2017 Surly Karate Monkey
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2017 Surly Karate Monkey

November 17, 2019

Hey guys, Matt here from the Lamar store,
today talking about the awesome versatility of the Surly Karate Monkey. Reasons I like it, is you can run two different
wheel sizes with the 27+ or 29. If you’re looking to make an all-mountain
machine, you can throw up to a 140 suspension fork, and we have internal cable routing for
a dropper seat post. If you’re interested in bike packing, we’ve
got rack mounts front and rear, the Anything Cage mounts on the side here, and plenty of
room for a frame bag. We also have it in the single speed 29 configuration
or the 11 speed 27+. Come check it out at the Bicycle Sport Shop.

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