2019 IWF World Cup: Li Dayin wins 81kg gold
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2019 IWF World Cup: Li Dayin wins 81kg gold

October 8, 2019

The 21 year old was the silver medalist in the 81kg class at the 2018 Weightlifting World Championship. He lost to Lu Xiaojun who had 374kg total. This competition, Lu did not sign up. Li became the most anticipated competitor of the class. Li Dayin’s snatch was the strongest out of all seven competitors. His opener with 163kg secured him gold in the snatch. He failed his second attempt with 168kg and went straight to 171kg. He succeeded. This gave him a new competition record that beat his previous best from the world championships. Li Dayin’s clean and jerk technique is unique. He is not a squat jerker like Lu Xiaojun. He is not a power jerker like Tian Tao. He is a “high” power jerker. The bar elevation required is greater but is more suitable for his body type. 195kg and 200kg both were successful lifts, securing him the gold in both the clean and jerk and the total. He went up to 204kg for his last attempt. If successful, he would total 375kg and beat Lu’s newly established world record. The young man’s movement was clean and beautiful. The lift was completed. Lu finally has a replacement. This is a PR total. You didn’t hold back at all from going after brother Lu. Of course not. I have to do my best. There is no other choice. If you could rate your performance today, what would you give yourself. Everything went pretty well right? Scorewise, 6,7 or 8. Not a high score. Its still a little off from what I want for myself. I want to go three for three on my snatches in the future as well. Chen Guiming’s performance in the women’s 59kg class was equally anticipated. After the snatch portion, Chen’s 98kg lift put her behind the North Korean competitor. In the clean and jerk portion of the competition, Chen’s lift of 127kg and 132kg secured gold for the clean and jerk and the total. But she did not give up her third attempt. She succeeded with a final attempt of 136kg. This broke her own world record of 133kg. You were pretty confident in the clean and jerk right? The world record is yours after all. You went straight for 136kg without paying attention to what your competitors were lifting. Right. The goal of this competition was to display the results of this training cycle. Try to bump it up if I could. Thats was the goal. In the men’s 73kg class, Wei Yingting secured all three golds with 162/189/351. Another Chinese athlete Yuan Chengfei was not far behind.

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