2018 Triax – NEW Mathews Hunting Bow, A Full Review
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2018 Triax – NEW Mathews Hunting Bow, A Full Review

August 9, 2019

hey guys Dan Pickar here with Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal today we’re gonna review the Mathews Triax. Now this is new for 2018 and boy is it a
short one. We’re at 28 inch axle to axle. So one of the shorter bows we’ve seen
from Mathews for quite some time. They haven’t changed too much about the
construction of the bow compared to the Halon or the Halon 32 other than the
length of the riser and the harmonic dampening system.
Initially I thought it would be a little bit difficult to shoo,t but it’s not
really. I can’t even tell the difference when shooting my Halon 30 side-by-side. I
brought it just for a little bit of comparison here and then you have the
Triax. So it’s just 2 inches shorter honestly
the Halon was one of my favorite bows that Mathews ever produced and by golly
I don’t know how they did it but the Triax is a little bit quieter. Now what
they did is they change the harmonic dampener. You can see there’s no harmonic
dampener up top it’s down here right on the front end of the limb pocket and
they call it the EHS harmonic stabilizer this year and so this is the only
harmonic dampener on the bow and for whatever reason it’s quieter than the
Halon. So let’s go ahead and fling a couple down range and see how it feels. So
initially like that first quarter of the draw I think my mind wants it to be
stiffer because that’s what in theory it should be doing but it doesn’t really
seem any more stiff or harder to draw than a 30-inch bow or a 32-inch bow. Man
I don’t know it’s quiet. Dead in the hand. Shot a few out of the Triax.
I’m just gonna shoot one out of the Halon here. It just feels like there’s maybe
a little bit more vibration in the Halon. Obviously I’m I’m really splitting hairs but the Triax does feel a little bit
better on the shot which is crazy I wouldn’t have thought that.
So another concern is a hard string angle on such a short axle to axle bow. I
don’t really notice the difference when I’m shooting I think that the cams are
big enough and at full draw the bow feels longer than actual 28 inches. So I
don’t really foresee it being an issue but the only thing I can tell you is you
need to go down to your bow shop and shoot a Triax for yourself and you
decide for yourself because ultimately that’s the only thing that matters. So
we’re gonna run a few arrows here through the Halon and the Triax through the
chronograph and we’ll see what kind of speeds we’re getting. Okay we have the
Mathews Triax let’s shoot through the chronograph. We have the Bloodsport
Evidence 350. This arrow weighs exactly four hundred and forty two grains. The
bow is 70 pounds and as always 29 inch draw length. We have the 85% rock mod on
there. Let’s see what kind of speed we get. 295 pretty good. Round 2. 294 294 okay so
just for grins I’m gonna run the same arrow through with the Halon from 2016. 293 so one foot per second slower. So there it is the Triax and the Halon
pretty similar. I think this one’s a little quieter anyway that’s the Mathews
Triax guys make sure you like and subscribe to our Channel and watch for
more bow reviews.

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  1. The string angle is brutal on that triax. Less stable at long range too because of the 28" ATA. I'll stick with the Halon 32.

  2. I’m buying a new hunting bow this year…it’s a toss up between the prime logic and the Mathews Triax…your thoughts on which is the better bow?

  3. Triax compared to the Halon 32, H32 is a much better bow and I own both. My opinion the Triax has a much more aggressive draw cycle and much harder to pull back 70 pounds. Also, due to the acute string angle on a short axle bow, the string will be a long way from your nose when anchored, and this will also mean that the peep is a long way away, which will make getting a good sight picture difficult. I think this bow is better suited for people with a shorter draw length.

  4. Halon is a much more stable plate form this is just more BS out of matthews and there’s always more people falling for the “latest and greatest” there’s a reason the halon series is probably the most popular bow and lost purchased

  5. Love the Mathew's Triax bow. Much quieter than my other bow & faster fps.

    Where do you get the 85% Rock Mod?



  6. Do this Mathews ,,,, make a bow just like the Triax 36 ATA, no more than 4.4 lb, 45-55 draw lb, it would be the best of the best , no doubt ,,,,perfect for everything ,, 3D, target ,indoor , lets see this happen ,,,,, you could put any price tag on it and it would sell ,,,,,,the Triax is the quietest , bow out there , and dead as dead can be in the hand ,,, butter smooth draw as well,, so common Mathews team ,,, you can do it ,,,,,

  7. Absolutely awesome bow.>>>ur2.pl/936 My 10 year old child thoroughly enjoyed it! It's the customary bow for their tournaments and so he was already using this in school. The added bonus of the other colors and items made it more fun for her.

  8. Let me get this straight you pay around a thousand dollars for a bow that will be considered irrelevant in 5 years ? Do you really believe it cost even half of that to manufacture that bow ?

  9. I bought a Triax .It feels little better then my Halon 6 on the draw. Little stiffer but no hump. A smoother shot and little faster. I like too buy a TX5.

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