possessions and new acquisitions. We consume and produce waste indiscriminately. Simply 'offending,' someone is the new form of attack should they not like your opinion about something. The social fabric in which things grow (Both Karate and it's Participants) is subject to a radically different cultural conditions for development. This is not to say that all things long ago were so much better, nor that we are entirely amiss today…. but more-so that we are loosing the necessary excellence in people that keeps Karate and all other martial arts great. I don't think we can do anything about this really. Karate and all other arts will evolve in this context.

    But I feel confident about one thing… If we must engage in Combat to prove our position and points of view about Karate or other Martial Arts, we are no longer practicing Karate. At that point it's just fighting to satisfy the Ego. No fighter or system will ever be the best, and to believe in such and pursue it will always mislead the practitioner. Our greatness in practice, as in evolution has always been in the spirit of selfless cooperation as opposed to selfish competition.

    My old Dojo always had a Funakoshi quote: "The Ultimate Aim of Martial Arts Training lay not in Victory or Defeat, but in the development of the participants Character."

    The quotes list was awesome Jesse! Have to watch it again actually. 🙂 Much Respect to all participants.

  25. I've read that Funakoshi eliminated throws from his teaching out of respect for Jigoro Kano's Judo. Is that true ?

  26. Some had same teachings as my sensei. To block is to break what's coming and to punch is to destroy it. Kata if I remember to defend and strike different opponents that attack you, Works with breathing, and opens your mind. Thanks for the video sensei Jesse

  27. A policeman taught me once the quintessential of karate: “since groin kick was invented, men ceased to be divided into tall and short”.


  29. Karate means, from what I understand a form of combat, empty hand and it has and needs to keep evolving in my perspective, not that my perspective means much , not that it should change it's unique way but to break away from boundaries . We as martial artist should learn that instead of tradition. I like the won about not counting on a kata for combat and being able to be criticized and learn other techniques. Martial arts works best in the basics, foundation and every other technique will follow when fear is put away and your natural flow is applied. I'm a strong believer that you can teach a person 3 techniques with a strong foundation and have him study that over and over that when confronted and if it was necessary he could win most any fight.

  30. Those quotes don't shock me at all, in fact, they are inevitable truth: Humans like any style of Karaté, Taekwondo or any other martial arts must be put together to complete one another, a martial as well as life have to be complete for anyone, no place for racism and all other form of discriminations, sadly war is part of humanity and we have to live with this to be complete and it's not by hatred like some people would think, it's mostly to protect the countries and the peoples inside it, but some peoples forget that!

  31. Certainly not Karate but my favorite Jimmy Woo quote on escalation: "I embarrass you, I hurt you, I kill you."

  32. Karate = survive and to be successful you have to adapt. It's not the rules made by humans… There are the rules from mother nature. So be open mind!

  33. I think I read most of these back in the 70's when I began martial arts. Arguments about kata seem to be eternal. From my perspective, kata, is like the alphabet, you learn it, to help you spell. It's a good place to practice all the various techniques, just throwing blocks or punches over and over, gets boring. The more you practice, the more your body changes. You develop more neural pathways connected with the motions you practice, this makes them stronger and faster with less effort. It also takes years. Sparring, is when you actually learn to fight. When they say formless kata, think freestyle sparring. Eveyone has some things that will work better for them, than others. Do not try to be someone else, be you. Some stuff looks great, but, if you can't do it fast enough to both land it, and not get nailed, leave it alone. Wait until you get better, or use what you are fast with. Pay attention to form. It is not random. I have seen so many lazy and or incorrect fists being thrown over my lifetime, bent wrists, open pinkies, all kinds of crap. Those guys will be sorry in a real fight. Use kata to practice, it's great to work up a sweat, focus on each technique like it was the only thing you were doing that day. Use the hips, bellow the kiai, feel it. It will come back when you need it.

  34. A TRUE representation of the real spirit lacking by the MAJORITY of people!

    Thank you very much for this post, i greatly appreciate it! 🙂

  35. All of these quotes have great meaning with them. But I really like the first one at 0:30 and the one at 3:20 because I believe a student must take a kata and discover his/her own ways to make it part of them. I enjoy looking at competitive kata in competition but to often that's where the emphasis is. I've met some really cool martial artists that are really good at competitive and entertainment kata but was not so good in the fighting department which included myself at one time, hence the reason these two quotes.

  36. Nice quotes i have them in pdf form. But it brings the questions. Are kata practiced according to the way old masters point or they have become just a dance? Modern competition kata have no interest in understnding in depth. They only care how it looks.

