2018 BEYBLADE BURST World Championship Recap
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2018 BEYBLADE BURST World Championship Recap

October 23, 2019

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018. Paris, France. Top Bladers from 24 countries
and regions gather here in Paris… …going on to the final stage. Are you ready? The overheating series of battles… …where Bladers crashed their pride
against each other. The final battle for the throne… …of the first Beyblade Burst
World Champion starts now. Witness the moment of history. In this tournament… …every match will be held
in a 3-on-3 battle. The Bladers must select parts
within the 22 authorized Beys… …and assemble three to use in order. Bladers win one point by a Survivor
Finish or Ring Out Finish… …and two points by a Burst Finish. In the preliminary round… …six Bladers from each pool competed
in a round-robin style event. Each match was a 3-on-3 battle
with a two point system. The two Bladers to win the most matches
advanced to the Final Tournament. Pool 1. Switzerland,
South Korea, the Philippines… …Estonia, Latvia, and Turkey. With anxiety and excitement
filling the air… …the BEYBLADE BURST
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP began. The Bladers seemed to have the jitters. But whether you win or lose, it all depends
on how quickly you can steady yourself. Bladers who were victorious
in their opening match… …were able to calm down
and extend their lead… …throughout the pool play. And now, for the results,
winning all five matches… …Shin Sang Hyeon from South Korea
conquered Pool 1. Balanced Defender from Latvia
came in second place with four wins. Both Bladers moved on
to the Final Tournament. Pool 2. Malaysia, France, Singapore… …the United States of America,
Australia, and Lithuania. Pool 2 was a very close contest. By the end of the third match… …four Bladers were tied at the top of
Pool 2 with two wins and one loss each. Now, if two or more Bladers
have the same qualifying scores… …the Blader with more scored points
is declared the winner. That means that win, lose, or draw… …the Bladers wanted every single point
they could get their hands on. In the end, Kako from Singapore… …scored first place in this
tight race with four wins… …earning the spot in the Final Tournament. The U.S.A. and Lithuania had the same
score coming in at second place… …but thanks to the Burst Finish
in his first match… …PHAIO from the United States managed
to make it to the Final Tournament. Pool 3. Mexico, Austria, Germany… …Canada, Vietnam, and Ukraine. You could say Bladers from Pool 3
had a secure strategy. Among the 18 Beys
that were used… …there was only one Attack type. The Bladers showed patience
and determination… …collecting their points one by one. At the end of the long endurance race… …two Bladers tied the top score
with four wins. With a tight lead of only one point,
Xeno from Canada came up in first place. And Bui Minh Khang from Vietnam… …also made his way to
the finals in second place. Pool 4. Taiwan, Brazil, Japan… …India, Thailand, and Hong Kong. A huge crowd gathered
to get a glimpse of the championship… …when Pool 4 stepped up to the stadium. In the last pool,
every Blader was aggressive… …and showed no fear,
with a barrage of daring attacks. There were Burst Finishes
everywhere you looked. These were some of the most intense
battles in the tournament. Bladers grew stronger with every battle,
with every launch. When the fierce contest was over… …Shuai Shuai from Taiwan
was in first place, winning all five matches. Buster Dash from Brazil
had only 3 wins… …but the Burst Finish he executed
gave him enough to come out second. The eight Bladers who had advanced
from the preliminaries… …were now set to go face to face
in the Final Tournament. The Final Tournament! From here on, the matches
will go on in a tournament style. The Bladers must win three points
to win the match. Balkesh B3! Spryzen Requiem S3! In the opening match of the Final
Tournament, the lead went back and forth. In the fourth battle,
there was even a draw. It was clear that both Bladers
had equal strength. Winning the fourth battle, Shin Sang Hyeon
managed to conclude the match. He was able to show his power
as he did in the preliminaries… …maintaining his perfect record. Balkesh B3! Xcalius X3! In this match, the results were uncertain
right until the final battle. Xeno evened the scores
in the fourth battle… …and gained momentum. For the final battle,
Buster Dash chose Xcalius… …the winning Bey from the third battle. Balkesh was Xeno’s choice. The counter-clockwise spinning Bey
shut out every one of Xcalius’ attacks. Successful in his Bey selection,
Xeno made his way to the semi-finals. Spryzen Requiem S3! Spryzen Requiem S3! Winning two battles in a row,
Balanced Defender was standing firm. Driven into a tight spot,
Kako called out to her Bey… …but it wasn’t enough
to turn the game around. This match was won
by Balanced Defender. Kako looked a bit regretful… …but, in the end, both Bladers praised
each other for their tremendous effort. Khalzar K3! Spryzen S3! Another Blader with the perfect record,
Shuai Shuai… …was in the last match
of the quarter finals. Against all odds, it was Bui Minh Khang
in the lead up until the third battle. But as the match wore on,
Shuai Shuai started a counterattack. In the final battle… …he managed a miraculous comeback
and moved on to the semi finals. Balkesh B3! Spryzen Requiem S3! Up until the fourth battle,… …Shin Sang Hyeon
was leading by a score of 2-1. Xeno, in dire straits… …chose Spryzen Requiem
to escape from the fire. This was the only Bey
that had earned him a point in this match. Xeno resisted until the bitter end… …but Shin Sang Hyeon won by a hair
in this neck-to-neck battle. But Xeno’s pursuit for victory
isn’t over yet. He could still win third place. Spryzen S3! Spryzen S3! In the third battle,
Shuai Shuai was behind by 2 points. He refused to go down… …and the two Bladers
were heading to the fourth battle. But Balanced Defender
was in complete control. Deeply understanding the ability
of both his and his opponent’s Beys… …Balanced Defender was able to reselect
his Bey in seconds. In the next battle… …he made a Survivor Finish
like he knew it was going to happen… …and advanced to the final. After his loss, it was time for Shuai Shuai
to shift his mind to the third place match. Balkesh B3! Spryzen Requiem S3! They both lost once,
but they never gave up. Whenever Xeno scored a point,
Shuai Shuai clawed his way back. With neither Blader able to claim the lead,
they ended up in the final battle. Shuai Shuai gripped his fist tight
with hope. Xeno’s spirit burned bright. In the end, Shuai Shuai from Taiwan
finally managed to take third place. But who will reign in first? Balkesh B3! Balkesh B3! The two Bladers from Pool 1
met again at the final match. In the preliminaries… …Balanced Defender’s only loss
was to Shin Sang Hyeon… …who had a perfect game. Will he be able to take down
his powerful rival? Using a performance tip
with higher stamina… …Shin Sang Hyeon
took the first point of the match. Khalzar K3! Spryzen Requiem S3! In this battle, Sing Sang Hyeon
made an aggressive move. He aimed for a Burst Finish
with his Khalzar. The counter-clockwise spinning mode
would’ve been a safer choice… …but Balanced Defender
was aggressive… …to choose the clockwise spinning mode
for his Spryzen. Khalzar fought valiantly,
but ended up burst into pieces. With one final counterstrike,
Balanced Defender took the lead. Fafnir F3! Fafnir F3! Shin Sang Hyeon cannot afford to lose
a single battle now. Balanced Defender had him cornered. They both selected
the same energy layer Fafnir. How will this end? Balanced Defender lost his balance
to a series of rapid attacks. With his highly stable performance tip… …Shin Sang Hyeon evened the game
at the last second. Balkesh B3! Spryzen Requiem S3! In the final battle,
the two combatants chose Beys… …that consistently earned them victory
throughout the tournament. Once they launched… …the only thing the Bladers could do
was believe in their Bey. Draw. This battle just won’t end. But both Bladers prepare themselves
for a re-do instantly. Such concentration. You could cut the tension. The final launch. Shin Sang Hyeon.
Balanced Defender. The final victor is…. Balanced Defender! The champion has been decided. From their firm handshake… …we can tell how much effort
both Bladers put into this… …and that they did their best
until the very last moment. Latvia’s Balanced Defender
basks in the glory… …of the first BEYBLADE BURST
World Championship.

