2019 Slingshot World Cup Warm Up With The 2018 World Cup Slingshot (Trick Shot Tuesday S-02 E-01)
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2019 Slingshot World Cup Warm Up With The 2018 World Cup Slingshot (Trick Shot Tuesday S-02 E-01)

October 7, 2019

`- I’m Zachary Fowler and this is warm up for the next World Cup
Slingshot Tournament with the first ever World Cup slingshot. (thwack) Trick Shot Tuesday. Slingshot. (upbeat music) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (heavy breathing) All right, all goofing aside, I missed the World Cup this year. (upbeat music) I probably wasn’t ready anyways. I got fifth, Nathan had first in the East Coast Slingshot Tournament. Nathan Masters, the designer
and owner of Simple Shot. He got ninth place in the World Cup. He was fifth at one point and here’s the slingshot that he got it with. It is one that we sell on the website, the Axiom Ocularis and this one is digitally rendered and then made exactly after his slingshot he’s been rocking for two years, his favorite slingshot. – A lot of folks refer to this as “my precious” and it is, it’s my precious. I love this slingshot. (creepy music) – My precious. – I love this one, but the actual winner of the World Cup was a gentleman named Wei Liu Chenliang, A Chinese gentleman. Here’s a picture here
with the proper spelling and he shot a Feihu Fork
that he hand carved himself. 20 hours of work to make that. And we sell that on the website as well, now made by GZK with G10 and I bet you in there for the last week, the same paint that he used with a different cut because the Chinese gentleman
that won, he shoots like quarter inch steel back to his shoulder. I shoot almost a full butterfly
and so I cut mine to that. I got this awesome GZK pouch here. Has these little guides on
the pouch so you can put the ammo and it chocks it
in perfectly in the center, locking it in place so that you get a really really accurate
pouch pinch with your ammo. So I’ve been playing
around with this all week. This is a great little slingshot and these pouches add to
the accuracy, they’re fun. I practice every day
like three times a day. I have these three targets
set up and I take a step back and I shoot one and then take a step back, shoot the next one, take a step
back and shoot the next one. For the Spanish knockdowns that
they used in the World Cup, they had several different sizes. I’m going to make some today. I’ve ordered some stuff on Amazon. We’re going to make some
and shoot some of those. The target range that they
used in the World Cup, you can see here had some
pretty solid pieces to it. There’s a lot that
mistakes or ricochets off of parts of that could
cause to go all around my house and break other things. So I came up with a magnetic spinner knockdown-y type things. I took and got some leather here and this was my first test model for it where I cut it, sandwiched
a piece of leather, glued it together, and there’s a neodymium magnet that I got on Amazon here and this has a tab with
another neodymium magnet. You can stick it right to it and you hit and boom knocks it off of there. I got some heavier felt and we’re going to see if we can’t make some. Let’s head out to the
shop and do that now. (upbeat music) Some coasters that are heavy duty felt that I can cut into the
targets, like on your couch so that it doesn’t scratch up your floors. Neodymium magnets and some bolts to put the whole thing together with. So at the East Coast Slingshot Tournament, the Spanish knockdowns
were seven targets of changing sizes on two different levels. They looked like this. For the World Cup though, they moved over to five targets that looked like that. Let’s build. (upbeat music) (buzzing) (buzzing) (buzzing) (drilling) (spraying) Alright, it should be
awesome, let’s try it out. (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) That one didn’t fare so well. It’s got a little crack in it, but the felt is still in mint condition. I am very happy, I think
my design is a good one. It may need some better
materials as time goes on. I’ll see how long I can get out of those and I’m going to set up the second thing tomorrow morning which will be (snaps). And it’s tomorrow and I got the seven Spanish knockdown targets set up done. I got the two strings, the two sets, and it’s all at regulation
height right here minus the fact that normally
these would be down here because they’re set on a pole or a bar and they get hit down,
whereas mine are hanging. So they’re a little out
of whack, but that’s okay. (thwack) There’s the ten right off the bat. (thwack) Ooh, that’s what I was afraid of. Because the lines are right over top of each other, it bounced
and hit the lower line. I think that I need to set the
lines a little bit separated. (thwack) (thwack) Hmm, seems like these outer
ones are so big and heavy, I’m going to have to add
two magnets to the strip. (thwack) And then I hit the line