  37. Funakoshi emphasized throws, grappling and arm locks because of his close relationship and training with Jigoro Kano

  38. EXCELLENT video. EXCELLENT! This compendium is great! Thank you for including Kanken Toyama on this presentation

  39. In a real fight compared to the dojo

    9 of the 10 times there is choice if you want to fight or not a true martial artis is not interested in fighting because of egocentrical reasons. There is no shame in walking away or running away especially when knives or other weapons are involved.
    There are only two reasons to fight your life or that of a loved one is threatend or someone is bullying you and giving you no chance to leave.
    A bully needs a lesson and this means he is testing you and for that kind of cases lethal force is NOT necessary !!!!!
    Hit him once and hit him hard and make sure everybody knows about it. Most of the bully type are cowards and do not know how to fight also they often block the door so you can not leave.
    There is also another aspect why he should get a lesson because he will not stop bullying you until he received a pyhsical answer …..
    Sadly enough this is literally what those type people need…

    When you are in a fight with a stranger and you have no chance to escape then prepare to fight to the death mentally.
    This means no mercy,no thinking of the law,empathy or anything else.
    Purely focussing on to destroy him before he is destroying you.
    Confidence is a hug epart of winning a fight.

    Remember there is ALWAYS a guy which is BETTER then you has more stamina better technique more weight more power and so on.
    But there a re many guys which fought those better guys and won because they are dirty bastards and playing unfair and this is what you should do in a real fight !!!!!

    Most people which are coming from a dojo have the mindset of fairness and goodness in them this get's you killed on the street.It is sadly enough totally normal to kick against YOUR head when you are down this is why i would not use groudn techniques when you have more then one opponent !!!!

    1.Control your fear
    2.Accept to be hit and cope with it
    3.Read your opponent to anticipate and retaliate
    4.Be controlled aggressive and lay this anger into your punches and kicks
    5.Be fast and be simple in your attacks
    6.Use decoy's when you can

    7.Have no empathy until you have beaten your opponent
    8.Do not celebrate before you finshed him off (which means make him unable to continue fighting)
    9.Make sure YOU are forcing him to adapt to your action's and not the other way around
    10.When he has a knife try to look at a weapon your self when nothing is available then use your shirt to protect one hand. When he has a knife and your are able to get it USE it !!!!! He gave a fuck about YOUR life then HE deserves what is coming at him.

    11.Make sure you leave without noticing the police or anybody because in europe your will be arrested for harming the innocent attacker of yours !!!!! The judge will say your overstepped the boundaries.
    12. When you have more then one attacker try to keep them in front of you and avoid being surrounded guard your back and keep on moving controlled.The first one coming brake his body literally make sure that he is taken out in front of everybody !!!!!
    When you have a strong belt unbuckle and use it.Go for throat,solar plexus,diafragma,the balls,organs and ribbs so as kneecaps most guys are defending their head pretty well and when you hit the skull your hand can be broken.

    This is MY mindset on fighting do not be fair and have no empathy until your finished the job and better to be arrested and maybe having a few years in prison when you get caught.

    Then being stepped to death and having a gravestone with the text he was a lawabiding citizen….FUCK that.
    So i do not advice anybody to be this way or use anything i have written about but this is how it is in reality.

    I am against any frozen style adapt what is useful and keep on learning until your die.
    Learn dirty tricks and techniques to be able to suprise your enemy.

    Keep it simple and effective and your will have more chances to win.

    Most selfdefense techniques do not work because it takes to much time and to many moves to apply them and your opponent is not the willing member of a dojo which is helping you.
    For me the perfect base of selfdefence is boxing,Muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu.

    Karate was never intented to be sport is was used agressive and was used to defend them selves. But this was done when most poeple did not muay thai or boxing in japan.

    Is Karate totally ineffective NO but you should not focus on learning only style technique or what so ever.

  40. I'd like to open a debate since I don't agree with the opinion of sensei Funakoshi: "there is no place in karate for different styles". 
    I totally disagree with that. I'm a member of the "Tani-ha Shito-ryu" (sensei Itosu – and sensei Higaonna- taught sensei Mabuni who taught sensei Tani who taught sensei Okubo who taught my sensei, sensei Findji), we are heavily based on hip movements (all schools are, more or less, but for mine it's really the base, the core and the essence), and so this is what different us from other styles and schools. It doesn't mean that my way is better than another way, but creating and confronting different styles is what I think create evolution of said styles, and if there is only one style of karate, it will never evolve as fast in my opinion.
    But please tell me if you disagree!
    And I really enjoyed this video! It's the first time I watch one of your videos and I was actually not expecting much, some kind of clickbait, sensationalist video but you seem to also practice not a sport nor a martial art but Budo, and it's pretty rare in the West!

