2019 DIY PC Gaming Dream Desk (Aorus Battlestation)
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2019 DIY PC Gaming Dream Desk (Aorus Battlestation)

August 26, 2019

what’s up guys happy Chinese New Year
and since as a brand new year in 2019 we thought it’d be awesome to show you guys
a brand new desk setup welcome to the PC gaming dream desk MOBHouse edition for this setup we’re going with edgy and contemporary aesthetics in
a neutral color scheme embellished with RGB goodness full disclosure this video
is brought to you by AORUS they’ve just released some really cool products that
will provide you with a complete PC gaming ecosystem and we’re gonna check
those out but first let’s take a look at the desk and chair this is an ECKBACKEN countertop from Ikea in a unique concrete textured finish it comes with
two additional strips so you can cut your table to size also being a kitchen
countertop it should be able to take a beating during intense gaming sessions
to support it we picked for OLAV table legs that adjustable in height so you
can choose how you want to sit when your game just for kicks we’re going with a
black Franklin barstool – mmm elevate your game of course feel free to go for
a gaming chair if you’re more mainstream for lighting we went for a DIY
industrial table lamp so check out our tutorial video if you want to make one
for yourself this is a really cool lamp the GI pipes are painted black with both
red accents on the valve and the led Edison bulb gives off a warm yellow glow
tying the lamp perfectly to the brick wall behind us for the display or
monitor what we have here is the brand new AORUS AD27QD this is a 27-inch 144
Hz gaming monitor with a 1440p 10 bit or 8-bit Plus FRC IPS panel and a 1 ms MPRT response time it sports a very futuristic and sleek design
straight out of a sci-fi movie with customisable RGB lighting at the back
the build quality is pretty great with a plastic chassis and metal stand
in terms of ergonomics you can tilt it up to 21 degrees up five degrees down
swivel it up to 20 degrees on both sides and adjust the height up to 130
millimeters you can even pivot it up to 90 degrees into portrait mode or a
suspect in some really cool gaming features so let us know in the comment
section below if you want to see a full review on this monitor next let’s talk
about audio for speakers we chose the very peculiar looking KEF Egg in a piano
black finish these are active Bluetooth speakers that boast a pretty balanced
sound signature with tight lows articulate mids and highs but you should
definitely hook up a sub woofer if you want a little more kick in the bass department
now what makes the Egg unique is the proprietary Uni-Q drivers that
improve off access to your imaging so you’re not limited to a central sweet
spot like with most speakers of course if you are a competitive gamer you’re
going to need a proper set of headphones like this pair of Aorus H5 gaming headphones
while these are definitely not made for audiophiles they are purpose-built for
gaming with a detachable and bendable microphone and inline sound controls you
have the option of using the USB 2.0 connector as well as 3.5mm
jacks for mic and audio they are also pretty comfortable to wear for longer
sessions with cushioned ear pads and a soft headband for those who are RGB fans
there’s even customizable LED on the ear cups moving on to peripherals Aorus sent
over the K9 optical keyboard M3 gaming mouse and P7 mousepad all
equipped with customizable RGB lighting the K9 keyboard has a simple matte
black finish and a braided cable it is also splash proof and comes with flair
tech optical switches Aorus has included some spare switches as well as several
orange key caps and a key cap puller the M3 Gaming Mouse also has a matte
black finish with an illuminated auras logo on the palm rest and rubberized
grips on both sides it comes with Omron switches and on the
fly dpi settings up to 6400 dpi on a Pixart 3988 sensor with an
indicator on the left side to sweeten things up we’re using the P7 mousepad to
add some accent RGB lighting finally let’s check out the brain of the setup
the PC this is a complete or a system with top-of-the-line specs for gaming
for the processor we’re going with the Intel Core i7 8700K which is cooled
with the beefy Aorus ATC700 air cooler for the motherboard we’re using the Z390
Aorus Pro Wi-Fi motherboard for memory we’re using the Aorus RGB DDR4 Ram rated at 3200Mhz these are 2x8GB dual channel kits with two domestics
which adds up to 16GB of RAM for the GPU we’re using the flagship Aorus
GeForce RTX 2080 TI Extreme with 11GB of GDDR6 and up to 7 video
outputs for the power supply we’re using the non modular Gigabyte P650B 80 Plus
bronze power supply if you’re feeling fancier, Aorus also makes the AP850GM
which is a fully modular power supply rated at 80 Plus gold for storage we’re
rocking the 2.5 inch gear by 240GB of SATA SSD and finally for the case we’re
using the Aorus AC300W with a transparent acrylic side panel window
where you can show off all your PC components the beauty of this entire
ecosystem is that everything you see here can be synced with Gigabyte’s RGB
Fusion software for a cohesive and complete RGB lighting solution honestly
I think it’s pretty cool for changing up the ambiance from time to time and the
fact that you can turn everything off with just a few clicks doesn’t
hurt either so I guess that’s it if you thought this video is awesome please
give us a like and subscribe leave us a comment down below if you want to see
more videos like this one about dream desk set up and whatnot and we’ll try
our best to make more of those for you guys and purchase links can be found in
the description below as usual and we’ll see you in the next one

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  1. Can you review that aorus ad27qd monitor .It would be nice if you include some hdr content videos and some hdr game play like farcry 5 , ac odyssey, Shadow of the tomb raider etc. Any way nice video mate😍

  2. I really like your channel. Keep up the awesome work!

    If you are able, please review the Samsung C49RG9 monitor that will come out in May with the 2080 Ti to see what kind of FPS we can get at that monitor resolution.

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