2018 World Cup: Betting 101
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2018 World Cup: Betting 101

October 14, 2019

>>[ALARM SOUNDS] It’s the biggest sporting
event on the planet and we’re going to teach you how to get a piece of this year’s Soccer
World Cup… well, the piece that Luis Suarez hasn’t already bitten into. To start your day right you’ll need to
know what you’re betting on. Soccer follows a three-way moneyline system,
giving three possible outcomes: team A wins, team B wins or a DRAW. All that counts is the score when the referee blows his whistle at the end of 90 minutes plus injury time. Any extra time or shootout is discounted and
the bet is settled then and there. So get it right in regulation time and get
paid… Ahhh, if only Matt Ryan followed that advice
in Super Bowl 51. The World Cup is split in two parts – the
Group Stages and the Knockouts. In the event of a draw, there’s no extra
time in group stage games, while the knockouts go to 30 minutes of extra time and if the
teams are still locked at the end, [WILD WEST MUSIC] It’s a shootout. With no Team USA this year, you’re probably
wondering who your boys are going to be. Well if a good old-fashioned bandwagon is
what you’re looking for, we’ve got your ride. As Brazil’s won the most World Cups and
Germany the second most, those two start as the teams to beat in Russia. If tapas or croissants are more your taste,
Spain and France are also two to watch, while Argentina will have you riding the Messi train
day in and day out… just be prepared for some unexpected delays due to track work and
unfiled taxes… To fill your World Cup with excitement,
you’ll want to take advantage of some of the props on offer throughout the tournament,
like betting on the number of corners won, first goal scorer or the number of times the
referee gets the colored cards out of his top pocket But if you want to wake up for something more than just an awkward encounter with your
boss Mr Jefferies, live betting’s your ticket. You can bet live in-game on all 64 matches
direct from your phone, turning the bore-draw into an early morning score. So keep checking Bovada throughout the
World Cup for the latest lines and betting insights for Russia twenty-eighteen

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