  41. That was a fun listen, and truer words could not be spoken. Thanks for that. In Wing Chun, I believe our most famous quote is "Greet what arrives, escort what leaves, and rush upon loss of contact." IpMan. Respect to you.

  42. Having trained in several Karate styles. I get frustrated and the focus that many have on striking while neglecting restrains, holds and throws. Especially with the rise of MMA, Karate runs the risk of becoming confined or irrelevant.

  43. This video (and thinking about each quote – even if you ultimately decide you might disagree with some – karate is yours and is ever evolving) should be required viewing for instructors. I've trained in several organisations and styles (and, sure, didn't stay long enough for the 'deeper' instruction in some cases) and I've been taught a lot of the nonsense 'applications' for kata over the years. It's always nice to see that placing my faith in people like Ian Abernethy or Patrick McCarthy (and Jesse Enkamp 😉 ) seems well supported by the 'old masters'.

  44. Great collection of quotes. I think most of them can be used for other martial arts as well (although BJJ does not have kata's). By the way, I miss my all-time favorite karate related quote, by the never dissapointing Mr. Miyagi: "Wax on- Wax off !

  45. , Master,Carl Cersteri, once told me that you were told to protect your wallet, your love ones,ect. He said that's all bullsh#$.you should be saying I'm going to die, but I am not dieing first!

  46. I am proud to say that I study Mikio Yahara karate ( karate-no-michi world federation ) . I will be attending his seminar in Japan in November

  47. Thanks for your awesome comments! ? Glad to hear the quotes resonate with y’all. ? Remember to visit my website: http://www.karatebyjesse.com ?

  48. A very long time ago a sensei told me it was all in the forms, I have done the shotokan forms all my life, great for your mind, body and reflexes.

  49. the first quote is true I heard it already from the sensei of traditional karate in our gym he said "you must punch to destroy" thats why my sensei told me after the tournament this sept 22, 2019
    he wants to teach us street fight karate and the bunkai of katas and our traditional karate sensei offered me to join traditional when I'm black belt…. hahahah sorry my grammar I'm bad at English…
    btw our karate techniques are "shutokan and shorin ryu"

  50. Enlightening to say the least…so much for the " Karate for defense only " crowd. I've often wondered about this subject. It's interesting that the Spartans considered combat training to be completely different from combat sports. An example of this is the difference between the combative system used in WWII by the Marine Corps ( and many other forces ) and todays Mic map system which is more like MMA and better suited to police work, in my opinion. That was the same opinion of such notables a Col. Applegate, Carl Cestari and many others. It's not a popular opinion now, to say the least. Most MMA guys poo poo systems like combatives and Karate thinking that MMA has all the answers. I would argue that going to the ground as a choice in combat is tactically unsound when everyone around you is trying to kill you. As a last note, all of the techniques that are banned in MMA are precisely what you need to do when your life is on the line. Most systems have entirely too many techniques. A man would have to have a memory like an encyclopedia to remember them all in fast moving combat. Combatives and the later L.I.N.E. method were both simple and very effective systems. In fact one of the problems mentioned when the Marine Corps dropped the L.I.N.E. method was that it resulted in the death of the enemy!!! When I was in the Corps our job was to kill the enemy…not wrestle with him. Anyway, that's my rant. It did me a LOT of good to hear what these great men had to say about Karate. Gogen Yamaguchi was an officer in the imperial army fighting in China. One night he was checking on his troops when he was jumped by several sappers. He killed them ALL using Goju Ryu. 'Nuff said.

  51. Not shocking at all. The only way that was taught to me in 1975 and how i teach today. Tons of knowledge pouring like a tsunami from this awesome channel.

  52. Best one imo min. 4:20. After all people start martial arts for that 90% of time. Who just wanna be healthy go running, fitness or whatever. It's not a matter of who's better from a martial artist and let's say a dancer or gymnast… by any means do whatever you please to be healthy and happy, but DO keep in mind: a martial art WILL always be an art of combat. So when I hear people say "I just do Karate (or Boxing, etc.) to stay in shape or be fit" for me it's just dumb.

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