2019 World Championship Play-In Stage Day 6 Tease

November 5, 2019

I think we are strong enough to get into the group stage, at least. So we can win this bo5 easily. I think there is no reason for us to lose this match. The performance of the LMS region has not been good for a long time, maybe people look down on us. But we will definitely try our best in every match. Through our ability, we will prove to the whole world, that the LMS should not be looked down on. I am going to play really, really good, and I trust every teammate that I have. And I know we will win that best of five. We haven’t shown all of our cards. We can get a really exciting best of five. Because we have a lot to show and we will do our best. We can get out of groups for sure, and we’re going to try even harder now to actually get there. Since we are second, we are going to push ourselves in scrims, and we are hoping to show a good performance. Every time people have doubted Splyce to win a series, we have proven them wrong. And we are about to do that again. All of the hard work we put in starting from spring has led us to this point now. I think we are really confident to beat anyone. I think I am the best AD in this Play-In stage for sure.

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