and knocked them all down. (thwack) Nice, it worked. (thwack) – [Announcer] Swing and
a miss on the change up. Pop until it die. – [Commentator] Though they make the move and look at Ethier. – Ahhh. So it’s been like a month
since I started this project to try to make the Spanish knockdowns. I wanted the magnetic
ones you saw me build, and I just, I couldn’t get it to happen. In the end, I built this wooden frame, little angle in the front here and magnet strips on the back. The targets are no longer the
felt that I started out with. They’re conveyor belt rubber with the tabs that come off the bottom of these and they can go on the magnet strips. I found this to be far more
solid than the L bracket kind. When you hit the frame,
they don’t all fall down. I even have a second strip down here so I don’t become too
stagnant in my shooting, I can mix it up whenever I want, put them down here, put a
couple here, and it’s so lite. I can just tote this thing right outdoors to my outdoor shooting
range, shoot out there, and the next day, bring it
back inside, good to go. For now, let’s see how it works in here. (upbeat music) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) Yes, clean sweep! Now, it’s time to shoot some paper because that’s the other part of it. First, you shoot those or vice versa, but everyday it’s some paper
and the Spanish knockdowns. I haven’t shot paper in a long time. This could be really embarrassing. (staple noise) Nice. This’ll be interesting. There’s a thing about paper and or the bigger knockdown targets. So the small knockdown targets, it’s easier to have a small focus, just like I say in my how
to shoot a slingshot lesson. Check out the how to
shoot a slingshot playlist here on Youtube for more
videos in this series that’ll help you get going
with your slingshot shooting and for even more information
on how to shoot a slingshot, you can find it on
fowlersmakeryandmischief.com on our how to shoot a slingshot page. It’s very easy to miss
something like a soda can multiple times when you’re
aiming at the whole object. You need a narrow focus, aim at a specific point like the letter E. When I aim at a target, I mentally zoom in like a camera zoom on the exact center of the target where the atom resides that I intend to split with that shot. (explosion) If I can focus my mind
mentally in on the center of the target and not get carried away with letting my mind
drift around the outside of the target as a whole, I’ll be more accurate and being put a
tighter grouping in there. (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) (thwack) Not too bad, not too
bad for the first paper I’ve shot in I don’t even know how long. Started out here on the right hand side with a big old right on the edge here. Then it was everything, beautiful grouping of four tight shots there. And then I felt it like “Oh,
I’m feeling good about this. “I’ll aim at the next one.” Boom, hit good there. Then I started to get further off and I felt my mind wander and, sure enough, I hit further up. Brought it back in I think for the second to last shot and then
one bigger further out there. I’m pretty happy with that. That’s a little bit of inconsistency with these guys here, that’s
a little disappointing. I feel like that’s the
difference between this thing and I felt like my mind wasn’t as focused as it could have been. When you feel the focus, I feel it right when I release the shot. I actually know that it’s going to hit as it slips free of my
back finger, dead on. Or I’m like, “That’s a
complete mess I feel like.” Not too bad, I’m pretty happy with that for the first time I’ve shot paper in I don’t even know how long. I’m always aiming at small stuff trying to light a match or trying to shoot the head off a ceramic clown or something like that or shoot a card and it feels like a completely different thing to me mentally and I can feel it in the inconsistency as my mind wandered and didn’t focus on that
exact point in the center. I think I could bring it
in, tighten up those groups and the consistency, but
I’ve got a lot of practice to do if I’m going to give Nathan Masters and the winners of this year’s World Cup a run for their money. I’m going to keep at it. You should too. Get yourself a slingshot,
get out there, and have fun. (mechanical sound) Check out the unlisted video link below for this electronic catch box. It may be the official catch box of the next World Cup Slingshot Tournament. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. Fowler out. (thwack) (mechanical sound) Subscribe by hitting the
link in the top right and hit the link in the top left for fowlersmakeryandmishchief.com where you can get your slingshots, survival gear, replacement bands, a little bit of everything you see me playing with in the videos. And if you’re looking for
a slingshot we don’t carry, you could probably find
it on simpleshot.com. Check them out, link
below in the description.

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