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  1. Nevermind I found it it’s called variares Metal Fury. I got it in 2012-13 too. They are all gone now 😂😂

  2. I'm not sure why I thought of beyblades again but this just brought flashbacks of having these and still remembering having once called Dranzer S

  3. I just found out this existed, I would have loved to do this as a kid.

  4. Alguien representa de Colombia
    cuando tenga un hijo le voa enseñar a jugar beyblade
    y Colombia va tener representante de talla mundial

  5. holy shit they really do this????
    lmao i had Flame Saggitario, Storm Spryzen, Lightning L Drago, Storm Pegasus, and Rock Leone as a collection

  6. I tried to convince my parents to take me to the Australian national tryouts for this but they said they will but never happened… I have a boss combo but can't tell. Sorry. It is with Stoke Valktryek My partner for all battles

  7. I’d use beyblades from g revolution series, engine gear base and doing some research the first gen blades are less prone to being burst finished. Also left spin beyblades are usually best advantage against most of the new burst blades imo.

  8. I have fake beys but ive beat real beys so many times, these kids are all amateurs they just launch so planely they dont even do techqnied launches, they just launch, me and cho-z spriggan are so powerful i can beat these kids

  9. If only one of them have: 1. Lost Lúinor
    2. Raging Roktavor
    3. Nightmare Lúinor
    4. Dark Doomscyzor
    5. Strike Valtryek
    6. Wonder Valtryek
    7. Kinetic Satomb
    8. Wild Wyvron
    9. Uber Unicrest

  10. Jesus Christ I never knew the scene survived this long, I honestly can't believe it.. THE WILL POWER OF BLADERS MAN

    Seriously though what the fuck

  11. Is there going to be another beyblade burst world tour in 2019 if not please make a beyblade burst tournament in Windsor ontario

  12. TSUGOINA!!! Congrats to Balanced Defender for winning the championship. But Maybe I'll get to join next time! I'll keep training until then XD

  13. Wait, so beyblade isn't like yugioh or magic where the biggest demographic of competitive players is adult people? So, these kids are pros?

  14. I don’t care I would’ve won that entire tournament with a stamina type X3 and a S3 Requiem and maybe some of my dual layers cause I have a lot of those

  15. I really do think it would be a wise choice to start implementing more variety in parts and beyblades along with large stadiums to be used. Though the target audience is children, many people of all ages (including adults who grew up with the series) are putting in money for beyblades for casual fun and some for collection. Perhaps we can see some ambitious results from the franchise. With the array of customization, strategy would become much more prominent factor, and with the launchers being so different and people being different, we can use weight class for the matches,

  16. We from Malaysia really like Beyblade cuz we called like "Gasing-gasing" 🙂
    It's our traditional game, we use wood but this modern now, so it's remind us. Thank you for the video

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