2018 Prime Logic Hunting Bow
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2018 Prime Logic Hunting Bow

January 17, 2020

Hey everybody this PJ Reilly from
Lancaster Archery. Got a new bow we want to show you today. It is the Prime Logic.
And if you liked this video give us a thumbs up. We’d appreciate it if you want
to see more videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel. The Prime Logic
is their flagship hunting bow for 2018 and it’s just building off of their bow
last year the Centergy. Basically what they wanted to do was to give you the
performance of the Centergy into smaller package. This is a bow that is built for
hunters. It’s maneuverable. It’s lightweight. It’s balanced. Everything you want as a
hunter this bow is gonna have. So first thing you’re gonna notice for a Prime
bow – split limbs. They’ve never had a split limbs before. They got one now and
in order to do that to be able to generate the power that they need the
limbs are shorter but they’re fat. You can see it’s got a very wide limb pocket
here. Wide limbs that’s what they need to make this bow efficient. So that’s
certainly a new feature for Prime bow. Like all Prime bows, you have the
Parallel Cam System (PCS). You’ve got parallel cams top and bottom and with
this bow like the Centergy the grip is the physical center of the bow. Normally
on a lot of bows your grip is going to be a little bit lower. There’s going to be
more up top but for this bow like the Centergy, it has the physical center right
in the middle of the bow. So what that does is it makes it real nice to balance
when you’re back aiming with this bow. It just holds real nice on target. There’s a
lot more weight down low. That’s what you want to have, the grip in the center like
this and maintain level knock travel. One thing you’re going to notice is that
your top cam is going to be larger than your smaller cam. That’s because this top
cam needs to take up and payout more string to maintain that level knock
travel. So you notice that they are two different sizes.
So one of the things that Prime wanted to do with their bow this year was make
it small and compact. Very maneuverable for hunters whether you’re in a tree
stand or a ground blind. They wanted to do that so they have the short split limbs.
And then also this bow is 31 inches axle to axle. They cut down some length
this year and that just makes it even more maneuverable. Again for you bow
hunters this bow is available in draw lengths from 24.5 to
30 inches and Prime does that by having draw length specific cams. So
you’re gonna need cams that are specific to your draw length and they’re
available in half-inch increments. 24.5 to 30 inches but by
having specific draw length cams that makes that bow more efficient. There’s
not a lot of wasted energy there so that’s good for your performance.
Speaking of which, we’re looking at a 7 inch brace height.
330 feet per second IBO rating. That’s a great speed for
that bow especially with a 7 inch brace height. It’s real fast and real quiet.
Draw weights – a whole lot of options for the Logic. You’ve got max draw weights of
40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 pounds. That’s awesome! You don’t usually see many bow
companies offering that much in draw weight. So we certainly are glad to see
that some other features, something Prime has been doing for a couple years. They
got the cable guard here. It’s got roller guards on it and it’s called the Flexus
AR System. There’s a little screw right here that you can screw in and screw out,
it changes the angle of your cables here so you can play with when you’re tuning
the bow. You got maybe a left-right tear you can fix that with the Flexus AR.
Clearance for your fletchings if you’re shooting mini fletchings or
larger fletchings, you can play with the cable arm there to be able to get the
clearance that you need. Something cool they started last year you can see
looking at this riser. You see the bow comes down. It comes around the sight
window. Comes to the grip in the center and then you got the same bend. Prime
calls that to Swerve and what they’ve noticed is that at the shot,risers flex.
And so by having the lower bump out on the same side as the sight window, that
makes it flex in a uniform fashion. You don’t have the bottom fighting the top
so that makes it again more stable. That’s the Prime Logic – brand new great
bow from Prime this year for 2018 hunting bow. We’re glad to have it here
at Lancaster Archery. If you got any questions you can visit us at LancasterArchery.com

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  1. These reviews really need to spend less time on the stat sheets and more time on the draw cycle and other things people watch videos for

  2. Awesome! A 2018 Prime Halon! I also like the 2018 Bowtech Halon. Honestly these two companies came up short in 2018 from the Centergy and the Reighn series.

  3. Hey there, I’ve watched both of your reviews on the logic and the Triax…I’m looking for a new hunting bow this year and was wondering which one you would prefer and why? I’ve shot both and both would be fine, just looking for an opinion

  4. I was wondering how solid the back wall is with 80% late off i’m not a big radical bows . Looking at Matthews prime in the elite. Would like to hear your Your opinion on these three bows .thanks for all the videos and hard

  5. Absolutely awesome bow.>>>ur2.pl/936 My 10 year old child thoroughly enjoyed it! It's the customary bow for their tournaments and so he was already using this in school. The added bonus of the other colors and items made it more fun for her.

  6. Did you have any issues with string angle with the Logic? Specifically achieving all of your anchor points – string to tip of the nose?

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