2019 Deer Hunting Forecast — Wild Wisconsin 2019
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2019 Deer Hunting Forecast — Wild Wisconsin 2019

December 9, 2019

[Intro Music Plays] Okay, everybody knows I’m from Missouri
but everybody also knows that I love hunting in Wisconsin. Why? Big bucks. Yep, here to give us an early peek at this season’s potential is the DNR big-game
ecologist Kevin Wallenfang and DNR wildlife biologist Josh Spiegal. Hey
everybody, welcome to the Great Northwoods of Wisconsin and I am here with
Josh and we are going to give you a nice little rundown forecast of the 2019 deer
season. So, Josh we are coming out of a little more of a moderate to severe
winter in some locations of the north but what are you seeing up here as far
as deer numbers deer condition those kind of things? Yeah
body conditions look great on deer. Our numbers tend to be trending in the
upward direction. The younger bucks are now hitting that older point where… where
we have more mature deer on the landscape…more of them. Along with those
bucks we’ve got more does on the landscape
and what does that mean for your doe tag this year? The nice thing about this
year it’s the first year in the last handful that we don’t have any no
quota units up here in northern Wisconsin. So, that’s a huge step both for
us as the department, the people of the state and for our local CDACs, our County
Deer Advisory Committees. Yep they’re recognizing it and they’re giving those opportunities out there. Yes so
that’s good stuff. What about you Kevin, what are you seeing
in the Farmland Zone this year? The Farmland Zones are you know they always
look good and there’s always abundant deer there and this year is really no
different than the last few years. Our County Deer Councils are wondering how
do we get a better handle on deer in a lot of the southern part of the state so
they’re asking for new tools. They’re putting abundant antlerless tags out
there so there’s a lot of opportunity same as here in the north. You know, we’ve had a pretty wet year. It’s looking like good mass crops. You know, the corn is
looking good the corn is gonna be mature hopefully a lot of that’s gonna come off
by the time the gun deer seasons roll around. We are actually in the
neighborhood of about 1.8 million deer. You know we’ve talked about antlerless
tags a little bit and they are abundant out there again and you know you guys
are game managers and you know we need you and you don’t
need to be afraid to use some of those doe tags. If you’re in one of those
counties that you know they’re giving several away with your hunting license
in the Farmland Zones especially…use those tags at least use one or two of
them if you get the opportunity. This is a great time. You know we hear people say, “it’s hard to get my kid involved in hunting because they want to see deer
when they get out there.” Now is the time to get your kids out there. We have
abundant deer. They should see deer if you get them out
there on the landscape. We’ve got great opportunities for them to do that. Get
your kids out there when the weather is nice. Yeah we got a lot… a lot of awesome
lands up here in northern Wisconsin– a lot of public lands that really anyone
can go out there and use. And wilderness it’s so cool to hunt up here. We have elk. We have bears. We have big deer. We have bobcats. We have wolves– I mean this is
wilderness area up here and it’s great to get out and explore it. So that’s why
we call it Wild Wisconsin. We hope this forecast helps you out for the year and
thanks for watching. If you want to hear more and get a
little deeper into this year’s forecast be sure to check out the Off The
Record podcast. It’s available on all your favorite podcast apps and thanks
for watching Wild Wisconsin. [Outro Music Plays]

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  1. Great to hear, I am looking forward to get back and get some hunting in, freezer is getting low on that venison burger and I ran out of sticks and bologna almost 5 months ago. (Columbia County)

  2. These guys are pulling bumps lies about deer populations here in WI. Have these guys ever gone deer sighting in Public hunting lands? Every years I see less and less deer. So where are the deer at… oh yeah, they are in Private land where land owner can bait at well.

  3. WACK MASTERS don't really give a strangulation hold – Get your 4 pointer – just remember toss the gut pile in a WDNR dumpster! you FUCKING FIBS.

  4. Wisconsin dnr kill’em all they have no clue they have ruined deer hunting in wi if anyone in Wisconsin had a brain don’t shoot does

  5. These people don't have any idea what they are talking about wisconsin hunters need to stop shooting does remember for every doe you shoot that's 3 you won't see the next deer season

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