2019 Gaming Laptops – RTX!
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2019 Gaming Laptops – RTX!

August 26, 2019

hey how’s it gone Dave 2d here so this is a video about the upcoming gaming laptops for 2019 so this year in 2018 we had a pretty good selection of devices to choose from we had a lot of thin and light gaming laptops we had some inexpensive ones and next year 2019 I think the biggest change we’ll see early on in the year is the new GPUs from Nvidia so the RT X cards those are expected to be revealed at CES this year and we’ve seen some leaked benchmarks so far and from the looks of it it’s pretty promising now based on those leaks our TX laptops look like they’re gonna be running the same GPU die as the big boy desktop our TX cards so the same number of CUDA cores the clock speeds gonna be lower because they’re gonna have to do that to reduce thermal output but the performance of those chips look to be quite impressive everything across the board is a nice bump up now keep in mind that these are leaked specs and benchmarks the drivers that they using for these benchmarks are obviously very early drivers and we don’t know anything about thermal performance yet but the performance gains look decent the notable things to me are the fact that an RT X 20 atti gaming laptop exists at all like that is a very powerful GPU at the desktop version which consumes a ton of power I’d love to see how they integrate that into a mobile version of that the other thing is that the archaic 2060 benchmark that was leaked that is performing slightly better than the 1070 max-q so that car the 1070 max-q was a very popular card amongst the kind of premium gaming laptop segment like razor blade was using it the Aero 15 the GS 65 like so many devices were using that card and to see that RTX 2060 match that is really cool because that means we’re gonna see some entry-level gaming laptops which cost like 800 bucks at the low end they’re gonna be able to get some killer performances here with those new r-tx cards next thing CPU so this year we got the 8th gen Intel CPUs which are running six cores that was a really big job up for certain people like if you’re a gamer didn’t make that much of a difference but any kind of multi-core application that could take advantage of extra cores was performing better but for 2019 I feel like we might get like a I don’t know a ninth gen spec bump that’s like 2 300 megahertz faster than the 8th gen but I think most devices will still be running 6 cores we might see like an 8 core the top end like an i-9 of some sort but seriously you’re gonna have something super thick to cool that properly now I want to talk about some other things like hardware changes over all in 2018 I thought that we would get just faster screens and we saw a lot of devices running 144 Hertz panels I think those panels are gonna come down in price a little bit so we’re gonna see some fast panels and some cheaper laptops which would be really nice that can you imagine I don’t know like a five six hundred dollar gaming laptop with 144 Hertz screens we’re starting to see that like the opie gaming laptop from Walmart they dropped their price by like 40 percent that’s a pretty decent pickup right now but we’re gonna see devices like that cheaper devices with really fast screens and that’s gonna be nice to see because a good gaming experience in 2018 has to come with a fast screen being stuck at 60 Hertz is like that’s 2000 and late another thing we’re gonna see I think is a whole shift in thinner and lighter gaming laptops like we saw some of the big companies like Dell Alienware they made the m15 this year I mean they’ve been the king of big-boy laptops they made something thin I think the whole industry is shifting to thinner and lighter devices which is great but to answer the question of should you get a gaming laptop right now at the end of 2018 or should you wait for 2019 to roll around and then choose them here’s my thoughts on that if you buy a gaming laptop right now at the end of 2018 during the holiday season you’re gonna get good pricing for excellent Hardware in two or three months it may not be like the latest and greatest stuff but you’re gonna go to play all the games that you could possibly want to play right now like the hardware is excellent and I’d be very comfortable buying a gaming laptop right now next year’s gonna bring faster stuff of course it is but it’s not gonna be a huge jump I think it’s gonna be like two maybe even three years before we see a really big increase in laptop gaming performance I think next year is gonna be an iterative change it’s gonna be good but I wouldn’t wait for it if you’re looking for something right now okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs we liked it subs if you loved it see you guys next time

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  1. If the recent technology becomes cheaper than the previous one, only then it can be said that there is improvement in technology.

  2. just ordered 2018 razer blade a month ago n so fucked I couldn't return it. wondering theres ways to upgrade the function keys to 2019 that the second function lit up also

  3. I want to strangle who ever decided you can't have a Razer blade with a 2080 and 4k screen, only a 1080p 144hz or 2070 4k

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  5. hey dave 2d is it a good time to buy a laptop now or just better to wait for new gen cpu? im about to spend $2300 on laptop Asus ROG Strix Scar II GL704GW but was wondering if there are going to come more models coz i can only find msi and asus with rtx gpus full 2070 not maxq

  6. Need advice:) Can't choose betwen 2 laptops: Asus Rog Scar 2 with I7 8750H/RTX2070 and HP Omen X with I7 7820HK / Gtx1080 which cheaper on 400$. Should i pay more for RTX2070? Will I get better performance?

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